How to firm up your skin after pregnancy ?

For nine months, the skin on your stomach will stretch to make room for the baby to grow peacefully. However, once the birth is over, the stomach does not deflate immediately! The tissues of the epidermis and dermis as well as weight gain do not disappear overnight, and this is completely normal. Your stomach may then appear damaged, soft and/or wrinkled. To help the skin on your stomach after childbirth to recover little by little from the feat it has just accomplished, you need to give it time!

To guide you on this journey, we give you our tips for firming your stomach after pregnancy and we present our products for the postpartum to regain beautiful skin after childbirth.


  • How does the skin stretch during pregnancy and why?
  • What are some tips for firming up your stomach after pregnancy?
  • Finally, how to reduce recent stretch marks?

How does the skin stretch during pregnancy and why?

Pregnancy is a key stage in a woman's life: her body will achieve the feat of carrying life for nine months and giving birth to a healthy child. As you might imagine, all these bodily and physical efforts are not harmless for the skin! In the first months, the breasts will grow, then the hips will widen. Around the fourth month of pregnancy, the pounds start to set in and it shows! The stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts are clearly larger than usual.

This weight gain is normal, you are creating life and you need reserves for after birth! And yes, during pregnancy, the mother-to-be's body also prepares for breastfeeding. Fats are therefore stored more quickly than usual!

To stretch and make room for the baby, the skin will be put to the test! Elastin and collagen , responsible for stretching the skin, its tone and flexibility, will continue to work to prevent the tissues from cracking. Because if they crack, hello stretch marks! The skin of the stomach will then be damaged.

All these bodily changes (weight gain and tissue stretching) will lead to a loss of tone and firmness on the stomach . The abdominal strap will also take a hit... In short, the skin of the stomach ends up being distended and flabby and the abdominals disappear. The uncool thing? You won't realize it until a few days after giving birth and it can sometimes be hard to accept.

How long does it take for the skin on the stomach to firm up?

It is often said that it takes nine months to do and nine months to undo... And that's the truth! You need to give your body and stomach time to recover from this adventure. Your organs will return to their place little by little and when your perineal rehabilitation is finished, you will be able to get back to sport!

As they say, you have to give time! Going on a drastic diet or depriving yourself will not guarantee you will find a firm stomach more quickly. On the contrary, losing weight too quickly could further weaken your tissues and stretch your skin!

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What are some tips for firming up your stomach after pregnancy?

Don't worry, we have what you need to help you firm up your stomach after pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle, body care, massages, healthy and balanced diet, return to sport and good hydration, everything is detailed below!

Find a firm stomach thanks to a healthy and balanced diet

We keep saying it: good nutrition is the key to everything! To regain a firm stomach after pregnancy , you absolutely must not deprive yourself. Instead, choose foods that will help your skin regain tone and elasticity:

  • proteins, rather white meats, eggs and fish
  • foods rich in vitamins, to improve the quality and resistance of the skin
  • foods rich in antioxidants, such as vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables (yellow and orange in color) and oilseeds (walnuts, almonds, etc.)
  • starchy foods and legumes to get rid of visceral fat (abdominal fat).

Of course, don't forget to drink plenty of water to promote drainage and elimination ! Be aware that constipation can also continue after pregnancy. To short-circuit it, a diet rich in fiber is strongly recommended!

Getting back into sport to firm up your stomach after pregnancy

Nothing better to firm up your stomach than getting back into sport ! Beforehand, it will obviously be necessary to carry out perineal rehabilitation to be 100% calm at the gym. Cardio, swimming, exercises focusing on the abdominal belt, pilates or even cycling, whatever sport you want! The goal is to burn calories and try to lose belly fat. Session after session, you will find abs and wake up your muscles!

Physical activity will also help you limit water and fat retention , promote blood circulation and eliminate cellulite. In short, your stomach will be muscular, toned, sheathed and firmed!

Please note, if you gave birth by cesarean section, the wait to return to sport could be longer.

Massage your stomach to firm it

Another step in the fitness routine: massages! Whether it is a massage at home to find a flat stomach or a draining massage in an institute, massages help the tissues to tighten, promote digestion, blood circulation, transit and therefore elimination. They are also perfect for helping firming and toning active ingredients penetrate the skin . On top of that, a little relaxing time just for yourself is well deserved, right?

Tone your skin with firming treatments

For a toning massage or just to moisturize your skin every day, firming creams or oils are perfect for finding a firmer stomach! Our Organic Firming Milk After Pregnancy tones and restores elasticity to the skin.

The natural active ingredients present in milk are regenerating, toning, remodeling and refreshing! Voted number 1 in firming treatments , it strengthens collagen synthesis and deeply hydrates tissues. The skin of the stomach regains its firmness and tone.

76% of people who tested it found their skin smoother and 70% found their skin firmer! It is the ideal product for massaging your stomach but also your thighs and hips at home.

Finding a flat, firm and toned stomach can take time after pregnancy. So don't be discouraged, the efforts will pay off in the end! Eat healthily while enjoying yourself, play sports, massage your belly daily and above all, be grateful: it carried life!

Finally, how to reduce recent stretch marks?

Stretch marks are visible marks on the skin that affect more than 1 in 2 women during and after pregnancy. They appear on the stomach, hips, chest, upper thighs and even the buttocks. They are the consequence of intense and rapid tension in the skin as well as a hormonal upheaval which has degraded the quality of the skin. Even if they are not painful, they are not very appreciated by a large majority of women.

When they form, stretch marks are red/purple . Then, they will become white/pearly because they will have healed. It is necessary to act with effective solutions as soon as they are still red/purple in color. Once healed, you will unfortunately no longer be able to act on it!

The certified organic SOS Stretch Mark Balm from Laboratoires Téane is the solution to reduce and repair recent stretch marks. Formulated from patented plant extracts, it offers you a reduction of up to 80% in stretch marks. Applied daily in a circular massage twice a day for 2 months, this balm is ideal for regaining beautiful skin!

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