The benefits of baby massage

Do you know all the benefits of massage for babies ? True tradition in Africa and Asia, baby massage - although having proven itself - still does not find its place in the mores of our society. However, it is thanks to this first contact after childbirth that each mum or dad has the chance to create a new privileged and long-lasting relationship with their newborn...
But why massage her baby? What are the benefits?

In this article, we present to you our Care and Bath Oil, an ideal oil for giving a massage to your baby!

Well-being and parenting

The objective of a massage with your baby is to share a privileged moment with your child. This, of course, by combining well-being and relaxation. The massage of the infant, carried out in good conditions, makes it possible to stimulate the production of oxytocin. A hormone that is also called the hormone of attachment or pleasure. Yes yes, it is this same hormone that allowed mum to soothe her anxieties during pregnancy, to sleep better, and to correctly assimilate nutrients for the baby's proper development when he was in her womb. It is also this hormone that helps mom in her uterine contractions to be in a euphoric state to help her deliver the baby.

Oxytocin is then from conception until the birth of baby in full action!

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Moment of sharing with baby during a massage

The exchange by touch is the first mode of communication that can be developed with baby and shows him that his parents are listening to his behavior.

But the relational aspect is not the only advantage of this practice. Infant massage also contributes to the proper development and well-being of the child.

Physical benefits

Sleep improvement

One of the first signs of the physical benefits of infant massage is sleep. During the massage, the baby's body secretes a higher rate of melatonin. Otherwise known as the sleep hormone, melatonin allows babies to regulate their biological clock, and find their sleep rhythm... something that also improves the quality of mum and dad's nights more quickly!

In addition, baby is more relaxed, serene and therefore will feel less stress and frustration. After the massage, baby feels calmer and calmer

Soothe everyday ailments

Did you know that according to a study by the Hyman PE in 2006 "50-90% of infants aged 2-4 months" have digestive problems? The massage on the baby's belly promotes intestinal transit. Indeed, it then helps to soothe baby's ailments such as constipation, gas or colic.

Baby massage also improves the physical development of the child. It allows baby to discover his body and develop his positions from the fetal, to the sitting position, then standing.

It should be noted that the massage allows the oxygenation of the tissues and muscles since it loosens them. Baby's muscle tension is relieved. Also, it promotes the transport of oxygen and the maintenance of body temperature thanks to the movements carried out which help blood circulation.

body awareness

Becoming aware of your body, of your movements, is called kinesthesia, and that's exactly what happens to babies during massages!

Baby's receptors send a message to the brain “and oh, you can feel your little feet moving there!! ". Baby will then gradually become aware of his physical presence in the world around him. His motor qualities are increased tenfold; little by little he improves his agility, coordination and balance.

There are several types of massage to practice baby massage .

Relieve itching and nourish the skin with baby massage

Despite the beautiful expression "soft as baby's skin", baby's skin is above all very fragile and requires a lot of attention! Easily confronted with external aggressions, baby's skin lets too much water evaporate. It then dries up quickly. On average, 60% of infants in France have dry skin and 20% develop atopic dermatitis. Baby's fragile skin can become a real burden in its life when it lets patches of eczema, redness, pimples, cradle cap, etc. set in.

This is where the massage comes in!

By regularly massaging the Care and Bath Oil from the DERMABébé range, baby's skin barrier is repaired, redness disappears and skin hydration is optimized.

Organic baby massage oil

Baby in addition to having fun with mom or dad finds a soothed and nourished skin.

This oil is certified organic and contains 100% ingredients of natural origin.

Clinical results of DERMABébé care and bath oil from Téane Laboratories after 28 days of application:

- Soothes feelings of discomfort 90%
- Long-lasting hydration + 63%
- Reduction of eczema plaques 75%

The other benefits of baby massage

Baby massage also has other benefits such as:
- Reduces certain pains such as teething
- massage is beneficial for weight gain
- Stimulate the immune system and the nervous system

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