Haptonomy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey where every moment counts. Haptonomy, often overlooked, nevertheless offers a unique approach to strengthen the bonds between you, future parents, and your unborn baby . An experience full of emotions aimed at establishing the first relationships with your child. Discover the secrets of haptonomy, an astonishing method of preparation for birth and the perfect combination of Generous oil from Laboratoires Téane .

What is haptonomy?

Haptonomy refers to a method of preparing for childbirth . It emphasizes the emotional communication between the future parents and the fetus. Created by Dr. Frans Veldman in the 1980s, this approach helps build family bonds through a sensory dimension based on touch.

Concretely, haptonomy invites you to establish a connection with your baby through simple gestures, caresses and attentive listening. Its particularity is to be practiced in a “trio” : the future mother, the future father and the future baby.

What are the benefits of haptonomy?

The benefits of haptonomy are multiple, both for future parents and for the growing baby. On the parents' side, this practice establishes a strong relationship with the fetus by developing non-verbal communication . How ? Through contact, touch and speech, future parents gradually build a bond with their future baby. Haptonomy is also a way for the future father to feel invested in this pregnancy.

For the future baby, haptonomy reinforces the feeling of security with better body awareness. It has also been shown that this method promotes good positioning of the baby and facilitates delivery. Indeed, pregnant women practicing haptonomy during their pregnancy have less painful contractions on the day of birth. Moreover, haptonomy is a method very popular with women who choose to give birth without an epidural .

How do the haptonomy sessions take place?

Would you like to know how a haptonomy session takes place? First of all, know that this emotional method is generally practiced from the fourth month of pregnancy: the moment when the mother begins to feel the baby moving . However, it is possible to start haptonomic techniques from the start of pregnancy. If you discover haptonomy later in your pregnancy, don't panic. It is beneficial even at 8 months of pregnancy, but instead of practicing 8 to 9 sessions, you will only follow 2 or 3.

In practice, a haptonomy session lasts between 40 minutes and 1 hour, spaced two to three weeks apart. The healthcare professionals authorized to practice this method are midwives who have completed training in haptonomy. The sessions are also fully reimbursed (8 maximum) in the same way as “classic” childbirth preparation courses.

Building a bond with your baby in utero involves caresses and points of contact on the stomach . The haptonomy professional teaches you different gentle gestures to establish contact. They are similar to light caresses and gentle massages accompanied by your voice. As the sessions progress, you will also discover how to relieve your tension and pregnancy pain. Then, the last step is to work on the pain in preparation for childbirth.

Good to know: Haptonomy is also practiced after your pregnancy . Three weeks to one month after giving birth, haptonomy sessions help promote the parent/child relationship through carrying techniques. It is also a very beneficial method for mothers who gave birth by cesarean section. Haptonomic work aims to remove the physical and psychological tensions often experienced by women.

Haptonomy and pregnancy care: the perfect alliance

Because pregnancy deserves your full attention, it is important to think about your physical well-being. Stretch mark treatments become essential allies from the first weeks .

Our soothing Generous Oil , in addition to accompanying you during your haptonomy sessions, ensures preventive action. It serves as both a perfect base for your massages and for your preventative treatments against stretch marks.

Concerned about the well-being of future mothers, Laboratoires Téane offer a complete range of pregnancy care. Our 100% natural and certified organic oil is specially designed to accompany you on this incredible journey. You discover a synergy of vegetable oils which deeply nourishes your skin, softens and reduces the sensations of itching and tightness.

Pregnancy treatments are truly tender gestures for your skin that harmonize perfectly with haptonomy . Find all our pretty mother-to-be boxes to create a perfect ritual during your pregnancy.  

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