How to use an emollient cream?

If your baby has atopic-prone skin , using an emollient cream is essential. This treatment with moisturizing properties is the perfect solution as a main or complementary application. Redness, dry skin, itching, typical manifestations of damaged skin causing real discomfort on a daily basis . It is therefore crucial to relieve your child by choosing appropriate care. Discover the É molliente Cream from Laboratoires Téane, a 100% natural treatment that soothes and relieves dermatitis and eczema!

Why use an emollient cream?

Using an emollient cream brings significant benefits to the skin problems of toddlers, but also older ones. Ideal for relieving the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and reducing eczema flare-ups, it represents complete and respectful care for the epidermis .

  • Dry and rough skin: faced with dry and rough skin, emollient cream is a real ally. Rich in moisturizing active ingredients, it penetrates deeply to soften the skin and restore its elasticity. It fights against the discomfort of itching and tightness
  • Eczema and Dermatitis: For eczema and dermatitis, the emollient cream provides soothing relief. Our Emollient Cream helps reduce redness, inflammation and irritation associated with these skin conditions. The deep hydration of the cream helps to strengthen the skin barrier, reducing the risk of breakouts.
  • Prevention of skin problems: Regularly using an emollient cream acts as a preventive shield against various skin problems . By forming a protective barrier, it prevents moisture loss and reduces the risk of dryness. Your child's skin is then protected from external aggressions
  • Support for medical treatments : Medical treatments for skin conditions (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema) contain chemicals and irritants that can irritate the skin. Our emollient cream is a natural alternative to corticosteroid-based treatments. Applying an additional emollient cream will help relieve irritation and speed up the healing process.

The undeniable advantage of emollient cream : a remarkable feature of emollient creams is their versatility. Ideal for the whole family , they adapt to the skin of children and adults. A treatment with superpowers for the management of dry skin and eczema at all ages.

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How to use emollient cream?

Obtaining optimal results requires regular application of your emollient cream . You must use it daily to prevent eczematous outbreaks! Laboratoires Téane present a 100% natural and certified organic emollient cream which combines effectiveness and gentleness. Discover our ideal routine for soothed, repaired and hydrated skin:

  1. Morning: morning application of an emollient cream provides a hydrating base. After gently cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser , apply the emollient cream generously to the entire affected area.
  2. Evening: the evening routine is an opportunity to revitalize your child's skin after a day of exposure to the elements and to reduce the tightness of the day. During the bath, clean the skin with a gentle cleansing gel (Discover our Very gentle cleansing ), dry it by gently patting it with a towel. Then apply our Emollient Cream to the face and body. The skin is then deeply hydrated during sleep!
Be careful, the emollient cream should never be applied to oozing lesions or to the eyelids. Likewise, do not apply it to the entire face of an adult, as it is known to be comedogenic (only apply it to the affected areas if they are located on the face). Our advice: add a few drops of our Multi-care Oil to your emollient cream to provide an oily substance and intensely nourish your child's skin

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