10 ideas for telling dad about the pregnancy

Do you want to announce the pregnancy to the dad because your test is positive? Congratulations to the future parents. Discovering a positive pregnancy test is an emotional and significant moment for any woman who wishes to conceive a child. It is a time when emotions can be intense and varied, ranging from joy to excitement. For many, this represents the start of a whole new chapter in their lives. Regardless of the initial reaction, the news of a pregnancy is an unforgettable, life-changing moment that brings new challenges. It's a milestone that is often shared with a partner or loved one, making finding a positive pregnancy test even more special. You are probably wondering when and how to announce your pregnancy to the future father? In this article, we give you 10 original ideas for announcing your pregnancy to the dad .

When should you announce your pregnancy to your dad?

Whether it's your first or second pregnancy, it's often difficult to keep the secret once you've heard the good news! So, when should you announce your pregnancy to your partner? There is no strict rule for this, as it depends on each couple and each person's personal situation. When and how you want to announce it is up to you.

You can tell him as soon as you discover the result, taking care that the dad is of course the first to know! You can also wait a few days before telling him to prepare a nice surprise announcement (find our announcement ideas below).

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When should you announce your pregnancy to your loved ones?

Declaring your pregnancy to your loved ones should be done when you feel ready and if you feel the need to share it with those around you. Namely, most healthcare professionals recommend waiting at least until the end of the first trimester (around 12 weeks). This is when the risk of miscarriage drops significantly.

However, some people prefer to announce their pregnancy earlier, for personal or medical reasons. Others prefer to wait longer, until the pregnancy is visible or until they feel ready to share this news with those around them.

It's important to take the time to think about the best way to announce your pregnancy and feel comfortable with your decision.

How to announce your pregnancy to your dad in an original way?

There are many original ways to announce a pregnancy to the dad , and the choice will depend on the personalities and tastes of each person. Here are some ad ideas:

1. The personalized box

In a small personalized box, you can place your pregnancy test, small slippers or even a bodysuit with a message written on it “you’re going to be a great dad”, “1+1=3”. "Surprise, you're going to be a dad"...

2. A beautiful declaration of love

Take a pen and write down everything you feel about your partner. Remember all your moments shared together then announce the beautiful news at the end. And watch his reaction. Sometimes it's the little touches that mean the most.

3. Let your child announce the pregnancy to the dad

Ask your child to participate in the news. Put your child on a personalized t-shirt with an inscription “ I'm going to be a big brother ”, “ I'm going to be a big sister” . Let your children get in front of their dad and watch his reaction together!

4. The Whisper challenge

Put headphones on dad's head with musical sound! Announce your pregnancy in person: “ you're going to be a dad! ” Let him take the time to guess your mystery phrase until he understands its meaning.

5. The photo booth!

Take the dad to a photo booth. Take different shots of the two of you. During the photo session and when the counter shows 3,2,1 ... tell him the good news. CLICK! the moment and the reactions are frozen forever. A beautiful photograph to keep throughout your life and to bring out with your children later.

6. Custom object

Order an object that he can use regularly: a coffee cup, socks, scratch cards, a key ring, etc. Then personalize this object with a special inscription “ In 9 months, there will be 3 of us ”, “ Hello dad, I'm arriving in 2023 ", " Baby is coming soon ".

7. The guessing game!

Riddles are a great way to make this announcement both original and unforgettable. Here is an example of a simple riddle to do to the future dad: Make him guess the word " baby " with this riddle: " What rhymes with summer, starts with a "B", and will be in our arms only here for a few months ?" or even guess the sentence " I'm pregnant " with this riddle: " My first is a personal pronoun. My second is in a chimney. My third lasts 365 days. My fourth is like the virgin. My everything will make you happy forever. Who am I ?" : I-AM-HOLY !

8. The souvenir video

Prepare a beautiful video of your memories together: trips, first meetings... In short, make this video a real memory box! You can announce your pregnancy at the very end. The surprise will be immense.

9. Let your pet participate in your pregnancy announcement

Ask your cat or even your dog for help… Get a pair of baby slippers or a sign with the words “ You’re going to be a dad ” and place it right in front of him! You can also tie a little note around his neck and let him head towards his owner.

10. 3 place settings!

When setting the table, place 3 place settings and let them ask you the question “are we expecting someone?”. At that time, tell him the good news “Yes, someone very special, our baby…”.

The announcement to dad doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it suits you and is rich in emotion, that's the main thing. Just enjoy the present moment! Happy announcements to all future mothers! Don't hesitate to tell us by message on Instagram @Laboratoiresteane .

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