Eczema in children: causes and natural treatments

In France, 15 to 20% of children suffer from eczema! Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a benign but uncomfortable skin condition for children. Often linked to genetic factors, the environment also plays a role in the appearance of eczema, especially in babies whose skin barrier remains fragile. Discover our tips and our essential care to relieve your child's eczema!

What are the causes of eczema in children?

Why does your child suffer from eczema?

Atopic eczema is above all a barrier defect . The skin barrier is more permeable: allergens and external elements penetrate the skin very easily, triggering an inflammatory reaction. Water from the skin evaporates, worsening skin dryness.

These may be genetic and/or environmental causes . In fact, a child is more likely to develop eczema if one of his parents is prone to it. But the environmental part remains important. There are also two types of eczema: atopic eczema of more genetic origin and contact eczema in response to an allergen (food, cosmetics, clothing, etc.).

Eczema is an inflammatory disease that develops in outbreaks and causes various symptoms such as red patches, dry skin and itching. In the most severe cases, you may notice the appearance of small pustules, crusts and oozing on your child's skin!

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How does childhood eczema progress depending on age?

Depending on your child's age, eczema appears on different areas of the body . Generally :

  • In infants: eczema is mainly concentrated on the face
  • From 1 year of age: eczema appears more in the folds (elbow, knees, arms)
  • After 2 years: eczema attacks also affect the hands, mouth and eyes

Will my child have eczema for life? It's natural to worry if your child's eczema symptoms persist. Good news ! For the majority of children, eczema attacks stop around the age of 5 or 6 . However, this rule remains general and each case is unique. 2.5 million French people are affected by eczema and among them, many adults!

Good to know: eczema sometimes becomes a chronic disease, but with proper care, you can prevent the onset of attacks!

What natural treatment for eczema in children?

Before talking about treatment, we emphasize the fact that prevention is important in the management of eczema. Small daily actions can reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks :

  • Gentle washing: it is recommended to use gentle cleansing gels without soap or irritating ingredients, to space out the baths and to pat dry with a very soft towel or in the open air.
  • Daily hydration: dry skin is an aggravating factor in eczema in children. You must apply a moisturizer every day to maintain good hydration of the skin barrier.
  • Clothing: choose soft materials such as linen or cotton.

What natural treatment to relieve eczema attacks? In addition to cortisone creams and treatments prescribed by your doctor, you can turn to natural solutions. The objective is to act deeply to maintain good hydration and calm itching.

Téane Laboratories have developed a range of targeted treatments to treat atopic-prone skin:

  • our emollient face and body cream to soothe itching, reduce redness, moisturize and treat eczema in children and babies thanks to a patented cassia alata extract;
  • our multi-care oil based on vegetable oils enriched with essential fatty acids to create a protective barrier during bathing, treat cradle cap on the scalp and perform a massage;
  • our gentle cleansing gel , a soap-free washing gel for gentle cleansing!

These products are certified organic, hypoallergenic and dedicated to dry, sensitive skin with atopic tendency of children and babies from birth.

Find your 3 essentials in a pretty care box to take care of your child's fragile skin!

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