Brown pregnancy line: where does it come from?

A brown line suddenly appears on your rounded stomach? Rest assured, this is a completely normal phenomenon. About 3 out of 4 women observe this line during their pregnancy from the second trimester. Also called “linea nigra”, it results from hormonal changes and disappears after childbirth . Discover all the secrets of this brown pregnancy line and our mother-to-be treatments to pamper you!

Why do we have this pregnancy line?

The brown line of pregnancy, also called “linea nigra”, is a vertical band of dark brown pigmentation . It extends from the navel to the pubis with a width of approximately one centimeter: a sort of small vertical border in the middle of your stomach! Apart from its unsightly side, this pregnancy line does not represent any danger, neither for the mother-to-be, nor for the baby.

But why this band on your rounded stomach? Once again, your hormones are to blame! During pregnancy, the placenta secretes a quantity of the Melanotropic hormone , responsible for the synthesis of melanin. Result: the melanin present on your skin comes out and draws this line on your stomach. The pregnancy line is therefore more marked in women with dark skin. It is also this hormonal phenomenon which explains darker nipples and the appearance of the mask of pregnancy!

Girl or boy ?

According to some beliefs, the brown pregnancy line allows you to know the sex of the baby . So myth or reality? According to adages, the “linea nigra” is very marked in women if they are expecting a little boy. Of course, this is a matter of individual beliefs and is not scientific. Only the second trimester ultrasound reveals with certainty the sex of the future baby!

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In what month of pregnancy does this brown line appear?

Typically, the brown line appears in the second trimester of pregnancy . Most pregnant women notice it around the fourth or fifth month. But this can vary from one woman to another: some women observe it earlier or later!

You don't have a brown line on your stomach? Don't panic, it is entirely possible not to see this line appear during your pregnancy. Very fair skin, for example, has less pronounced melanin and is therefore less prone. There are also differences in sensitivity to hormonal changes. In any case, the pregnancy line should not be a source of concern!

When does the pregnancy line on the stomach disappear?

Fortunately, the brown pregnancy line is not forever! It disappears after childbirth when the hormonal level returns to normal . The pigmentation of your skin fades gradually to become permanent.

How long does it take for this brown line to disappear? Generally, count a few weeks after the birth of your baby. However, there are variations from one woman to another. Breastfeeding mothers can keep their pregnancy line longer, as can very dark skin tones. It is possible to observe this line up to 1 year after childbirth.

Brown line and stretch marks: limit pregnancy marks

Pregnancy is punctuated by hormonal changes. If the brown pregnancy line is inevitable, several actions can make it less visible and avoid leaving marks afterwards. First essential step: protect your skin from the sun and UV rays with an SPF50+ sunscreen! Also make sure to hydrate yourself well, both inside and out.

Reflexes also essential to fight against the mask of pregnancy (small brown spots on the face) and stretch marks. Ah stretch marks, these little marks often perceived as unsightly that worry future mothers so much. Much like the pregnancy line, stretch marks result in part from hormonal changes and stretching of the skin .

If the brown line disappears after childbirth, the stretch marks are more stubborn. This is why it is essential to adopt an anti-stretch mark routine from the start of your pregnancy. Prevention remains the key to minimizing pregnancy-related marks .

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