Stretch marks on the breasts: how to make them disappear?

Stretch marks on the breasts can appear during pregnancy. The body and especially the breasts are put to the test. The chest undergoes strong tensions during and after pregnancy, the breasts are then a privileged target for stretch marks. Pregnancy is not the only cause of the appearance of stretch marks, adolescence or even weight variations are all periods of life when our skin, and in particular the breasts, undergoes tension. In this article, we will be particularly interested in stretch marks that appeared on the chest during pregnancy.

In this article, we present our SOS Stretch Marks Balm to repair stretch marks on the body as well as the 1st Care Stretch Marks Cream and the Generous Soothing Oil to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.

Why do we have stretch marks on the breasts?

Breast stretch marks during pregnancy

Like the belly or the lower back, the breasts can be affected by the appearance of stretch marks. The pregnant woman usually feels discomfort and pain in the chest as soon as she is pregnant. Indeed, from the beginning of pregnancy, the chest is already preparing for breastfeeding and this area is very sensitive. The mammary glands are stimulated, the milk production cells are activated, the color of the nipples darkens and the areolas enlarge. The breast takes on volume during pregnancy. Indeed, the blood volume doubles thus revealing the venous network.

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman produces a greater quantity of a hormone: cortisol. Essential for the proper development of the baby, the production of this hormone nevertheless has a considerable impact on the quality of the skin. Disorganized and producing less collagen, the skin is no longer resistant.

The effect of hormonal variations and breast swelling are the ideal cocktail for the appearance of stretch marks. It is therefore important to start an anti-stretch mark routine during pregnancy.

Chest stretch marks while breastfeeding

Throughout pregnancy, the breasts prepare for their main function, that of producing milk to feed your baby. After childbirth, the breasts grow to the rhythm of the rise of milk. It is not uncommon to see stretch marks appear during breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding, the young mother still "undergoes" hormonal upheavals with prolactin and oxytocin in the forefront. Prolactin is a hormone secreted by lactotroph cells in the anterior part of the pituitary gland. This hormone called prolactin plays an essential role because it is what triggers the surge of milk after childbirth and maintains lactation. When the baby suckles, it sends a signal to the brain to continue producing prolactin.

Oxytocyne, on the other hand, is known as the hormone of love, happiness and well-being. This hormone has an important function during childbirth. It triggers uterine contractions and helps you bond with your baby as soon as he arrives.

These hormonal changes weaken your skin. Breastfeeding then remains a favorable period for the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts.

How to prevent stretch marks on the breasts?

The breasts require special attention during pregnancy. By developing rapidly and undergoing hormonal upheavals, it needs effective and natural anti-stretch mark treatments.

The chest is a very sensitive area. It is essential to favor cosmetics that are certified organic and compatible with pregnancy, safer for your skin, your health and that of your baby. Conventional cosmetics may contain endocrine disruptors capable of interacting with the hormonal system or other controversial ingredients such as parabens.

Prevent stretch marks on breasts during pregnancy

The prevention of stretch marks involves in particular the application of anti-stretch mark treatments. The 1st Care Stretch Marks Cream from Téane Laboratories protects the skin from stretch marks during pregnancy. Certified organic and made from 99% ingredients of natural origin, this anti-stretch mark cream protects your breasts from stretch marks.

The breast massage is ideal to accentuate the benefits of the treatments. In addition to relaxing you, the massage activates blood circulation, promotes tone and reduces tension felt in the chest. For this, you can use our Soothing Generous Oil . It deeply nourishes the skin because it contains a complex of 6 organic vegetable oils. Non-sticky and non-greasy, you will love massaging your breasts during pregnancy with this certified organic oil.

For these treatments to penetrate well, you can exfoliate the skin once a week.

Also bet on a balanced diet to avoid too rapid weight gain and drink plenty of water. Hydration is as good on the outside as it is on the inside!

Prevent stretch marks on breasts after childbirth

As explained above, stretch marks can still appear after childbirth due to hormonal changes. We must therefore not relax these efforts to protect your skin. To do this, continue applying an effective anti-stretch mark cream morning and evening to your breasts and other parts of your body (stomach, lower back, thigh, etc.). The 1st Care Stretch Marks Cream is ideal to avoid stretch marks on the breasts after childbirth. It is compatible with breastfeeding.

How to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts?

Can the appearance of red stretch marks on the breasts be reduced?

Yes... but we must act as soon as possible! They must be treated when they are still in the inflammatory stage, that is to say when they are still colored (red/purple). An effective treatment for repairing stretch marks on the breasts must contain active ingredients that have an action on the repair of the skin. The SOS Stretch Marks Balm from Téane Laboratories considerably reduces the size, color and depth of stretch marks on the breasts. It contains patented extracts of Cassia Alata and Centella Asiatica: a unique innovation in terms of stretch marks!

To complete the benefits of this treatment, you can apply the Fresh Firming Milk after childbirth.

Can you get rid of white stretch marks on chest?

When they appear, stretch marks on the breasts are colored. Then, these will eventually become white and pearly. White stretch marks are the sign of a healed stretch mark, they are called "mature". Unfortunately, no cosmetic can act on these stretch marks. It is then necessary to go through techniques via aesthetic medicine. However, these are expensive and safe solutions for the health of your breasts.

To learn more about how to get rid of stretch marks during or after pregnancy on all areas of the body, do not hesitate to consult this article .

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