Eczema on baby's back: causes and solutions

Atopic eczema in infants is the most common eczema and often appears in the first weeks of life. This skin disease, although benign, affects between 15 and 20% of babies. A source of discomfort, inflammation of the skin must absolutely be treated in order to relieve the baby through appropriate daily care.

Discover our advice and our essential products to prevent and soothe eczema on baby's face and body.

Recognizing back eczema in babies

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that progresses in outbreaks. There are many warning signs that indicate the presence of atopic back eczema as the itching, red patches and dryness of the skin are intense and can even lead to oozing. Baby's skin barrier no longer plays its role in coping with environmental aggressions and reacts accordingly. Although the patches may initially be small and faintly colored, baby can make the situation worse by scratching and cause serious lesions. These can quickly develop into oozing wounds similar to edema, and turn into a crust.

The signs of an eczema flare-up should alert you in the event of persistent symptoms and should be diagnosed by a healthcare professional.

What causes eczema on the back of infants?

While all babies are likely to be affected by eczema , several factors can predispose the infant to this condition:

  • Genetics : there is a hereditary factor because The risk of atopic eczema in infants increases when one of the two parents is subject to this disease. 70% of affected children have someone in their family who also has atopic conditions.
  • Psychological (stress, emotional shock): psychology is not a direct factor but can promote the onset of an eczema flare-up
  • Environmental : friction, irritants and other external aggressions on the skin of the back can promote the appearance of atopy since the barrier function of baby's skin is altered
  • Hygiene : it is obvious that a poor lifestyle will impact the baby's sensitive body, both in terms of food and body.

Generally speaking, these factors can lead to the appearance of atopic eczema both on the back and on other parts of the baby's body: cheeks, forehead, chin, thighs, stomach, arms, elbow bend, etc.

Solutions to prevent and treat baby back eczema

Babies' deficient skin barrier needs to be soothed, treated, restored and strengthened over the long term. This is why the daily use of natural and gentle care is essential to avoid damaging the child's skin for even longer. The use of creams and treatments suitable for dry skin with atopic tendency is important.

Discover the Dermabébé range from Laboratoires Téane, bringing together everyday essentials for babies' dry, atopic-prone skin:

  • Wash with our Douceur Lavante : a cleansing gel for hair and body, gentle and respectful of sensitive, dry skin prone to atopic eczema . Without any irritant, this product preserves the hydrolipidic film and prevents skin dryness.
  • Moisturize and soothe with our Emollient Cream : a cream that acts on the causes of atopic eczema by strengthening the skin barrier which has been weakened. This emollient treatment reduces redness and itching through its ability to hydrate, repair and strengthen the skin.
  • Massage and protect with our Multi Care Oil : ideal before and after bathing, this oil softens and protects babies' skin by wrapping them in a protective film. This treatment provides optimal hydration and comfort due to its enrichment with fatty acids which contribute to the restoration of the skin barrier.

Alongside the implementation of a suitable daily care routine, certain actions will be useful to you:

  • Dress baby in a cotton top and bottoms without metal buttons to avoid any irritating contact with their skin that could promote atopic eczema
  • Cut baby's nails short if he scratches a lot so that he does not aggravate his skin lesions
  • Diet : Anti-inflammatory foods are recommended if you have a child prone to eczema (vegetables and fruit, nuts and grains, oily fish, foods rich in probiotics)

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Atopic eczema on the backs of babies can be prevented and treated. Our baby products are designed to soothe skin prone to atopic eczema on your child's body while respecting the delicacy of their skin. They are suitable for infants, babies and children and can be used in addition to cortisone (corticosteroid) treatment or cream to soothe skin inflammation and treat severe eczema.

To diagnose this skin condition, consult a healthcare professional such as a dermatologist or pediatrician.

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