The bola of pregnancy

Many women, before being pregnant, do not know this long necklace. But the pregnancy bola is much more than a piece of jewelry…Do you see that magnificent pendant that pregnant women wear during their pregnancy and which falls down to the belly? But you don't know what it is or what it can bring to the baby?

The bola: what is it?

A pregnancy bola is a long necklace that is worn up to the belly, close to baby. This little gem has a small particularity. It is formed of a small ball which contains small bells inside. With each movement of the mother, the jewel will emit a nice sound, soft and harmonious, for baby... According to some testimonies, mothers often felt their little move at the tinkling of the bola...

But where does this little gem come from, which is becoming more and more popular with future mothers? The bola originates from Indonesia. Balinese mothers-to-be wore this jewel to protect them from evil spirits. This necklace then spread throughout the world and especially in Europe. The pregnancy bola would also be called "angel decoys". This would bring luck and protection.

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The benefits of bola on babies

It is a fashion jewelry that is becoming more and more popular. It highlights your belly and will be the symbol of your pregnancy. You can even continue to wear it after your pregnancy. And what about baby? No scientific study has directly proven the positive impact of the pregnancy bola on baby. What we do know, however, is that the baby memorizes the sounds heard when he is still in his mother's womb and associates them with emotions.

Once the baby is born, keep the bola close to him, around mom's neck or hung on the bed. Indeed, to calm and soothe him, ringing the bola will remind him of the sweet moments spent in his mother's womb. The bola can also be sewn inside the cuddly toy, to be closer to baby. Be careful that it is well closed, the bola is not a toy!

Our selection of bolas

To keep an unforgettable memory of your pregnancy or to offera nice gift to the future mother , the pregnancy bola is ideal. But not always so easy to make your choice in the face of the multiplicity of these jewels on the market. The pregnancy bola is not just a simple necklace. So you have to choose a bola that suits you. You are still likely to wear it for 9 months. Instead, choose a bola made in France and in real silver to accompany you throughout your pregnancy: silver limits allergies and lasts much better over time.

Téane Laboratories have selected Irréversible Bijoux for its bolas made in France. There is something for every taste ! And if you really don't like any of them, you can create your own jewel by customizing the color of the pendant and also the material of the pendant. You can even add a small pendant that will make your bola unique. The Téane team has its little favourite: the Léa bola that you can find on sale in the pregnancy box !

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