How to practice a baby massage?

Baby massage has a beneficial effect that relaxes, promotes its development and increases the feeling of belonging between you and your baby. To obtain this beneficial effect of baby massage , we are going to give you some advice. Prepare your magic hands, all the details are in our article!

We also take this opportunity to introduce you to our Care and Bath Oil , a certified organic oil ideal for a natural massage!

Summary :

  • What are the benefits of baby massage?
  • From what month can we start baby massages?
  • What should you pay attention to before starting a baby massage?
  • How to choose the right massage oil for your baby?
  • Types of baby massage.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

First, the baby massage accelerates blood circulation and breathing. Thus, it helps relieve gas and intestinal pain in babies. It facilitates the digestion of food, accelerates the growth and development of the baby. In addition, it helps relieve constipation and diarrhea problems.

Besides, baby massage helps you to know your baby better and to trust you. Thanks to contact, smiles or the sound of the voice, the baby is reassured. It helps your baby sleep calmly by making him more serene. It reduces crying spells.

Thus, the benefits of baby massage are very multiple for your baby.

Baby massage is also beneficial for parents

Massage is an activity that is very good not only for your baby but also for you. You wonder why ?

Thanks to the hormone oxytocin , also called the hormone of happiness, which you secrete during the massage, you can fight the effects of postpartum depression more strongly. In addition, your body relaxes and you can breastfeed your baby more easily.

Of course, baby massage strengthens the emotional bond between you and him. You know that the first condition for a smooth connection between mother and baby is through contact and touch.

From what month can we start the baby massage?

You can start baby massage from birth. If he is premature or has any health issues, please refer to a healthcare professional.

Then a period of 10 minutes is sufficient for a massage of the newborn. After 6 months, this period can be up to 20 minutes.

What should be paid attention to before starting the baby massage?

  • If there is an infection on the skin, you should not do the massage as this will speed up the spread.
  • If there are sores or infections on your hands , massaging your baby is not recommended.
  • Make sure your baby is well fed before you start the massage. An hour and a half after feeding your little one is the perfect time.
  • Before starting the massage, you need to make sure that the environment is at an adequate temperature .
  • You can perform the massage by laying your baby on your lap or on a blanket on the changing table.

How to choose the right massage oil for your baby?

First, as with other newborn systems, the skin is not yet fully developed at birth and continues to develop during the first years of life. Some skin structures, such as sweat glands and the top layer of skin, which we call the epidermis, are not yet fully formed . Before using skin care products, we need to understand the following differences:

  • The skin barrier of infants and children is not fully developed and the risk of developing toxicity, contact dermatitis and allergies is very high.
  • Its water and moisture protection function is different from that of adults. However, the upper layer of the epidermis that retains water is 30% thinner than that of adults . Their skin can absorb water faster, but it loses it much faster .

When choosing baby skin care products, it is very important to check the ingredients . Choose products that do not contain petrochemical-based chemicals, such as parabens or silicones, or dyes . For these reasons, it is very important to choose products that are formulated especially for babies' skin and that have an ORGANIC certification .

Discover the DERMABébé range

The Care and Bath Oil from the DermaBébé range is certified organic . It deeply moisturizes and nourishes baby's skin . It will soothe your child's skin from the first applications.

massage oil

The natural composition of this oil respects baby's skin barrier . This oil does not contain controversial ingredients and is perfectly suitable from birth.

The texture of this oil is perfect for a baby massage . Combined with massage gestures, this oil will bring a feeling of well-being to the child. This treatment will leave a light protective film on your baby's skin . It will protect and nourish your baby's skin in depth.

Types of baby massage

The magic of relaxation: Back massage for babies

First, lay your baby on his stomach using a soft blanket or orthopedic pillow and prepare him for the massage. Turn your baby's head to the side so he can breathe comfortably. You can use your fingertips to lightly touch his back. Gently pat his back, sweeping your hands up and down. Then, continue the movement starting from the neck, from front to back. While performing the movements, you must be careful not to put pressure on your baby's sensitive spine and waist.

The important thing for health: Foot massage for babies

Since the health of the feet is very important, you need to perform a massage with some practical movements. When the points under the feet are stimulated, positive signals sent to the brain will help your baby relax. You can calm your fussy, constantly crying baby with a foot massage. First, lay your baby on his back on his bed. With one hand, lift his foot in the air, grabbing the back of his ankle. Then, with the thumb of the other hand, lightly press the lower part of the foot and make a circular motion. Finish the massage by moving the toes. Apply to both feet respectively.

Massage to relieve baby gas

In babies who consume milk as their main food, problems such as gas and bloating may occur due to excessive lactose consumption or air leakage due to inadequate breastfeeding. This is because babies who cannot pass gas naturally start crying because of the pain. In this situation, you can help them by massaging them to release gas. In this case, hold your baby face down on the inside of your strong arm and grasp him firmly between the legs. With the other hand, lightly pat his back until the gas escapes. Continue the procedure without shaking or squeezing your baby. You can have a diaper with you in case of vomiting.

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