Symptoms of pregnancy 1 week: am I pregnant?

From the first week of pregnancy, some women may experience symptoms. Nausea, swollen stomach, tight breasts, stomach ache... Warning signs that sometimes sow doubt! Every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique, so don't panic if you haven't noticed anything. So, what happens in the first week of pregnancy, are the symptoms noticeable? Also discover the importance of prevention in terms of care with our First Treatment Stretch Mark Cream to use without moderation from the start of pregnancy.

When do the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy appear?

How do you know if you are pregnant after 1 week ? A common question among women, especially when they are watching for the slightest sign. However, to try to give the most precise answer possible, it is important to distinguish week of pregnancy and week of amenorrhea .

In common parlance, when we talk about the first week of pregnancy, we speak more of a week of amenorrhea, or the third week of pregnancy. This is simply a calculation difference:

  • The calculation in amenorrhea weeks (AS) starts on the first day of your last period
  • The calculation in weeks of pregnancy (SG) begins on the expected date of fertilization (14 days after your last period)

Concretely, at 1 week of pregnancy, fertilization has just taken place. The pregnancy is therefore undetectable. On the other hand, at 3 weeks of amenorrhea, the egg is fertilized and implants in your uterus. This leads to the production of the hormone HCG, the one that is detectable by pregnancy tests.

Is a pregnancy test at 1 week possible? Technically yes, since you are 3 weeks past amenorrhea. At this stage, you should notice a late period : the date on which pregnancy is detectable via a pregnancy test or blood test.

However, it is important to note that this depends on your menstrual cycle. If you ovulated late, the HCG hormone may not yet be detectable . Every woman is different: while some experience pregnancy symptoms from the first week, others experience them much later.

What are the symptoms at 1 week of pregnancy?

If the first week of pregnancy remains discreet in terms of visible signs, some women sometimes experience early symptoms :

  • Fatigue: This is usually the first symptom of pregnancy. Your body is already working very hard to create an optimal environment for your baby
  • Breast tenderness: your breasts become more sensitive or even painful with the hormonal change
  • Morning sickness: although this pregnancy symptom tends to appear after 4 weeks of pregnancy, some mothers-to-be may experience them earlier
  • Light bleeding: 20% to 30% of women experience small amounts of blood loss early in pregnancy. As a general rule, these bleedings are light, pinkish or brownish in color.
  • Stomach cramps and bloating: more noticeable at the end of the first week of pregnancy, these stomach aches are a sign of the implantation of the fetus in your uterus
  • Mood change: hormonal changes often cause mood swings
  • Changes in tastes and sensitivity to odors: certain odors can become unpleasant, such as coffee, meat, etc.
  • Acne: our famous hormones, which are very active at the start of pregnancy, accelerate the production of sebum. Results: unsightly acne spots appear. Be careful to use suitable cosmetics!

Some mothers-to-be also notice a browning of the areolas of the breasts, headaches or even back pain. But the first real symptom of early pregnancy remains a late period!

Did you know ? The symptoms of the first week of pregnancy are very similar to those of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). If you think you are pregnant, we advise you to take a blood test!

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Good reflexes from the 1st week of pregnancy

Is your pregnancy test positive? Congratulations, a wonderful journey is ahead. But, from the first week of pregnancy, it is important to adopt the right actions . So, put an end to the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and yes to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to preserve your baby's health and yours:

  • A balanced diet: stock up on vitamins and trace elements
  • Good sleep: get as much rest as possible
  • Appropriate physical activity: pregnancy is entirely compatible with physical activity, it’s all about dosing. We favor gentle sports such as walking, swimming, yoga and we adapt the pace.
  • Good cosmetics: watch out for harmful substances such as parabens and other chemical processes. Many studies have shown that parabens affect fetal development and the growth of the unborn baby. So, focus on natural and certified organic products.

1 week of pregnancy: go natural

Do you know the best weapon for healthy skin? It's about prevention! The sooner you take care of your skin, the better the results will be. What women fear a lot when they become pregnant: stretch marks.

To act effectively against stretch marks , preventive action is the best solution. The ideal is to start anti-stretch mark treatments from the start of pregnancy. And what could be better than natural and organic products to take care of your mother-to-be skin!

Téane laboratories have been specialists in the well-being of future mothers and babies for several years. Our commitment is based on products without endocrine disruptors, formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and our certified organic products. In addition, our treatments are made in France and not tested on animals.

Our perfect treatment from the first week of pregnancy: the 1st Stretch Mark Treatment Cream from the pregnancy collection . An organic cream which contains effective natural active ingredients to fight against the appearance of stretch marks:

  • cassia alata extract: a unique anti-stretch mark active ingredient patented by Laboratoires Téane
  • synergy of vegetable oils: organic argan, organic jojoba, sunflower and shea butter
  • mix of plants
Applied morning and evening, from the first week of pregnancy , our cream boosts collagen production, protects elastin fibers and deeply hydrates your skin. Find it in our pretty mother-to-be box : a selection of our products for a peaceful start to pregnancy!

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