Pregnancy advice month by month: 3 months of pregnancy

That's it, you're already 3 months pregnant and you're very happy! Because the third month means that the unpleasant signs are fading. At the end of this third month, your breast pain, stomach pain and nausea will give way to other small inconveniences. The third month of pregnancy is between the ninth and thirteenth week of pregnancy (WS) or the eleventh and fifteenth week of amenorrhea (SA). The end of this month also marks the end of the first trimester!

You should know that the third month of pregnancy is the limit for abortion in France. Abortion is allowed up to twelve weeks of pregnancy (14 weeks of amenorrhea). At 3 months of pregnancy, it is also the right time to announce the wonderful news to your loved ones!

Summary :

  • Important events during the 3rd month of pregnancy
  • 3 months of pregnancy: what body changes for the mother-to-be?
  • Your anti-stretch mark routine during the third month of pregnancy
  • The development of the baby at 3 months of pregnancy

Important events during the 3rd month of pregnancy

What tests should be done during the third month of pregnancy?

As mentioned in our first two sections: the first prenatal visit must be done before the end of the third month of pregnancy! The person who will follow you during your pregnancy will establish a medical interview and a medical examination.

You will also be able to see your baby for the first time if she has an ultrasound machine! The first ultrasound is recommended between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy.

This moment, often very emotional for the parents, allows to :

  • Date the pregnancy thanks to the CCL (Cranio-Caudal Length) which measures the size of the baby from its head to its feet
  • Determine the number of embryos
  • Determine with more precision the date of delivery
  • Check fetal vitality by listening to the baby's heartbeat and watching its movements
  • To detect chromosomal diseases (including trisomy) by measuring the baby's neck, then taking a blood test if there is any doubt
  • Conduct a morphological study of the embryo to see if everything is going well and that the baby has no abnormalities!

The ultrasound can be done externally, with an abdominal probe, or internally, with an endovaginal probe. Avoid putting on cream that day to facilitate the examination.

On the image, you will be able to see your baby for the first time and discern his or her head, limbs and even hear his or her heartbeat.

Don't forget that after this appointment, you will get your pregnancy declaration. You will have to send this document to the CAF (or MSA) and to your health insurance fund so that your rights can be activated!

Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

If you consulted a doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy, even before the first prenatal interview, he/she will probably have prescribed a prescription to check your immunity to toxoplasmosis. If you are immune, good for you! However, if you are not, you will be monitored by regular blood tests to make sure you are not infected. In this case, it is recommended not to eat raw or undercooked meat, to wash your fruits, vegetables and herbs properly and to stay away from the cat litter box!

Also continue to pay attention to listeriosis, we let you go and read our first pregnancy follow-up article..

When to choose your maternity and childcare during pregnancy?

The end of the 3 months of pregnancy concretizes the arrival of the baby since we can start to rule out the risks of miscarriage. It is time to make a choice for the birth of your child. Hospital, clinic, birthing center or home birth, the choice is yours! To give birth at home with a midwife, a hospital must be located about 20 minutes from your home in case of problems.

For childcare, this is also the time to decide. The sooner the better, so you can enjoy the end of your pregnancy and get all the paperwork done!

3 months of pregnancy: what body changes for the mother-to-be?

At the beginning of the month, the little worries of the beginning of pregnancy are still frequent... They will eventually calm down by the end of the third month of pregnancy but they will leave their place to other inconveniences. Remember that all bodies are different. Maybe your friend's belly, who is also in the third month of pregnancy, will come out fine while yours will not. We don't compare ourselves! The important thing is that you and the baby are healthy.

Nausea during the third month of pregnancy

If you are prone to nausea, continue to apply our little tips: drink water in the morning before getting up and, if possible, have breakfast in bed! Also, remember that it will eventually pass. By the end of the first trimester, the hormone made by the embryo (HCG) drops. This is good news because it's the hormone that causes you to feel nauseous!

The body and weight gain at 3 months of pregnancy

Your body during the 3rd month of pregnancy

At the end of the first trimester, your body starts to change and you can no longer hide the roundness of your belly. Your pelvis continues to widen a bit and your breasts are still swollen! It's important to buy underwear that fits you to feel better.

