How do I choose my baby's care products?

The arrival of your baby is synonymous with joy, but also responsibility. Providing the best for your little one is your priority and that starts with the choice of baby care products . Their fragile skin requires great attention, which is why it is crucial to opt for respectful and non-irritating cosmetics. Exit harmful substances, nature is your ally in taking care of your child ! Faced with the variety of products and the numerous advice promulgated, parents often find themselves helpless. In order to help you in your quest for the ideal baby care product, Laboratoires Téane presents a collection of products for babies and children , 100% natural and certified organic!

Baby care: watch out for substances?

Because your baby's skin is very different from yours, it requires special attention. Sensitive and vulnerable, the skin of infants differs from that of adults :

  • A fragile skin barrier: upper layer of the skin, it protects against external aggressions. Babies' skin barrier is still developing, so less effective at retaining moisture (dry skin) and keeping irritants out (irritation)
  • Thin skin: more permeable to chemicals and UV rays from the sun
  • Sensitivity to irritants: the skin of young children is sensitive to chemicals, perfumes and artificial colors
  • Prone to skin rashes: Babies are prone to skin problems such as rashes (redness, itching) and eczema

Due to these particularities, it is imperative to avoid all harmful substances ! Read labels carefully to choose hypoallergenic products, specially designed for babies lacking:

  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates and derivatives
  • Artificial colors
  • Synthetic perfume
  • Alcohol and essential oils: although natural, these ingredients are not suitable for babies' fragile skin

Are you a fan of homemade baby care products? Many parents are starting to make their own baby care products. An attractive idea combining naturalness and economy. However, this is a process that should be approached with great caution and precaution! Homemade recipes for baby cosmetics can even be dangerous if they are not properly prepared. Document yourself scrupulously and if in doubt, seek advice from a health professional to know the ingredients to use and the combinations to avoid.

Special baby care ranges

The first reflex to adopt when choosing your baby's care product is to select special baby care products . Formulated to meet the specific needs of infants' sensitive and delicate skin, they are generally softer and hydrating.

However, not all baby ranges are equal! To be sure to choose the right treatment, here are several criteria to prioritize:

  1. Cosmetics adapted to the age of your child: check for the presence of the words “from birth”
  2. Without chemical substances
  3. Without perfume
  4. No artificial coloring
  5. Without irritants
  6. Hypoallergenic

Point of attention: wipes, popular with parents for their practicality, are often irritating to babies' skin. Please note that cotton wool and mineral water are just as effective for cleaning your child!

Téane Laboratories only design and develop special cosmetics for children and future mothers . A specificity that allows them to concentrate their efforts on the study of the skin in its most fragile moments. The result is targeted care ranges for babies , children and future mothers, 100% natural and certified organic.

Baby care: go natural

If you had to remember just one criterion to choose your baby care product: natural! Natural baby products provide care made from healthy ingredients and free from petrochemical products.

Today, the dangers of processed and chemical products are proven! It is therefore crucial to look for healthy cosmetics, formulated with gentle ingredients like oils and plants . The key is formulations that nourish and soothe your baby's fragile skin!

Look for organic certifications like “Ecocert” or labels like “Cosmebio” and “Cosmos Organic”: a guarantee of quality for care products that preserve children’s skin health !

Our range of baby care products

natural baby cream

Emollient cream


natural baby wash gel

Cleansing Gentleness


natural baby oil

Multi-care oil


baby product box

Baby care box

€34.40 instead of €49.20


Discover our Baby Care Essentials collection bringing together the 3 essential products for your child's daily routine:

  1. Multi-care oil to wrap the body before bathing and protect the skin from dehydration, also ideal for feeding or massaging your baby
  2. Gentle cleansing to gently cleanse your baby's body and hair without drying the skin
  3. Emollient cream to apply to the face and body to relieve irritation and effectively treat atopic skin problems such as eczema

Our products are designed from a synergy of plants and oils, 100% natural, offering hydration, protection and softness.

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