Sex during pregnancy: How will your sex life change?

We assume you are curious to know more about sex during pregnancy ! How will your sex life change during pregnancy ? Is it risky for your baby to have sex during pregnancy? In this article you will find the answers to all your questions about sex during pregnancy and what you should do and what you should not do. Good reading !


  • Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy?
  • Is it dangerous to have sex during pregnancy?
  • Does sex harm the baby during pregnancy?
  • How are changes in sexual desire observed during pregnancy?

Is it possible to have sex during pregnancy?

Some fear that sex during pregnancy could harm the baby and cause miscarriage or premature birth. This is why many future mothers ask themselves: " Can a pregnant woman have sex ?" » We think that you too are asking yourself the question and there is no embarrassment to have!

Scientific studies show that there is no danger of making love with your partner whatever the week of pregnancy if there is of course no health problem or if your doctor does not advise you against it. not. In this regard, your doctor may recommend that you avoid sex in the following situations:

  • Risk of premature birth,
  • vaginal bleeding,
  • leaking amniotic fluid,
  • Premature opening of the cervix,
  • Closure of the cervical space by the placenta,
  • You have had a miscarriage or premature birth in the past.

Pregnancy care

Does sex harm the baby during pregnancy?

One of the most curious questions for you and your spouse in this process is, " How does the baby feel during sex during pregnancy?" »

Have no fear, your baby is protected by the amniotic fluid present in the baby's womb during pregnancy and by the mucoid plug that blocks the cervix. Therefore, having sex in early pregnancy does not harm the baby. During sexual intercourse in the following months, the baby may run out of space in the uterus, so he may kick. Don't worry, this doesn't mean your baby is uncomfortable, it's just a reminder that he is there. Do not deprive yourself of practicing sex during pregnancy!

At the same time, the fact that women have orgasms during their pregnancy leads to an increase in the hormone endorphin. This moment of pleasure improves blood flow to the baby and positively affects its nutrition. Also, your baby will feel a pleasant vibration during orgasm.

How are changes in sexual desire observed during pregnancy?

1st trimester: prepare for sexual aversion!

In general, sexual reluctance is observed during the first 3 months. Hormonal changes in early pregnancy , nausea and fatigue , which will be felt more markedly than at other times during pregnancy, can cause sexual reluctance during pregnancy . In short, this is a temporary situation, you should try not to worry about it.

2nd trimester: The increase in sexual desire begins!

After the first 3 months of pregnancy , that is, during the second trimester, an increase in sexual desire occurs with the acceleration of blood flow to the genitals and breasts. Also, as the body adjusts to pregnancy, the effect of symptoms decreases and the desire to have sex increases during pregnancy .

We also have good news! Speeding up the flow to your genitals makes it easier for you to have an orgasm. Also, some days the pleasure may last longer and you may have stronger orgasms than usual.

3rd trimester: the last three months before birth!

Back pain and weight gain in the later stages of pregnancy can increase sexual reluctance again. Being in the uncomfortable late stages of pregnancy can make it increasingly difficult to adopt sexual positions. This discomfort can lower the libido. This is completely normal.

Of course, it must be remembered that, just as no pregnancies are comparable, no women are identical. On the other hand, maybe during the 1st and 3rd trimesters, you entered a period where you had more sexual desire than ever. Or, during the second trimester, your sexual desire has decreased.

In conclusion, maybe this desire has not increased at all during pregnancy who knows! These states of mind are all normal and temporary. It's also common for your sex drive to change and evolve over the 9 months of your pregnancy . In other words, there is no common rule because each woman is different, learn to listen to your body, your sensations and to share them with the dad. Take advantage of these magical moments during your pregnancy.

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