At 3 months of pregnancy, your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit and tends to press on your bladder quite a bit... Hence the regular urges to urinate!

Your uterus is also constantly expanding, so you may feel some pain in your lower abdomen. And yes, these are contractions. Rest assured, these are not labor contractions that will open your cervix! However, you may notice some bleeding. If the bleeding increases and the pain turns into menstrual pain, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Although the risk of miscarriage is decreasing, it is still possible. If it is not a miscarriage, it may be a placental abruption. In this case, the mother-to-be will be put on bed rest for some time.

The inconveniences at 3 months of pregnancy

All this work puts your body to the test and the more the months go by, the more you carry things! Your blood volume increases and the placenta takes up a lot of space. You may experience some shortness of breath and rapid heart rate: remember to rest as soon as you can!

During this 3rd month, some women see a line appear between the pubic bone and the navel: it is the pregnancy line! It is due to the hormonal upheaval that pregnancy brings.

Weight gain: the first little kilo arrives! Weight gain in pregnant women becomes really significant around the 4th/5th month of pregnancy. After that, it will be between 1 and 2 kilos per month.

Sexuality and pregnancy

Sexuality during pregnancy is an important topic that is not often discussed. Although there is no medical contraindication to sexual intercourse during pregnancy, some couples find it difficult to start. It's safe for the pregnancy and the baby!

Hormonal changes in the mother-to-be can slow down her libido during the first trimester. Rest assured, the second trimester is more fulfilling. In any case, don't cut off communication within the couple! You can also try to find other ways to spend intimate time together without pressure.

The changes involved in pregnancy can also upset those around you, especially the person who is with you every day. Being worried does not mean not being happy! Discuss together, ask all your questions, your worries and your doubts. Once things are said, the couple will feel much better and more connected to each other.


When it comes to food, continue to eat balanced, nutrient-rich meals! This month, you will also experience "pregnancy cravings" and be hungry throughout the day. If you need a snack, try eating a piece of fruit or a compote. After all, the goal is not to eat for two! Gaining too much weight too soon can increase your risk of high blood pressure and may not be good for your baby. Eating full meals is a good tip to avoid cravings 2 hours later!

Continue to drink plenty of water: it helps your organs work well. And yes, now they have to work for you, and for your baby! From the 3rd month, the baby drinks amniotic fluid. The more varied your diet, the more tastes and nutrients your baby will discover!

Your anti-stretch mark routine during the third month of pregnancy

All these body changes and especially these hormonal upheavals are conducive to the arrival of stretch marks! To protect your skin and prevent the formation of stretch marks, turn to organic and natural skin care products. The 1st Anti-Stretch Mark Cream from Téane Laboratories meets all the skin needs of pregnant women. This cream moisturizes and prevents the formation of stretch marks thanks to its patented Cassia Alata extract. Applied morning and night during the first trimester, it works wonders!

Baby's development at 3 months of pregnancy

The 3rd month is just as important for the baby: it goes from embryo to fetus! The baby's sex is now differentiated, but be patient, you will find out at the second ultrasound. Your obstetrician (the person who follows you during the pregnancy), can already guess it at the ultrasound but nothing is totally sure. If he or she tells you the news, don't take it for granted, everything can still change!

The baby's body is still developing: his face is taking shape, his forehead is taking shape, his nostrils, lips and eyelids too. Its features resemble those of a real baby, although its head is still a little larger than the rest of its body.

His vocal cords are forming and so is his lung system. Her little body is growing and becoming covered with a fine down that will protect her throughout the pregnancy. His fingers are well individualized and you can even see him sucking his thumb! His tongue and palate are also developing, he is working hard!

The first ultrasound allows you to discover the whole baby, to discover each of its organs and to hear its little heart beating! You will also be able to see it move, which can be surprising because the mother-to-be does not feel it yet in her belly. His first movements are reflex movements, you will have plenty of time to feel him move in a few weeks.

At the end of the third month, baby measures approximately 11 cm for 50g.

Find now our article on the 4th month of pregnancy.

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