Ultrasound dating: the first encounter

The dating ultrasound represents a magical moment for future parents. Carried out from the 4th week of amenorrhea , this examination represents the first meeting with your baby. A key moment when the gynecologist estimates your expected date of delivery and ensures the good growth of the fetus. How does a dating ultrasound work? When should we do a dating ultrasound ? Téane Laboratories invite you to discover the benefits of dating ultrasound and pregnant women's products to experience a peaceful pregnancy!

Dating ultrasound: your first date with baby

Have you just learned of your pregnancy? Congratulations, an extraordinary adventure awaits you over the coming months. Beyond the joy of carrying life, pregnancy is accompanied by medical appointments necessary for your health and that of your baby.

Among them, the first important examination called the dating ultrasound . Often confused with the first trimester ultrasound, they are nevertheless two distinct examinations. The dating ultrasound is carried out earlier: between the 4th and 8th week of amenorrhea .

In itself, the dating echo is optional, but remains strongly recommended to check that everything is going well. Its objective: to confirm the smooth progress of the pregnancy and estimate your due date . It is also the opportunity for you to listen to your baby's heartbeat for the first time and to know the number of embryos... A highly anticipated and unforgettable moment for future parents.

How does the dating echo work?

Your gynecologist or midwife performs the dating ultrasound vaginally (using a probe) or abdominally. A painless examination for the mother-to-be, lasting approximately 20 minutes. What details concern the practitioner?

  • Implantation of the gestational sac: the objective is to check whether it is not an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy occurring outside the uterus)
  • The number of embryos
  • Your baby's heart rate
  • Fetal growth
  • Cranial-caudal length (head to buttocks): this measurement allows you to estimate the date of pregnancy and therefore of delivery to within 3 or 4 days

Clearly, the dating ultrasound offers a look at the progress of your pregnancy . This is also an opportunity for the doctor to prepare your pregnancy declaration sent to the CAF and Social Security.

Girl or boy ? During the dating ultrasound, it is unlikely to detect the sex of the baby. A little more patience, the gender is generally revealed during the second trimester ultrasound!

Ultrasound dating and other appointments

Once your dating ultrasound has been carried out, other examinations await you. Three ultrasounds are mandatory during pregnancy :

  • First trimester ultrasound: carried out between 11 and 13 weeks of amenorrhea, its aim is to eliminate the risk of malformations and to check the good growth of your baby
  • Second trimester ultrasound: carried out between 20 and 25 weeks of gestation, this is the most complete pregnancy ultrasound. The environment and physique of the fetus is clearly visible. Usually, this is the exact moment when parents learn the sex of their baby!
  • Third trimester ultrasound: carried out between 30 and 35 weeks of gestation, it constitutes the last step before delivery. A special moment for future parents and essential to ensure that baby is doing well

In addition to ultrasounds, the mother-to-be must go every month for a check-up visit to the midwife or gynecologist. Do you dream of a peaceful pregnancy? Beyond medical monitoring, your lifestyle is important : balanced diet, appropriate physical activity, body care.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy

Pregnancy is synonymous with joy, uncertainty and stress. If medical planning is there to reassure future parents about the baby's growth and the progress of the pregnancy, other questions arise. The mother-to-be is first and foremost a woman whose body will experience major changes !

One of the biggest concerns of a pregnant woman? Stretch marks ! Harmless to health, these little streaks are terribly feared. This is why it is important to act from the first weeks of pregnancy with targeted care adapted to each stage. Discover our anti-stretch mark routine composed of natural and organic products. A combo of cream and oils which contain a well-guarded power: that of Cassia Alata (a plant extract patented by Laboratoires Téane) and a synergy of vegetable oils.

In order to help women fully experience their pregnancy and their first steps as a mother, Laboratoires Téane are developing anti-stretch mark creams and anti-stretch mark oils . Our mission ? Offer effective cosmetics, without chemicals or pathogens to offer women a unique care experience .

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We hope you enjoyed this article on the topic of dating ultrasound. Also discover our mother-to-be box for a worry-free pregnancy.

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