How can stretch marks be prevented during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life, sometimes marred by physical inconveniences such as nausea, fatigue and skin problems such as the appearance of stretch marks . Bodily changes, sometimes difficult to live with, particularly concerning the appearance of these little streaks so feared by future mothers. Rest assured, there are many ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy: a healthy lifestyle and targeted care are good allies ! Discover our advice and our anti-stretch mark collection to live your pregnancy peacefully.

What are stretch marks?

To take better action on stretch marks, you must first understand their causes. Visible in the form of skin streaks, red or purplish at first, they turn white over time. The cause ? Excessive and rapid distension of the skin combined with a deterioration in skin quality caused by hormonal variations.

If the genetic factor plays a certain role, hormonal variations, weight gain, dryness and lack of elasticity increase the risk of the appearance of stretch marks. All of these elements damage collagen and elastin fibers on a daily basis , causing breakdown of skin tissue.

Therefore, your best chance to fight against stretch marks remains prevention by acting on the elasticity of the skin and by acting on the effects of hormonal variations on the quality of the skin. So, from the first weeks of pregnancy , you must adopt a healthy lifestyle and focus on deep hydration.

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What anti-stretch mark routine should you adopt?

Although harmless to your health, stretch marks are nevertheless one of the primary concerns for expectant mothers. Their unsightly side worries many pregnant women, which is why most look for solutions to prevent the appearance of stretch marks . Although there is no miracle recipe, good actions, applied on a daily basis, can effectively prevent the occurrence of stretch marks:

  1. Eat Healthy : A balanced diet is essential to maintain the health of your skin. Choose foods rich in trace elements, vitamins C and E to boost collagen production and improve the elasticity of your skin.
  2. Drink plenty of water to ensure good hydration from the inside
  3. Reduce your stress : excessive stress increases the production of cortisol , a hormone responsible for the deterioration of the quality of your skin and therefore the appearance of stretch marks
  4. Play sports : sports during pregnancy, unless medically contraindicated, helps maintain the tone of your skin. Opt for gentle physical activities like swimming, walking or prenatal yoga
  5. Protect yourself from the sun : the sun is the enemy of beautiful skin, even outside of pregnancy. When pregnant, you must be extra vigilant, because UV rays worsen the appearance of already established stretch marks . So, use a broad-spectrum cream and protect yourself with protective clothing when you go out in the sun!
  6. Massage and moisturize your skin : adopt an anti-stretch mark cream from the start of your pregnancy such as our 1st Stretch Mark Treatment Cream and apply it in circular massages to improve blood circulation and deeply hydrate. Complete with an anti-stretch mark oil like our Soothing Generous Oil to improve skin elasticity.

Good to know: hormonal variations begin at the start of pregnancy and evolve from month to month, like your weight gain. This is why it is imperative to choose anti-stretch mark treatments adapted to your stage of pregnancy , because they do not act in the same way.

Prevention of stretch marks: choosing natural and organic care

If protecting your skin throughout your pregnancy with specific anti-stretch mark treatments is essential, the choice of products used is just as important. No more harmful chemicals for you and your baby , you must focus on natural products. Preferring natural ingredients without endocrine disruptors means choosing healthy and equally effective cosmetics!

Laboratoires Téane design natural and certified organic products to act against the inconveniences of pregnancy with very gentle care. Because the well-being of pregnant women and babies is our priority, we offer targeted and respectful care routines. Discover without further delay our collection of organic anti-stretch mark treatments , rated 100/100 on the Yuka application:

  • Cream 1ᵉʳ Stretch Mark Treatment: rich in Cassia Alata (extract patented by Laboratoires Téane), it acts on disturbances caused by hormonal variations. Effective from the first weeks of pregnancy and even after childbirth, this cream is an essential part of your anti-stretch mark routine.
  • Generous Soothing Oil: in addition to the 1st treatment cream, this treatment contains a synergy of vegetable oils which fight against tightness, itching and improve the elasticity of your skin
  • SOS Stretch Marks Balm: to be applied as a localized treatment, it acts effectively on the appearance of the first stretch marks. Thanks to vitamins and trace elements, this balm has a healing action

Effective cosmetics can be found in our pretty boxes adapted to each stage of your pregnancy: serene pregnancy box, stretch mark prevention/repair box and mother-and-baby box!

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