Pregnancy advice month by month: 4 months of pregnancy

There you go... the 4 months of pregnancy are already here! You are just coming out of your first trimester of pregnancy and entering your second! It is during this second trimester that you will have the pleasure of seeing your baby again and above all, of discovering his gender if you wish! Your baby continues to grow and your belly is getting bigger and bigger. The fourth month of pregnancy is between the sixteenth and nineteenth week of amenorrhea (SA) and between the fourteenth and seventeenth week of pregnancy (SG). It also marks your entry into the second trimester of your pregnancy. We also present to you our organic Anti-Stretch Marks 1st Care Cream and our organic Anti-Stretch Mark Soothing Generous Oil to prevent stretch marks. Follow us to find out what are the important events of this month and what changes you will experience!

Summary :

  • Important events at 4 months of pregnancy
  • What bodily changes for the future mother during the 4th month of pregnancy?
  • Your anti-stretch mark routine during the fourth of pregnancy
  • The development of the baby at 4 months of pregnancy

Important events at 4 months of pregnancy

What examinations during the fourth month of pregnancy?


The second mandatory prenatal exam will take place towards the end of your fourth month of pregnancy . It will allow you to check several aspects of your pregnancy to see if everything is going well. The practitioner will focus on:

  • A new test for your immunity to toxoplasmosis
  • Trisomy 21 screening test, if it was not done during the first trimester and if you wish to do it
  • Urinalysis (for sugar and albumin levels)
  • Voltage tap
  • weight gain
  • Listening to the baby's heart
  • Measure the height of your uterus with a seamstress' tape.

This interview is also an opportunity for you to discuss your pregnancy ailments to see if there are solutions to relieve them. Heavy legs, heartburn, constipation, itchy skin,… Don't hesitate to talk about all the subjects that bother you.

You can also talk about your concerns about this new life that will soon begin. Whether it's your first child or not, the arrival of a baby is always an upheaval in your life. Physical and psychological doubts are legitimate and discussing them with a health professional who is used to seeing pregnant women can be useful!

During your fourth month of pregnancy, an oral check- up is fully reimbursed to you! It allows you to detect potential gingivitis, which is quite common during pregnancy, especially if you have tartar. Hormones are turning your whole body upside down, right down to your teeth!

Childbirth preparation sessions

Your first childbirth preparation session also arrives! The opportunity for you to ask your questions in the face of this event which can sometimes be distressing. Preparation for childbirth can be done in a private practice with a midwife or in the hospital where you are registered with a group of pregnant women and a professional.

You will surely hear about birth plans during this session. The birth plan allows future parents to write down their wishes for D-Day. Music, soft lighting, few visits to the room, epidural or not,… It's up to you!

product 4 months pregnant

What bodily changes for the future mother at 4 months of pregnancy?

The months pass and do not look alike, to say the least. At 4 months of pregnancy , your belly begins to round out and your skin feels tighter and tighter. We tell you more about the anti-stretch mark routine at the bottom of this article.

Your nausea and your fatigue disappear little by little, you finally breathe! Heartburn and bloating persist a little longer.

You will also experience the famous pregnancy mask ! Remember to protect your skin as soon as you expose yourself to the sun (summer and winter) to get through it. The pregnancy mask is hyperpigmentation of the skin that can give rise to brown spots around the mouth, above the eyebrows and on the side of the breasts. In fact, nothing serious for the mother. The problem is that if these spots appear, they can reappear with the slightest ray of sunshine throughout your life...

Apart from this pregnancy mask, you will experience what is commonly called “ the glow of the pregnant woman ”. Your skin and its complexion will light up and your hair will be supple, hydrated and more beautiful than ever! Enjoy!

You will also experience rather heavy white discharge . Watch them and at the slightest tingling when you urinate, consult a health specialist. An infection could be very serious at this stage of pregnancy.

Diet during the 4th month of pregnancy

To calm heartburn or bloating, try eating light and in portions . To do this, have several small meals with nutritious foods (proteins, vegetables, starches). Remember to drink plenty of water to aid digestion and limit constipation.

Continue to eat a balanced diet while indulging yourself from time to time. It's not about getting frustrated, but rather about finding a balance that gives you all the nutrients your baby needs to continue growing properly.

Feeling baby for the first time… around 4 months of pregnancy

Around 16-18 SA, the mother-to-be begins to feel her baby move for the first time , what emotions… The baby's first “movements” will be like small bubbles in the belly. At the end of the 4th month of pregnancy, you may be able to feel the first kicks. Let the person who accompanies you during pregnancy benefit from it, it's a moment of pure magic!

And the rest …

The second trimester of pregnancy (between the 4th month of pregnancy and the 6th month) is the best time to prepare for the baby's arrival . Whether it's shopping, preparing the house or her room, do as much as possible during the 2nd trimester.

It's also a good time to take full advantage of your couple through dates, weekend getaways and even trips if you can. Your life will soon change and the first few times you will surely have fewer quiet moments together. If you already have one or more children, start introducing them to the news if you haven't already. Indeed, it is a big change for them too! If you can't find the words, several books will do it just fine for you.

After three months where you were a little tired and nauseous with a low libido, it's back! This is the time to take the opportunity to tell your other half what you want.

Your anti-stretch mark routine during the fourth month of pregnancy

From the fourth month, the pounds will start to settle and the skin will start to pull . To continue to prevent stretch marks , remember to moisturize your skin with specific products. Continue to apply our Organic 1st Anti-Stretch Mark Care Cream in the morning. In the evening you can replace it with Organic Generous Soothing Anti-Stretch Mark Oil . The combination of these two products will allow your skin to be well hydrated and to become more supple . Thus, instead of cracking, the skin will stretch! To optimize the effects of natural active ingredients, take the time to massage your skin until the product is completely absorbed .

If ever the skin has already cracked, don't worry. Use our Organic Stretch Mark Repair SOS Balm as a targeted treatment on stretch marks as soon as they appear. The balm will repair and relieve the skin while reducing the appearance of marks.

The development of the baby at 4 months of pregnancy

After 14 SA, the fetus measures about 14 cm and weighs more than 100g. Although these organs are present, they are not all functional yet.

The baby's nervous system continues to settle and its senses continue to develop. At 4 months pregnant , your baby will begin to feel the caresses you give to your belly . It's time to take the time to massage yourself, and why not ask your partner to do it, a great time for three.

His hearing also kicks in and he begins to hear your heartbeat, your belly gurgles, and all the internal noises your body makes.

In terms of taste, we already know that he can smell them thanks to the amniotic fluid. At 4 months pregnant , your baby will start to differentiate between sweet, salty, sour and bitter . Vary your diet well to get used to all tastes!

Everything is falling into place little by little and at the end of the 4th month of pregnancy, the fetus looks like a baby even if its skin is still very transparent for the moment.

At the end of this month, the fetus reaches 19 cm for 200g !

Consult without delay our article dedicated to the fifth month of pregnancy .

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