Red stretch marks: causes and solutions to get rid of them !

Red stretch marks have appeared and you wonder what causes them? We often associate stretch marks with pregnant women, but they can affect anyone! They are reddish-purple in color when they first appear, but they eventually turn white once they have healed. Today we explain everything about the causes of red stretch marks and we give you some tips to avoid them and reduce their appearance!


  • What are stretch marks in concrete terms?
  • Red stretch marks: the causes
  • Who can have red stretch marks?
  • How to avoid the appearance of new stretch marks on the skin?
  • How to remove red stretch marks?

What are stretch marks in concrete terms?

A stretch mark is a small crack that occurs on the skin in the deep dermis, between the epidermis and the hypodermis. They occur when the elastic fibers, which make up the skin, are very stressed and this by various elements. For example, from a hormonal point of view, if collagen production is impacted, the skin loses its elasticity and is more likely to crack...

Red stretch marks: the causes

So why does the skin crack? Well, red stretch marks have several possible causes!

It can crack following a significant weight gain or loss, but also following a sudden hormonal imbalance, such as during pregnancy or adolescence. As is often the case when it comes to skin and health, genetics also come into play. In other words, if your parents have stretch marks, you are more likely to have them!

Taking certain cortisone-based medications is also a cause of red stretch marks. Indeed, corticoids are known to disrupt the production of collagen and elastin.

Stretch marks are common skin lesions. It is estimated that about 40% of men have them compared to 70% of women. Most of the time, they appear on the chest, thighs, stomach and buttocks. In men, they can also appear on the arms, behind the knees and on the lower back.

When they first appear, stretch marks are often red and purplish, which is called the inflammatory phase. Over time, they become white and eventually lose volume. This is the scarring phase. The good news is that when stretch marks are red or purplish, it is possible to reduce them.

Who can get stretch marks?

Red stretch marks can affect everyone, from adults to teenagers!

As far as women are concerned, several events can favor the appearance of stretch marks

  • pregnancies, especially in young women
  • rapid and significant weight gain (outside of pregnancy and during pregnancy)
  • large babies, which widen the pelvis and pull the skin of the belly
  • after childbirth, with the drop in hormones and the skin regaining its shape.

For both men and women, the most common causes for the appearance of red stretch marks are

  • adolescence and its hormonal upheaval
  • excessive stress
  • Intensive sports and especially weight gain (excessive and rapid stress on the skin's elasticity)
  • significant weight gain or loss.

More rarely, stretch marks can be due to Cushing's syndrome. Excessive corticosteroids in the body disrupt collagen production. As a result, the skin can crack everywhere.

How to avoid the appearance of new stretch marks on the skin?

A healthy lifestyle

There are several solutions to get through stretch marks. Firstly, take care of yourself by promoting a varied and balanced diet. This way, rapid and excessive weight gain is controlled. This way, you benefit from a multitude of nutrients that contribute to the good condition and suppleness of your skin. Some tips for a balanced diet:

  • limit sugary, salty, industrial and overly fatty foods
  • favor seasonal fruits and vegetables (antioxidants)
  • eat foods rich in vitamin E (avocado, hazelnut, rapeseed oil, wheat germ, etc.)
  • eat foods rich in vitamin A (orange fruits and vegetables: carrot, apricot, orange, bell pepper, etc.)
  • add essential fatty acids to all your meals: salmon, herring, sardines, vegetable oils, salad, spinach, cabbage, etc.

Don't forget that a balanced plate is made up of vegetables, proteins and starchy foods! Water should also be drunk throughout the day. It is very useful to help the organs do their job properly!

Anti-stretch mark treatments with proven effectiveness

Secondly, taking care of yourself also means using organic and natural beauty products that are gentler on your skin! The goal is to protect the skin's hydrolipidic film and provide good and true hydration every day.

Finally, to perfect this routine, in times of hormonal changes (adolescence or pregnancy), trust the natural products of Laboratoires Téane! Formulated with natural active ingredients, the products support the skin by improving its elasticity. The 1st Stretch Mark Cream will act on skin dysfunctions caused by hormonal variations. It will protect the elastin fibers and activate the production of collagen to protect the skin from stretch marks. To complete the actions of the cream, the Soothing Generous Oil will improve the elasticity of the skin, bring suppleness and nutrition.

How to remove red stretch marks?

The SOS Stretch Mark Balm from Téane Laboratories

If, despite all your efforts, your skin gives way, you should know that there are effective natural ways to reduce the appearance of red stretch marks!

As soon as they appear, apply the Organic SOS Stretch Mark Repair Balm twice a day, taking the time to massage your skin.

This balm contains 98% of natural ingredients. It is certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio! Inside, we find the patented extract of Cassia Alata and Centella Asiatica. The combination of these two plants offers an infallible action at the level of the regeneration of the cells and the repair of fabrics. The Cassia Alata extract also relieves skin irritations caused by stretch marks. To moisturize the skin as much as possible, ingredients such as argan, avocado and sunflower oils, as well as shea butter are present in the formula!

With two applications per day on purplish-red stretch marks as soon as they appear, and for two months, you will see their color become less vivid. The figures speak for themselves: 100% of those who tried it found the color of their stretch marks to be less red and 83% of them found them to be faded!
Initially formulated for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, this balm can actually be used on all skin types. Indeed, the mechanism of stretch marks remains the same whether you are a man, a woman, an adult or a teenager!

To complete the actions of the SOS Stretch Mark Balm

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