What products should be used on the stomach after childbirth?

A pretty belly after childbirth: the ultimate dream of every new mother. If the arrival of your baby fills you with happiness, nine months of pregnancy also leave a mark on your body . After giving birth, many women worry about a swollen, soft and wrinkled belly. Your body has just achieved a real feat, so just one word of advice: patience! Everyone knows this famous saying “it takes nine months to do and nine months to undo”. However, a healthy lifestyle and targeted care help your body recover. Discover our advice and our postpartum collection for a firmer stomach and reduced stretch marks.

Why is the belly flabby and swollen after childbirth?

For nine months, the body of a mother-to-be prepares to achieve the feat of building and giving life. Your hips widen, the volume of your breasts increases and your belly grows over the weeks. Hormonal fluctuations also impact the quality of your skin , the production of elastin and collagen. As you might expect, these changes impact your figure after childbirth!

Although some women are lucky enough to regain their figure in a few weeks, rest assured, this is rarely the case. And yes, it’s physiological! The uterus returns to its initial position only after 4 weeks and the stomach muscles are less toned. This soft, flabby, wrinkled stomach appearance is therefore completely normal.

How long does it take to regain a firm stomach and smooth skin? Difficult to answer this question as women are so different. It depends on each person's metabolism, age and lifestyle. But, there is an adage that says 'nine months to do, nine months to undo'. It is necessary to give your organs time to return to their proper place and your body to rebuild itself after this crazy adventure. A little patience and good habits will help you lose weight and regain a firm stomach after giving birth .

How to get your stomach back after childbirth?

If time is your best friend, a healthy lifestyle and the application of targeted treatments help your stomach firm up after childbirth. Be careful with drastic diets, too rapid weight loss weakens your tissues and accentuates the wrinkled appearance of the stomach. You could also see stretch marks appear.

A healthy and balanced diet

We keep repeating it: a balanced diet is the key! Depriving yourself does not help you regain a firm stomach after pregnancy . Instead, focus on:

  • Proteins found in white meat, eggs and fish
  • Foods rich in vitamins A, B, B6, B8, C and E which help skin cell renewal and collagen production
  • Foods rich in antioxidants: vegetable oils, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains and legumes to reduce abdominal fat and fight constipation
  • Water: drink a lot to promote elimination and drain your body

Did you know ? Breastfeeding requires an additional intake of 500 kcal per day. So remember to eat more calories and respect your nutritional needs.

The resumption of sport

What's better than returning to sport to regain a toned stomach after pregnancy ! Please note: returning to sport is only possible after perineal rehabilitation. Also note that delivery by cesarean section often requires a slightly longer wait to return to sport.

What sport to regain your stomach after childbirth? It doesn't matter, but professionals recommend a smooth recovery. Swimming, pilates, cardio, choose the physical activity where you enjoy it! The key is to burn calories while strengthening your core .

Targeted care

As soon as you give birth, adopt a postpartum beauty routine . Massage your belly with firming creams and oils. Active ingredients that act in depth to tighten your skin tissues and erase imperfections.

Laboratoires Téane unveil a collection of certified organic and totally clean products for post-pregnancy. Targeted treatments to tone your stomach , repair your stretch marks and regain beautiful skin:

  • Our SOS Stretch Marks Balm targets recent stretch marks, reduces and repairs them
  • Our Fresh Firming Milk , voted number 1 firming product, strengthens collagen production and deeply hydrates. Result: smoother and firmer skin
Product 1

SOS Stretch Mark Balm


Product 2

Fresh Firming Milk


A postpartum collection with products with proven effectiveness and easy to apply. Because we know that it is sometimes difficult to find a little time for yourself in this busy daily life of a young mother! To find a flat and firm stomach , give yourself time and be lenient towards this body: it gave birth to your child.

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