Baby massage to reduce infant colic

Infant colic is very common and parents often feel helpless in the face of their baby's inconsolable crying and discomfort. In fact, more than one in five babies suffer from colic. What is infant colic ? How to relieve your baby who suffers from colic? Does baby massage help reduce pain?

In this article we present to you the certified organic multi-care oil , ideal for massaging your baby!

What is infant colic ?

Despite its name evoking diarrhea, infant colic is quite different. These are attacks of excessive and inconsolable crying generally occurring in the evening after a bottle or feeding.

There is no known and identified cause of colic in infants. We do not consider colic in infants as an illness because it disappears on its own. What we do know, however, is that the digestive system and intestine in a newborn are immature and could therefore be linked.

Symptoms to recognize infant colic

Infant colic appears after a meal (bottle or feeding) and more particularly in the evening.Crying being one of his means of communication, your infant will express his pain through intense and sudden crying . This crying can also be accompanied by flatulence and gas emissions. His face may be tense, he squirms, closes his fists and folds his legs over his abdomen.

If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult a health professional to rule out any pathology.

The duration of infant colic

Infant colic can appear as early as the third week after birth , but for most babies it occurs between the sixth and eighth week .

Infant colic generally follows Wessel's "rule of 3". In fact, the attacks last at least 3 hours a day, 3 times a week and for a duration of approximately 3 weeks.

Even if they only last three weeks, these episodes are very intense and exhausting for parents. Do not hesitate to ask your loved ones for help.

How to calm and relieve colic in infants?

There is no drug treatment that would immediately relieve colic in infants. Only patience and a few tender gestures could help your baby get through these weeks more peacefully.

1- Reassure your baby: take him in your arms, do skin-to-skin contact and talk to him.

2- An osteopathy session : through gentle manipulations, the osteopath will be able to relax your baby and relieve his pain.

3- Favor breastfeeding and if you bottle feed your baby, use anti-colic bottles instead. These bottles limit the air swallowed.

4- Give your baby “anti-colic” massages to prevent and relieve pain

What is baby massage?

For years, baby massage has been a widely used treatment process. Through certain studies, health professionals affirm that it is a practice contributing to the development of the child while strengthening the links of interaction between the baby and his parents.

Baby massage is ideal for reducing colic

In newborns, baby massage can help relieve and reduce colic. In fact, massage improves transit and reduces bloating. Beyond reducing pain, baby massage will soothe your baby.

Your osteopath can show you several techniques that you can repeat at home independently.

To massage your baby in good conditions, lay your baby on a soft towel in a heated room. Above all, avoid massaging him when he is in a crying fit.

In a clockwise direction, gently massage his stomach starting from the navel outwards. Babies generally enjoy massages. Observe your baby's reactions and face. You should see and feel if he enjoys special time with you.

Other benefits of massage for babies

Massaging your baby has several benefits, both physical and psychological, but also in terms of communication. Touch through massage practiced on babies and young children helps to give them harmonious physical development. It also helps prevent constipation. Massage is also an effective way to provide relaxation and well-being to the baby, through muscle relaxation. On a psychological level, massaging your baby gives him a feeling of comfort and security. Indeed, the massage is a gesture of tenderness, showing towards the baby all the love that his parents have for him. And finally, through this gentle touch, the baby comes into contact with the outside world. In this way, the baby constructs his own identity and identifies himself as a person. Indeed, the skin is an active sensory receptor, effectively opening communication with baby.

Anti-colic baby massage: which products to use?

To respect the sensitivity of your baby's skin, it is essential to choose massage products specially designed for babies. Generally, care products containing various chemical substances can have harmful effects on baby's skin: allergies, skin rashes, etc. These types of products are not recommended. Be sure to choose natural and organic products that are respectful of your child's skin.

Multi-care oil from Laboratoires Téane

colic massage oil

Multi-care oil



To practice massages while respecting your baby's skin, Laboratoires Téane offer you its Multi-care Oil for toddlers, certified organic. Designed to soothe babies, Téane massage oil is recommended for baby massage. It is hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological control. It is enriched with essential fatty acids to deeply nourish your baby's skin. You can also use it as a protective oil by applying it before bathing.

More peaceful, your baby will be able to live these few weeks with more serenity.

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