Is it possible to make stretch marks disappear?

It's well known that getting rid of stretch marks is almost impossible. However, different techniques exist to reduce them by adopting the right gestures and using appropriate care. The best technique aims to use targeted treatments and those as soon as the first stretch marks appear . Indeed, these unsightly streaks evolve in different stages, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to make them “almost” disappear! Here are our simple tips and our targeted treatment: the SOS Stretch Marks Balm from Téane Laboratories to reduce your stretch marks effectively.

What are the different phases of stretch marks?

After checking, are these stretch marks that have just settled on your body? Small streaks, similar to scars, dreaded by women and especially future mothers. If several factors are involved in the occurrence of stretch marks , pregnancy is one of the most favorable periods.

Benign, stretch marks are mostly unsightly and pose real aesthetic concerns for some women. It is therefore natural that many of them seek to make them disappear . In order to effectively treat your stretch marks already installed , it is necessary to know the 2 phases of stretch marks:

  1. Recent stretch marks: they are red or purplish in color and correspond to the inflammatory stage where the stretch marks are said to be “immature”. This is the period when cosmetic treatments to reduce them are the most effective!
  2. Old stretch marks : they are recognizable by their whitish color and indicate that they are “mature” stretch marks in the healing stage. Like a scar, it is then more difficult to see them disappear or fade.

How to remove stretch marks?

Don't get me wrong, it's impossible to completely remove stretch marks! And especially when they are at the scar stage, that is to say white in color. Nevertheless, there are cosmetic treatments and aesthetic techniques to effectively reduce colored stretch marks.

  • Cosmetic treatments : this involves daily use of cosmetics specially designed to act in depth by working on the regeneration and elasticity of the skin . To do this, apply a specific stretch mark repair balm every day, massaging the affected areas lightly. This method remains effective on immature red or purplish stretch marks . But, it has a very limited action on mature stretch marks due to their age.
  • Aesthetic techniques : they are especially recommended if you have old stretch marks which are much more difficult to reduce . You will therefore have to turn to more invasive methods such as radiofrequency, peeling or even laser!
In order to help women take care of their skin and reveal their beauty, Laboratoires Téane have developed 100% natural and certified organic targeted anti-stretch mark treatments . A wide range of products to prevent stretch marks with our prevention care and treat stretch marks . An ideal treatment to repair and reduce dark stretch marks thanks to two patented active ingredients, Cassia Alata in synergy with Centella Asiatica, two plants with regenerative properties!

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