Stretch marks and pregnancy

The causes of stretch marks have long remained a mystery, and have been the subject of many misconceptions. One of these ideas is to associate stretch marks with a problem of skin elasticity. The mechanism is much more complex and even if the causes are multiple, studies show that they are in fact the consequence of a cellular disorder linked to strong hormonal variations.

The hormonal influence is therefore the main cause of the appearance of stretch marks, which affect women and men at certain times of their lives: during adolescence, when losing a lot of weight and of course during pregnancy.


Deep lesions of the skin fibers, stretch marks appear when the skin is subjected to high tension. In other words, they are...

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How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy ?

Unsightful scars, reddish when they first appear, then pearly, stretch marks affect women on the stomach, breasts, hips and thighs...

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Pregnancy hormones : what are the effects ?

Hormones during pregnancy all have a very important role! They must transmit messages to our organs to maintain the proper functioning of the body...

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How to choose your anti-stretch mark care during pregnancy?

Nourishing creams or oils are not always suitable for preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Even if they provide comfort or hydration to the skin...

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Red stretch marks : causes and solutions to get rid of them !

Have red stretch marks appeared and you wonder what causes them? We often associate stretch marks with women....

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How do I remove my red pregnancy stretch marks ?

Ah stretch marks ... As soon as they appear, we immediately ask ourselves the question: "But how will I manage to remove my red stretch marks?"...

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How to firm up your skin after pregnancy?

For nine months, the skin of your belly will stretch to make room for the baby to grow serenely. However, once the delivery is over, the belly will be more...

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