Eczema: natural treatments to relieve atopic skin

Eczema is a skin disease that causes skin inflammation. Also called atopic dermatitis, it is harmless, but remains very uncomfortable, especially when babies suffer from it. This is why it is essential to calm and treat eczema flare-ups. Regularly prescribed, cortisone-based creams are intended to be effective at the moment. However, to provide lasting relief from symptoms and prevent eczema attacks , there are natural treatments based on cream, oil or washing solutions. . Téane Laboratories guide you on natural treatments for eczema and present a 100% natural range to relieve atopic skin.

What is eczema?

A common skin disease, adult eczema and baby eczema come in different forms: contact eczema, atopic eczema or infectious eczema. The most common form is called atopic dermatitis which results in very dry and scaly skin leaving red patches on the skin. This dryness weakens the protective skin barrier which makes the skin sensitive to external allergens.

The main area where baby eczema develops is the face. We then see red patches appear on the forehead, chin and cheeks. In older children, eczema forms in the folds of the skin on the wrists, elbows, thighs and knees.

Symptoms and causes of eczema

This inflammatory disease, although benign, remains very uncomfortable, especially in infants and babies. Indeed, eczema generally develops on several parts of the body and causes severe itching .

It manifests itself in the form of flare-ups and makes baby irritable causing crying and squirming which disrupts sleep and eating.

In most cases, eczema results from atopic skin . Very dry, baby's skin is devoid of its protective film. It therefore no longer acts as a barrier against external allergens which enter the body and cause allergic reactions.

In short, eczema flare-ups can have their origins at the hereditary level. A child whose one parent has atopic dermatitis has a 50% risk in addition to reporting eczema .

How to prevent eczema?

Although difficult to understand, there are nevertheless simple actions to minimize the appearance of atopic dermatitis and reduce attacks:

  • Space out the baths and use a neutral soap-free cleansing gel
  • Protect your skin with a protective oil before bathing
  • Take short baths
  • Choose clothes made from natural materials such as cotton or linen
  • Use allergen-free detergent or Marseille soap
  • Moisturize your child's skin to maintain a good balance of the epidermis

Since eczema is usually an allergic reaction, it is essential to pay attention to your baby's diet. If eczema flare-ups appear after eating a particular food, you should consult your doctor to assess whether it is a food allergy .

Our natural products to treat atopic eczema

baby eczema cream

Emollient cream


eczema cleansing gel

Cleansing Gentleness


atopic skin oil

Multi-care oil



What treatment should I use to treat baby eczema?

When your baby suffers from eczema , it is important to make an appointment with your doctor to identify the cause of this skin disease . As a general rule, the medical profession offers treatments based on corticosteroids to be applied as local care.

Cortisone-based creams relieve itching and fight inflammation effectively. However, their actions act at the moment T, but do not allow the problem to be addressed in depth. In short, cosmetics based on corticosteroids dry out the already very fragile skin and often contain ingredients that babies should avoid, such as endocrine disruptors.

Atopic-prone skin with eczema in babies and young children is even more permeable to external elements. From this observation, using natural treatments remains one of the best solutions for taking care of children's fragile skin. Cream, oil, cleansing gel, there are a multitude of cosmetics and natural products that effectively combat the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and help prevent eczematous outbreaks .

The Laboratoires Téane range to soothe eczema

Always with the aim of offering effective and 100% natural products, Laboratoires Téane have developed several products to soothe and fight against eczema . Cosmetics to take care of atopic skin by combining several daily actions:

  • Clean gently
  • Deeply moisturize, strengthen and repair the skin barrier
  • Soothe itching
  • Protect your skin while bathing

We use the power of plants with many virtues such as Cassia Alata from Madagascar, our patented active ingredient, which contains a restorative, soothing and anti-inflammatory active ingredient. This plant is the key ingredient in our Atopic Eczema Emollient Cream , certified organic and rated 100/100 on Yuka . It is a creamy cream that is applied twice a day to fight infections due to severe eczema . Compatible with corticosteroid-based treatments, it is ideal for taking care of baby's skin.

To complete the action of this emollient cream, Téane Laboratories offer the Derma Bébé Range composed of a very gentle cleansing gel and a multi-care oil, certified organic. Usable from birth, they are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, suitable for children's fragile skin.

  • La Douceur Lavante is a washing gel without soap or irritant agent to wash the hair and body of your babies and children. Its patented formula allows gentle cleansing of sensitive, dry and atopic-prone skin .
  • Multi-care Oil is a certified organic oil that combines Camellia, Viamerine and Sunflower oils. This synergy of plants soothes and relieves itching, hydrates, softens the skin and forms a protective film. Result: baby's skin is nourished and dry patches decrease.
Find these 3 essentials in our store in the pretty Essential Baby Care Box to take care of your baby's fragile skin and naturally treat their eczema !

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