Which cream for baby's eczema-prone skin?

If your baby has dry skin with an atopic tendency, you know better than anyone: finding a good cream to relieve baby eczema is a real deal. Baby eczema, or atopic dermatitis, can be explained by two main factors. In most cases, it has genetic origins. So, if you yourself are a parent with this type of problem, there is a good chance that your little one has it. It is also explained by the permeability of the skin of small children. During the first few months of life, their skin is very thin and more sensitive to external aggressions (cold, irritating products, fabrics, allergens, etc.). Atopic dermatitis is characterized by red patches, irritated and itchy skin.

Which cream to choose for baby's atopic eczema from birth? ? This skin disease is common in children and we have everything you need to help you, follow the guide!

  • How to choose a cream adapted to the atopic eczema of the baby?
  • Creams for the atopic eczema of baby
  • A range thought for the atopic skins with tendency eczémateuse

How to choose the right cream for atopic eczema?

The skin's main function is to protect, to create a barrier between the inside and the outside. For people suffering from atopic skin, the skin does not play its role of protective barrier, we speak about defect of the cutaneous barrier. In short, atopic skin is very sensitive and is therefore very permeable to external aggressors, allergens and products, especially cosmetic ingredients that are applied to the skin.
It can be difficult to know which cosmetic product to use to care for your baby's fragile skin. The golden rule is to choose the most natural care products possible. This ensures that potentially toxic ingredients are not allowed to penetrate the skin. Or irritating cosmetic ingredients to dry out the skin more than it already is!

Unadvisable ingredients to avoid

It's no longer a secret. Conventional cosmetics contain many chemical substances. Not only their composition is to be reviewed but also, they contain very few natural active ingredients (1 to 2% vs 30 to 40% in an organic cosmetic). As a reminder, babies suffering from eczema have a skin barrier that is permeable to the ingredients that are applied to their skin. Allergens or toxic substances penetrate very easily. For these reasons, we advise you to look at the labels of the products you want to buy and to be wary of some ingredients..

To quote only one part of it:
- the PEG, often written with these three letters on the labels, they are easy to flush out.
- Phenoxyethanol, a potentially toxic preservative and suspected endocrine disruptor that is still found in many conventional products.
- surfactants, irritating and drying foaming agents that are often seen under the names Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate.
- synthetic perfume to avoid contact with allergens.
- Mineral oils from petrochemicals such as paraffinic liquidum.
- BHA and BHT, neurotoxic antioxidants and potential endocrine disruptors.

Decipher the ingredients or trust the labels

You can turn to organic-labeled products if you don't feel up to it, which is quite understandable given the size of the ingredient lists and the scientific terms used. COSMOS, COSMEBIO or ECOCERT sont are guarantees of safety and naturalness of the products.

Paying particular attention to the products chosen to care for your baby is essential. Whether or not he is subject to skin dryness, his skin is no less fragile. It must be protected and moisturized every day to strengthen its skin barrier. You should also know that an infant does not need to be washed every day, two to three times a week is enough!

However, beware of a few false friends for dry skin with an atopic tendency. Essential oils and alcohol are widely used in organic cosmetics. Although they are very interesting for many reasons, it is preferable that you put aside products containing these ingredients. In fact, they can be potentially irritating for babies suffering from dry skin with an atopic tendency.

Creams for baby's atopic eczema

You've done everything you can to protect your child's skin with natural solutions, but you notice that none of the products you've tried so far provide relief or treatment for your baby's very dry skin. Your baby surely needs care dedicated to this skin problem: specific creams to treat baby's eczema.

When a baby has eczema skin, a moisturizer or virgin oil is not enough to prevent itching or irritation. As far as cortisone or corticosteroid creams are concerned, they are effective at the moment. They will relieve the inflammatory outbreaks but will not solve the problem in depth. In order to respond to this skin problem naturally and effectively, Téane Laboratories have created a suitable treatment. Atopic skin needs to be protected and nourished. However, it also needs to soothe rashes and strengthen its skin barrier. Our organic emollient cream meets all the requirements of skin prone to dermatitis. And a little extra: it is suitable for the whole family!

La crème émolliente, une crème pour soulager l'eczéma de bébé

A range for atopic skin with a tendency to eczema

The DERMABébé range for the most fragile skin

Our DERMABébé range is dedicated to the dry, sensitive and atopic skin of babies. We have designed a routine that will relieve their fragile skin, eliminate dry patches and protect them.

Formulated with ingredients of natural origin and certified COSMEBIO, this range includes three products. Our organic cleanser is perfect for washing your baby two to three times a week without damaging his skin. In addition, its natural composition makes it an ally to protect his skin!

For an even softer bath, you can add our organic baby care and massage oil . A few drops to be applied on the skin before the bath allow to limit the drying effect that can have the water, often calcareous: we avoid the tightnesses after the bath! Used in massage, it relieves and soothes the scratching that can cause dry and irritated patches.

To complete the routine, think of our emollient cream for atopic skin. It can be used from the birth of your child, on the face and body. Its organic and natural formula is specifically formulated for very dry skin with an atopic tendency. This cream contains our patented Cassia Alata extract that will repair and restore the skin barrier. Moreover, the prolonged application of this care will make it possible to space the eczematous pushes. The ingredients that it contains alleviate the feelings of scratching as of the first applications and reduce the rednesses. It is also ideal because it hydrates and nourishes the skin deeply. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a must for skin with an atopic tendency.

Natural care with proven effectiveness

This organic emollient cream has been clinically tested and the results speak for themselves! More than 72%* of people felt moisturized in the long term and 100%* of them had a soothing sensation.

In conclusion, the use of organic, natural, gentle products adapted to baby's atopic skin is a first step towards soothed skin. For more information, don't hesitate to read our article on how to relieve atopic skin! !

For more information, or if the dermatitis persists, consider consulting a health professional. .

* 20 volunteers with atopic skin with a tendency to eczema, 1 application per day for 28 days. Tests carried out under dermatological control - BIO-EC Laboratories - Longjumeau.

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