Recovering your post-pregnancy body

Loving your post-pregnancy body... sometimes easier to say than to think! During pregnancy, your skin has undergone a lot of stress: a nice round belly, a generous chest... After giving birth, your body has changed and it is not always so easy to accept your new post-pregnancy body: soft belly, sagging chest, stretch marks on the body... Even if these traces are the memory of a beautiful adventure that is pregnancy, it is sometimes very difficult to appreciate this new body.


  • How to reconnect with your post-pregnancy body?
  • What about stretch marks on the body?

How to get back in touch with your post-pregnancy body?

Let's face it, you don't get your old body back in a snap. You have carried life, carried this little being so dear to you and this is not without consequences on a woman's body.

Tip #1: A healthy and balanced diet to refine your figure

The first crucial step is diet. We can't tell you this enough... but there's nothing better than a healthy, balanced diet. In addition to being better for your health, a good diet shows optimal results. Keep the good habits you had during pregnancy. Eating well after childbirth will help restore your nutritional reserves, keep your energy levels up and help you return to a healthy weight. Forget about dieting and give priority to a varied and balanced diet.

Tip 2: Playing sports for a while after giving birth

After giving birth, you can gradually resume walking. For example, getting some fresh air with your baby will do you a world of good. You can equip yourself with a stroller adapted to your needs and gradually start walking fast, and do some muscle strengthening exercises with the stroller. Before resuming sports, always ask for confirmation from a health professional (doctor, midwife).

Tip #3: Post-pregnancy firming treatments

For moms who don't have enough time to exercise regularly, there are firming creams to give you a little boost. Choose products with active ingredients that will activate the synthesis of collagen fibers and restructure your skin in depth. If you are breastfeeding your baby, choose certified organic products that are compatible with breastfeeding to ensure your safety.

The Fresh Firming Milk contains a complex of active ingredients known for their firming action. The Observatoire des Cosmétiques elected the Lait Frais Raffermissant from Laboratoires Téane number 1 out of 66 firming products tested. In other words, this product is the favorite ally of women who want an effective treatment. In addition, this Fresh Firming Milk is non-greasy: it penetrates very quickly! It is to be applied daily to the whole body. Good news for breastfeeding moms: this product is compatible with breastfeeding.

And for stretch marks on the body?

Moms don't really appreciate stretch marks, even though they are not a health risk! Moreover, once they turn white, stretch marks mark the skin. Therefore, it is better to treat them when they are still colored. Indeed, adapted and natural solutions exist to repair red/purple stretch marks. Baume SOS Vergetures certified organic is the ideal care. This care repairs stretch marks thanks to the presence of innovative and patented plant active ingredients. The results are quickly visible. From the first month of application, you will notice a clear improvement. After 2 months, your stretch marks are reduced by 80%!

Tip #4: Breastfeeding could help you lose calories

Breastfeeding has many virtues, both for babies and for moms. In addition to creating a special bond with your baby, it seems that breastfeeding your baby exclusively and for a long period of time can help moms lose weight. Breastfeeding will therefore accompany weight loss after pregnancy. On average, you will burn about 500 calories per day: not negligible when you know that it takes about 1 hour of cycling to burn 500 calories! In conclusion, you are providing the best nutrition for your baby if you are breastfeeding while losing calories. What more could you ask for?

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