Our patents on Cassia Alata

Cassia Alata : your best ally against stretch marks and atopic eczema

Laboratoires Téane have selected this plant for its exceptional virtues on the skin.

Laboratoires Téane have developed organic and eco-responsible cosmetics for future and young mothers and their babies, based on innovative plant extracts. They have extracted from the leaves of cassia alata, a medicinal plant from Madagascar, its protective and repairing properties for the skin. This unique patented active ingredient is present in the 100% Mom and DERMABébé ranges for all women who want to reconcile effectiveness and naturalness for themselves and their baby.


In 2008, Agnès Ducrocq, founder of Laboratoires Téane, decided to stop in Madagascar, where she knew the exceptional plant diversity and the importance of plants in traditional medicine.

For several weeks, she travelled through the tropical rainforest in search of the rare ingredient and met many local people to discover and learn about their ancestral customs.

It was during one of these privileged moments of exchange with Malagasy women that Agnès discovered that they use a plant with protective virtues to take care of their skin when they are pregnant.

A first analysis of the plant confirms that she holds a treasure in her hands.

From research to patent on stretch mark prevention and repair

Agnès returned to France and embarked on several years of research and scientific testing. She succeeded in unlocking the mysteries of this magical plant and obtained her first patent in 2013.

Laboratoires Téane have filed an exclusive patent based on the active ingredients extracted from Cassia Alata acting :

1. In prevention of stretch marks: Prevents cellular modifications, invisible phenomena that are nevertheless precursors to the appearance of stretch marks.

2. To preserve the balance and the cohesion of the structure of the skin.

3. On the repair of the stretch marks thanks to the addition of extract of Centella Asiatica for a synergistic action.

De cette découverte est née la gamme 100% Maman, une gamme complète pour prévenir les vergetures, réparer les vergetures et raffermir la peau après la grossesse. Ces soins sont certifiés BIO par ECOCERT, fabriqués en France et sont respectueux de la peau et de la santé.
Puis, les Laboratoires Téane ont souhaité apporter des solutions naturelles à leur bébé ayant une peau très sèche à tendance atopique. Au fil des recherches et d'échanges avec des sages-femmes, la Cassia Alata semble recéler d'autres vertus pour soigner des problèmes de peau.

Between Cassia Alata and skin prone to atopic eczema, a beautiful story

Cassia Alata, also known as Senna alata or darter, is a plant commonly used in traditional medicine to treat and relieve skin problems such as darting, eczema, erythema and many other skin irritations.

Midwives use the leaves of this plant for traditional medicinal use. They use them to soothe scratching sensations and redness and promote skin repair.

They crush the fresh leaves and put them directly in contact with the skin lesions. They also use them to make baths to relieve skin ailments.

After three years of Research & Development, Téane Laboratories have identified the active ingredients from the plant that work to treat and relieve eczematous-prone skin.

Téane Laboratories are filing a second patent that will be issued at the end of 2019.

The DERMAbébé range is the natural dermo-cosmetic solution with clinically proven efficacy for relieving and treating very dry skin with an atopic tendency.

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