Pregnancy advice month by month: 5 months of pregnancy

5 months pregnant ... time flies so fast! And yes, you are entering your fifth month of pregnancy, the one where the second ultrasound takes place and where you can finally know the sex of your baby if you want! The fifth month of pregnancy is between the twentieth and twenty-fourth week of amenorrhea (SA) and the eighteenth and twenty-second week of pregnancy (SG).

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Summary :

  • Important events of the 5th month of pregnancy
  • What body changes for the future mother during the fifth month of pregnancy?
  • Routine against stretch marks during pregnancy
  • The development of the baby during the fifth month of pregnancy

Important events of the 5th month of pregnancy

The fifth month of pregnancy is a rather fulfilling month for future parents: second ultrasound, discovery of the baby's sex, mom in great shape, preparation of the room,... What beautiful moments in anticipation for this month!

What exams to do at 5 months of pregnancy?

It is during this month that you will have your third mandatory prenatal visit (between 20 and 22 SA) as well as your second ultrasound . The practitioner following you will control:

  • Your weight
  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Your fundal height
  • Your cervix with a vaginal examination
  • Your pregnancy symptoms
  • Your tiredness

This is again an opportunity for you to address the subjects that disturb you , whether it is concerning the end of pregnancy, childbirth, the difficulties you are encountering, etc.

The practitioner will take the opportunity to perform the second ultrasound, called " morphology ultrasound ". Your baby will be measured lengthwise and across to check that he is developing well and that he is doing well! Everything his body will be scrutinized and you will have the joy of seeing that he has grown well.His face, hands, feet, arms, everything will be clearly visible during this ultrasound!

If you're lucky, you might be able to see him move on the screen , but nothing is certain, your baby spends a lot of energy growing up, so he spends most of his time sleeping!

The ultrasound will also examine your placenta, the blood exchanges that take place between you and your baby. But also the amount of amniotic fluid you have.

It is also during this appointment that you will have the pleasure of discovering the sex of your baby . The opportunity for you to project yourself even more, to make a choice on the first name and to prepare your room. If you don't want to know, remember to inform the person who echoes you!

Preparing for childbirth

After almost 5 months of pregnancy, you are also starting to think about D-Day. What could be better than attending childbirth preparation classes ? They will allow you to better understand the day of childbirth, before, during and after.

You can do his lessons in a private practice with a midwife or in the hospital where you want to give birth. Health Insurance covers 100% 7 sessions , enjoy!

You can also work with other people: acupuncturist, haptonomy professional, osteopath, yoga teacher, … It's up to you. In any case, you can start doing breathing exercises to relieve your pain. In addition, they will serve you on D-Day!

What bodily changes for the future mother at 5 months of pregnancy?

The fifth month of pregnancy is generally very fulfilling for the mother ! You feel your baby moving, you can talk to him knowing that he hears you, your belly is not too heavy yet, you are not necessarily tired... The dream! Your partner is also delighted to finally be able to feel their future child through their movements. This is also an opportunity for him to talk to her and start building a great relationship .

What body changes at 5 months of pregnancy?

The first kilos continue to settle and your breasts are still a little tight. These two factors can cause ligament pain but also back pain . Although your belly is not very heavy yet, it can be large enough to change your center of gravity... Don't worry, you will soon find a way to move around without being embarrassed! Remember to rest as soon as you need it and continue to practice gentle sports such as walking, yoga or the swimming pool! Also pay attention to your posture when you are seated and if you have heavy or swollen legs, elevate them.

You may also feel short of breath when you get up or after a little physical exertion, and that's completely normal. Don't forget that your body mass and your blood volume have increased ! The increase in your blood volume can lead to minor nose or gum bleeds, heavy legs and varicose veins/haemorrhoids. In case of bothersome symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor so that he can help you relieve them.

Some women may also experience more smelly and heavy sweating than usual, hot flashes, and mild swelling in the hands, feet, and legs.

Contractions at 5 months pregnant

No worries, if you experience small contractions during the fifth month of pregnancy! They are caused by your uterus continuing to stretch to make room for the growing baby. During the contractions, your belly hardens for a few seconds and eventually relaxes. They should not be painful and have no impact on your cervix.

On the other hand, if they are regular, strong and accompanied by bleeding, consult your doctor quickly.

In terms of intimacy, you may also have more abundant vaginal discharge than at the beginning of your pregnancy, they are there to cleanse your body and are neither dangerous for you or for your baby.

Diet during the 5th month of pregnancy

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout your pregnancy to help your organs work for you and your baby, but also to get through urinary tract infections, which are very common during pregnancy. If you feel pain or tingling when you go to the bathroom, see your doctor.

Continue to eat rich, balanced meals to avoid sugar cravings throughout the day. If you are still prone to constipation, increase your fiber intake (fruits, vegetables and cereals).

Routine against stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks , the fear of all future mothers! Weight gain intensifies and the skin begins to scratch and pull… To deeply hydrate it and prevent stretch marks, continue to apply the Organic 1st Anti-Stretch Mark Care Cream in the morning. To improve the elasticity of your skin and reduce feelings of tightness and itching, apply our organic Generous Soothing Anti-Stretch Mark Oil in the evening.

Our organic Stretch Mark Repair SOS Balm is made for you if your skin cracks even before the end of your pregnancy. It contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients , argan oil, avocado, sunflower, shea butter and aloe vera. To repair the skin , our two patented extracts of Cassia Alata and Centella Asiatica.

The development of the baby during the fifth month of pregnancy

Your little one continues to develop and grow, and the least we can say is that it requires a lot of energy. When you don't feel him moving, he's sleeping, and you'll see: he sleeps a lot!

His muscles are starting to get a little stronger , his senses are still kicking in, and his nervous system is working. He even begins to exercise his thinking and his memory ! His auditory system is working well. This is an opportunity to talk to her, make her listen to music and involve your other half even more in the pregnancy.

His skin, which until now was thin and transparent, thickens and no longer reveals his blood vessels. Her hair is starting to grow even though it's still very thin, her nails too. Although those eyes remain closed, her irises are already pigmented .

The more the weeks pass, the more your baby evolves and takes shape. The second ultrasound at 5 months of pregnancy will allow you to see her physical progress and her pretty face. At the end of the fifth month of pregnancy, the fetus measures 26 cm and weighs about 500 g .

To discover the sixth month of pregnancy, read our next article on the 6th month of pregnancy without further delay!

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