Which oil for baby's bath?

Many parents opt for bath oil for their baby . Beyond these nourishing and protective properties, it is perfect for establishing a gentle routine. Bath time is one of those precious moments strengthening the bond between you and your little one. However, it is essential to choose products adapted to the delicate skin of a newborn and to opt for the right actions. Baby bath oil from Laboratoires Téane , 100% ingredients of natural origin, is applied before bathing to envelop your baby's skin and prevent it from drying out!

Baby bath: the benefits of vegetable oils

Your baby's skin is under construction and remains fragile . Vulnerable, the epidermis and the hydrolipidic film are fragile and immature. Therefore, you should pay great attention to the application of cosmetic products. They must respect skin fragility and limit themselves to a minimalist routine.

To meet these requirements, vegetable oils are perfect : an ideal, gentle and natural treatment. Be careful with mineral oils that contain petrochemical ingredients that are harmful to your baby's health (the best known are petroleum jelly and paraffin oil). Always choose natural vegetable oils that allow the skin to breathe with many virtues:

  • Essential nutrients: vegetable oils contain essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E to nourish deeply and limit the risk of drying out.
  • Respectful of baby's skin: natural vegetable oil is free of additives and petrochemical products. It simply guarantees gentle hydration of the skin and fights against skin discomfort.
  • Perfect ally for baby massages: ideally in the evening before the bath, Massage Oil allows your baby to relax
  • Calms baby's atopic skin: applying a vegetable oil is an excellent complement to soothe dermatitis or dry skin of toddlers

Point of attention: the Oil does not present a cleansing solution for your child. Oil and water do not mix, so it is not recommended to place a few drops of Oil directly in the bath water. It is the application before or after the bath which ensures protection of the hydrolipidic film, in addition to the benefits of the massage on your baby.

Baby bath oil: which one to choose?

Because babies' skin is fragile, it is crucial to use natural, gentle and appropriate care . When it comes to applying an oil to your baby's skin, you need to pay close attention to its composition and application:

  • Choose a vegetable bath oil such as camellia oil, sunflower oil. They are intended to be rich in nutrients and fatty acids to hydrate deeply and safely.
  • Choose certified organic and chemical-free bath oils: the goal is to eliminate substances likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions
  • Apply the oil before the bath: the oil is applied before the bath! By gently applying the oil to your baby's skin and massaging lightly, you provide a moisturizing and relaxing pre-bath treatment that maintains the natural softness of their skin.

Discover our certified organic multi-care oil which wraps your child's skin in a protective film. Enriched with essential fatty acids, it protects and prevents dryness and tightness after leaving the bath.

Téane Laboratories have designed a treatment enriched with Camellia Oil, sunflower oil and Viamérin to nourish, soothe and soften baby's skin. And to wash baby gently, our Douceur Lavante is perfect for combining softness and care!

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