What are the benefits of breast massage during pregnancy?

Breast massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding provides many benefits. The chest is generally the first part of the body in which we feel tension, even before we know we are pregnant. Indeed, under the action of hormones , the breasts gain volume (to prepare for breastfeeding ) and we can even see the nipples change color and size! To limit the potential negative effects due to all these rapid changes, massaging your chest with the right products from the start of pregnancy is essential ! Beyond preventing the appearance of stretch marks, breast massage during pregnancy also helps maintain or regain tone. It is also ideal for relieving the chest in the event of painful milk flow and to facilitate the ejection reflex!

In this article we present to you our certified organic Generous Soothing Oil from our anti-stretch mark range , ideal for massaging your breasts during pregnancy.

How to take care of your breasts during pregnancy?

You are probably aware that the chest is a part of the body that does not have muscles! It is in fact composed of fibrous, glandular and adipose tissues. This composition without muscles makes it very vulnerable to bodily changes (weight gain and loss), so much so that it is not uncommon to see sagging chests in mothers. Indeed, pregnancy is a key moment when the breasts must be pampered! For this, several tips:

  • Remember to take a comfortable bra adapted to your new measurements. Good support is very important for your breasts as well as your shoulders and back, especially if you already have a large chest.
  • Remember to stand up straight and do stretching exercises to stimulate the back muscles
  • Get into the habit of massaging your breasts with an oil to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, ensure good blood circulation and relieve potential itching due to hormonal upheavals.

These few tips, and especially the massages, will allow you to better understand, (re)discover and support your chest with serenity in the changes it is about to experience!

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Breast massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Massaging your breasts, almost all of us have already done it without much conviction by applying moisturizer! However, for pregnant women , breast massage offers many benefits. Softening of the skin, release of tension, breast congestion, stimulation of milk production, etc. To help you get started, we suggest you discover 4 ways to massage your breasts . For each massage, we explain its benefits and how to practice it!

Figure 8 breast massage

The figure 8 massage is very simple! All you have to do is position one of your hands under one of your breasts and make slow movements in the shape of an 8. You will thus pass over one breast, then under it, then over and under the other several times in a row.

This massage is ideal for softening and stimulating breast tissue as well as releasing tension! It is ideal in case of engorgement at the start of breastfeeding, when breast milk replaces colostrum.

Nipple massage

It's the ideal massage in case of engorgement! Breast engorgement is caused by an accumulation of milk in the milk ducts. It often occurs when milk production is more than the baby is suckling or when feedings are skipped. When this happens, the milk can no longer flow. The young mother can quickly have very sore nipples and chest!

To relieve yourself, you can massage yourself using circular movements with a finger on your areola. After a few minutes of massage, your tissues will soften and you will see a small amount of milk come out!


This massage is recommended for all future mothers and women who are not very comfortable with their breasts. In fact, it allows you to tame your chest without touching it too much and to relieve tension in the breasts and nipples.

To perform it, simply start from the bottom of the breasts and go up to the neck, touching the entire chest with your fingertips. If you're really uncomfortable with touching your breasts, it's okay to look away and think about something else!

Breast massage to stimulate milk production

Having a drop in breast milk production is very common and can come from different things. Poor diet, stress, insufficient sleep can be reasons. One of the tips we give to mothers to stimulate milk production is to breastfeed your baby more often and for longer. Unfortunately, this solution can quickly become frustrating for the baby if he cannot breastfeed. It can also discourage the mother!

Well know that you can stimulate breast milk production thanks to breast massage ! You can perform the massages mentioned above or these:

  • Make circular movements with two fingers around your chest
  • Then, make a fist with your hand and roll it from the bottom of the breast towards the nipples

According to some studies, massaging the breasts during breastfeeding also allows the milk to be more homogeneous!

What products for breast massage during pregnancy?

To massage your breasts, you can use our Generous Soothing Anti-Stretch Mark Oil . Its formula is designed to promote the elasticity of the skin , nourish it intensely and reduce feelings of tightness. It should be used throughout pregnancy once or twice a day.

Then, once the birth is over, you will surely feel a need for firmness . In this case, our Firming Milk After Pregnancy will be very useful to you! Its formula composed of natural ingredients tones and firms the skin. It will be ideal for firming your breasts after pregnancy. It's simple, 76% of young mothers who tested it found their skin more toned and 70% found it firmer! In addition, know that this milk is completely compatible with breastfeeding !

What about stretch marks on your chest?

Stretch marks can appear on different areas of the body such as the stomach, hips, buttocks and the chest is no exception! To prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts , we advise you to use the First Care Stretch Mark Cream from the start of pregnancy. Formulated from a patented active ingredient, it protects your body and your breasts from stretch marks . Continue applying this cream to the entire body even after childbirth. In fact, stretch marks can still appear on your body or your chest!

Ouch, have stretch marks appeared on your breasts ? To treat and repair stretch marks on your chest or body, we have the miracle solution: SOS Stretch Marks Balm . It contains natural extracts patented for their effectiveness in tissue repair. Result: -80% reduction in stretch marks! First, apply the SOS Stretch Marks Balm locally to your stretch marks until the product is completely absorbed. Then, use the First Care Stretch Mark Cream all over the body.

Finally, take care of yourself and treat yourself to pleasurable moments during pregnancy and after childbirth. Breast massage is a great example of self-care! Choose the right products, put on music that you love and take the time to massage yourself. You will see, you will thank us in a few years!

To continue reading, we suggest you read the article Red stretch marks: causes and solutions to get rid of them . Good reading !

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