Nipple pain in early pregnancy

Are you experiencing nipple pain at the start of your pregnancy? Rest assured, this is a common symptom that many expectant mothers experience. Nipple pain in early pregnancy is caused by several factors related to the hormonal and physiological changes that occur in the pregnant woman's body . But, small daily actions can help you relieve them . Among the natural and effective solutions, discover our Generous Soothing Oil !

Why do we have nipple pain at the start of pregnancy?

Pain in the nipples at the start of pregnancy, and more generally in the breasts, mainly results from hormonal changes. From the first weeks of pregnancy, your body produces more pregnancy hormones, including estrogen and progesterone , which are released to allow the embryo to implant into the wall of the uterus , also called implantation . And, your chest is preparing for future breastfeeding!

This hormonal overproduction leads to increased blood flow and growth of breast tissue, making breasts more swollen and nipples more sensitive and painful. Your nipples and nipples become darker and larger: you also feel tension and heaviness in the breasts. Your breasts will change throughout the pregnancy.

Did you know ? Nipple pain can also be made worse by friction from clothing. Choose soft cotton or satin clothing and comfortable bras .

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How long does nipple pain last?

The duration of nipple pain varies from woman to woman. They generally appear from the third or fourth week of pregnancy. Typically, these pains lessen or disappear after the first trimester , as the body gets used to the hormonal changes. But for some future mothers, the nipples remain painful for longer, even until giving birth.

It is important to note that nipple pain in early pregnancy can vary from woman to woman and depend on several factors such as individual sensitivity, medical history, general health and level of stress. It is therefore recommended to consult a gynecologist or midwife in the event of persistent or excessively painful pain to rule out any possible complications .

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, sore nipples are an early sign of pregnancy . Many women notice this sensitivity even before confirming their pregnancy. However, other factors can also cause nipple pain, such as hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle or the use of hormonal contraceptives. Other signs of pregnancy can be light vaginal bleeding caused during implantation, slight pain in the lower abdomen, late periods, morning sickness or even swollen breasts. If you have any doubt, a pregnancy test and a medical consultation with a midwife, a general practitioner or even a gynecologist remain the best options! A blood test and/or ultrasound will most certainly be prescribed. In the case of a negative test, this pain may be a sign of the arrival of your period.

Point of attention: certain infections such as mastitis (infection of the breast tissues) can cause nipple pain . If your pain is accompanied by fever, redness or itching, consult your doctor!

How to relieve nipple pain in early pregnancy?

Several actions can help you relieve your nipple pain during your pregnancy:

  1. Choose the right bras: it is important to choose the right bra. We advise you to opt for a cotton model without underwire to avoid compression of your breasts.
  2. Apply cold or warm compresses: Cold or warm compresses are a good solution to reduce inflammation. Our little tip for quick and effective relief: prepare “homemade” compresses using cooled tea bags for a natural option.
  3. Massage your breasts with our anti-stretch mark creams and oils : formulated with organic ingredients, our oil offers you natural and effective relief. It is recommended to apply it with a gentle massage over all of your nipples. Rich in natural active ingredients, it deeply nourishes your skin and reduces inflammation.
Without further ado, take these small steps to relieve your nipple pain from the start of your pregnancy. And to take care of you during these nine months, Laboratoires Téane offers you a complete range of targeted treatments !

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