How to choose your anti-stretch mark care during pregnancy?

You have just learned that you are expecting a happy event, you are happy and you already imagine what your future life will look like. But then the worries come, how will my pregnancy go? Which anti-stretch mark products should I use? How to prepare for the arrival of my baby?

You are getting ready to live an unknown adventure... these worries are justified! Our role at Téane is to guide you in choosing your cosmetics during your pregnancy and afterwards. In this article, we will explain how to choose your anti-stretch mark skin care.

  • Choose specific anti-stretch mark products
  • Choose stretch mark treatments that are adapted to pregnancy
  • Natural and effective products to prevent stretch marks
  • The importance of natural skin care products
  • An effective anti-stretch mark routine
  • The Stretch Mark Prevention Program from Téane Laboratories

Choose specific anti-stretch mark skin care

Stretch marks are not an inevitability for pregnant women. They affect all women and can appear at different times in life. They are the consequence of major hormonal variations. They can therefore appear during adolescence, pregnancy or even menopause. To simplify things: the skin is no longer able to regenerate its elasticity and collagen as well. It is at this precise moment that it can crack to let stretch marks appear.

It is therefore important to start applying anti-stretch mark skin care products during the first month of pregnancy, when hormonal variations are strongest.

Choose anti-stretch mark skin care products that are adapted to pregnancy

Contrary to what we may think, moisturizing creams and nourishing oils are not enough! Apart from being less effective in preventing stretch marks, these products are not always suitable for pregnancy. Indeed, their formula can contain components too aggressive for the skin like alcohol or synthetic perfumes. They may also contain essential oils, which are not recommended during pregnancy. During the nine months of pregnancy, the skin of the mother-to-be will undoubtedly be more sensitive. It is therefore important to choose organic skin care products with gentle formulations and especially those compatible with pregnancy.

Natural and effective care to prevent stretch marks

Nutritive creams or oils are not always suitable for preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Even if they bring comfort or hydration to the skin, they do not protect the skin enough. Indeed, hormonal changes are such during pregnancy that it is necessary to choose specific anti-stretch mark products.

Téane skin care products are formulated with natural active ingredients known for their effectiveness. We have carefully selected ingredients that have a real purpose, without any superfluous ingredients. Just what is needed to offer you effective care. To all these natural ingredients, we add our flagship ingredient: Cassia Alata, an active ingredient that we have patented for its effectiveness on stretch marks.

It was during her trip to Madagascar that our founder, Agnes, discovered this plant. Highly prized by Malagasy women during pregnancy for generations, Cassia Alata preserves the balance and cohesion of the skin, prevents cell modifications and helps heal stretch marks. After three years of testing and research, Téane patented the active ingredients of this plant. You can find Cassia Alata in our 1st anti-stretch mark cream.

The importance of natural skin care

The arrival of a baby is often one of the moments when families turn to a more natural consumption (food and cosmetics). As a result, questions are asked about the composition and origin of products. We avoid pesticides and ingredients that are too aggressive.

When we know that half of all unborn babies are exposed to endocrine disruptors from cosmetics applied by future mothers .... We are right to be concerned! But don't worry, all Téane products are formulated without endocrine disruptors, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or allergenic fragrances! !

An effective anti-stretch mark routine

We have created a sensorial and effective routine to accompany future mothers from the first month of pregnancy to the last. The products are pleasant to apply, do not stick and are easily absorbed. We have also thought about potential nausea by offering products with discreet scents!

The Stretch Mark Prevention Program from Téane Laboratories

Our anti-stretch mark routine is composed of two products: the 1st certified organic anti-stretch mark cream (formulated with Cassia Alata) and the Generous Soothing Oil, a certified organic anti-stretch mark oil. We advise expectant moms to use both products simultaneously as they are complementary.

Le Programme Prévention Vergetures vous accompagne tout au long de votre grossesse pour protéger votre peau.
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The 1st Stretch Mark Cream is effective in preventing the appearance of stretch marks. It acts on the dysfunctions caused by hormonal variations and protects elastin fibers. It is rich in organic vegetable oils and natural active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen. This cream is to be used from the 1st trimester and will be applied throughout your pregnancy.

The Generous Soothing Oil soothes tightness and itching and improves the elasticity of the skin. It contains a mixture of six vegetable oils, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9. In short, a nutritious cocktail for the skin! We advise you to use it in the evening from the second trimester onwards, continuing the cream in the morning. From the third trimester onwards, you can mix a few drops of oil with your cream, morning and evening.

These products are to be used on the "at risk" areas: hips, stomach, lower back, chest, buttocks and thighs. Do not hesitate to massage until the products penetrate completely. In addition, the massage prevents the arrival of stretch marks! So why not ask the person accompanying you to massage you? It's also a great way to get to know your unborn baby!

Téane Laboratories offer you the Serene Pregnancy Set, which includes all the essentials for pregnancy: 3 Stretch Mark 1st Care Creams and 2 Soothing Generous Oils.

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