When to start using an anti-stretch mark pregnancy oil?

The pregnancy period is a time of joy and transformation, but it can also be accompanied by skin changes such as the appearance of stretch marks . For a complete and effective routine, anti-stretch mark oils prove to be valuable allies. As your mother-to-be's skin is set to undergo major changes, it is essential to take great care of it . Laboratoires Téane present to you Generous Soothing Oil which helps maintain the suppleness and elasticity of your skin, from the second trimester of pregnancy.

When and how to use your anti-stretch mark oil?

We recommend using anti-stretch mark oil from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy . This is when the skin begins to stretch to accommodate your growing baby. An anti-stretch mark oil will improve the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and deeply nourish it. The rounding belly and the first tightness reflect the main bodily changes at this stage.

However, the best weapon against stretch marks is to act on the consequences of hormonal upheavals which weaken and disorganize the structure of the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to apply an anti-stretch mark treatment which acts on the disturbances caused by hormonal variations from the start of your pregnancy. This is the case of our First Treatment Stretch Mark Cream which contains a patented extract of Cassia Alata. This cream preserves the quality of the skin, it boosts collagen production and protects elastin fibers.

For optimal effectiveness, you must adopt the right actions in your anti-stretch mark treatments :

  • Moisturize your skin with a daily application of an anti-stretch mark oil and an anti-stretch mark cream acting on disorders caused by hormonal variations
  • Apply targeted anti-stretch mark treatments adapted to the stage of your pregnancy
  • Carry out gentle exfoliations to help the treatments penetrate deeply
  • Also hydrate yourself from the inside: drink lots of water!
  • Adapt your diet: favor a diet rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace elements

The application of an anti-stretch mark oil should be gentle and regular. After showering, when your skin is clean and slightly damp, apply a small amount of oil to areas prone to stretch marks : stomach, hips and breasts. Perform circular movements that help promote blood circulation and ensure perfect absorption.

Applying an anti-stretch mark oil should be daily . In the 2nd trimester, apply an anti-stretch mark cream in the morning and an anti-stretch mark oil in the evening. In the 3rd trimester, mix these two products and apply them morning and evening.

Anti-stretch mark oil: go natural

During pregnancy, 2 phenomena are responsible for the appearance of stretch marks: hormonal variations and the distension of your skin . As a result, your skin stretches greatly and collagen production decreases. Using a moisturizer, butter or vegetable oil acts on hydration and reduces itching and feelings of discomfort. But to act in depth, only a complete anti-stretch mark routine with targeted treatments is effective.

As the health of your skin also depends on the active ingredients used, it is crucial to turn to natural and organic anti-stretch mark cosmetics . No more chemicals, you must focus on the simplicity of the ingredients that are just as effective in terms of results. The result: skin that is soothed, hydrated and prepared for changes with respect and gentleness.

It is with this in mind to respect the skin of future mothers that the Laboratories have developed Soothing Generous Oil .

anti stretch mark oil

Generous Soothing Oil


This oil is certified organic and contains powerful active ingredients:
  • A synergy of organic vegetable oils to improve the elasticity of your skin and reduce tightness
  • 100% natural ingredients without irritants to take care of you safely

If our Anti-Stretch Mark Oil plays an important role in preserving the beauty of your skin, complementing it with targeted care is crucial . From the 1st trimester of pregnancy, we advise you to adopt an anti-stretch mark routine using our 1st Stretch Mark Treatment Cream . Rich in Cassia Alata, it is the perfect accompaniment to prevent the formation of stretch marks!

anti stretch mark cream

First Treatment Stretch Mark Cream



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