Pregnancy advice month by month: 6 months of pregnancy

6 months pregnant...already! That’s it, things are becoming more and more concrete! The sixth month of pregnancy is between the twenty-fifth and twenty-eighth weeks of amenorrhea (SA) and the twenty-third and twenty-sixth week of pregnancy (SG). It also marks the end of the second trimester.

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Summary :

  • Important events of the 6th month of pregnancy
  • What are the body changes for the mother-to-be during the sixth month of pregnancy?
  • The anti-stretch mark routine during the sixth month of pregnancy
  • Your baby's development at 6 months pregnant

Important events of the 6th month of pregnancy

From six months of pregnancy, you may feel more and more stressed and tired. Questions about childbirth and the aftermath keep running through your head and your stomach starts to feel heavier and pull a little. Breathe, everything will be okay!

What exams during the sixth month of pregnancy?

The fourth mandatory prenatal examination will take place during this sixth month of pregnancy . As with every examination, your practitioner will check your weight, your blood pressure, your cervix and prescribe a urine analysis. During this examination, he will pay particular attention to your blood pressure. High blood pressure and symptoms such as headaches or abnormal swelling may be signs of pre-eclampsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure). Vital emergency for you and your baby, you will be taken care of very quickly.

It’s also during this month that you will have your gestational diabetes screening ! It is also called the “O'Sullivan test” and it consists of taking a blood test before and after taking a solution of glucose diluted in water. A moment considered rather unpleasant by women, it is nevertheless very useful! In most cases, the result will be normal but some factors can favor a positive result (pregnancy after 35 years, history of diabetes, BMI greater than 25kg/m2, etc.). In this specific case, you will be referred to a dietitian and you may also be required to take insulin. Rest assured, gestational diabetes disappears after childbirth !

Also take advantage of this moment to ask your doctor for advice on positions that can relieve your back, and yes, your stomach is starting to weigh heavily, and on things to put in place to sleep better.

From the sixth month of pregnancy until twelve days after delivery, all your medical expenses will be reimbursed 100% !

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What are the body changes for the mother-to-be at 6 months of pregnancy?

The sixth month of pregnancy can be trying for future parents ... Stress, preparation for childbirth, questions about education, sometimes moving, broken sleep,... It's a rather tiring month! Continue to communicate well within the couple and stay united, you are about to experience the start of a great adventure that you have every right to apprehend!

What body changes at 6 months of pregnancy?

You've gained between 6 and 8 kilos , and it's not over yet! It is estimated that at 6 months of pregnancy, the uterus is about the size of a watermelon . This weight gain, this waistline which continues to widen and this heavy stomach can weigh on your morale and your mobility. Changing center of gravity, heavy legs and back pain are all things to be aware of.

In terms of weight gain , don't compare yourself to others , each body is different and stores fat differently. Some women only gain weight in their stomach and others all over their body, the main thing is that your baby is doing well and continues to grow!

Your baby continues to grow day by day and faster and faster. To do this, it constantly draws on your iron and oxygen reserves. As a result, you may feel short of breath, have iron deficiencies , and potentially experience dizziness . Consider consulting your doctor if these symptoms become too difficult to bear.

Don't forget to move a little every day and continue to exercise! Swimming, dancing, yoga and walking are very good sports for pregnant women. They allow you to work on breathing, perfect for the big day, and to relieve your back.

The sixth month of pregnancy is also great for future parents because baby moves a lot and responds to your voice ! Don't hesitate to talk to her and involve your other half so that your baby recognizes her once born.

Sing, tell him about your days, read out loud, simply share!

Sleep problems at 6 months pregnant

Insomnia can become common at this stage of pregnancy . Questions, worries, pain and a heavy stomach are all elements that can disrupt sleep. Not to mention that your baby doesn't necessarily have the same sleep schedule as you and that he's moving a lot now... It's difficult to sleep with someone having a party in your belly!

To help you fall asleep, remember to eat light in the evening and avoid stimulants (tea and coffee). You can also try doing some relaxation exercises before going to bed. Meditation, sophrology or yoga should help you fall asleep. If you have the chance, also take a little nap in the afternoon or morning! To prop yourself up correctly in bed and not be bothered by your stomach, think about a nursing pillow ! They are perfect for helping mothers sleep and for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding once baby arrives.

If your sleep problems persist, ask your doctor about homeopathy, but under no circumstances take sleeping pills .

Diet during the 6th month of pregnancy

As we saw above, your baby draws on your iron reserves to continue his growth. So remember to increase your quantities of foods that contain iron:

  • Meat (always well cooked!)
  • Lenses
  • Dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, dried apricots, figs, dates, etc.)
  • Egg yolk
  • Chocolate

Also continue to vary your diet to prepare baby for all the tastes he may experience during his dietary diversification.

Also drink 1.5 liters of water per day to help your organs work for two, or more!

The anti-stretch mark routine during the sixth month of pregnancy

To continue to take care of your skin at 6 months of pregnancy and get through stretch marks , continue to apply the organic Anti-Stretch Mark First Treatment Cream in the morning and the organic Soothing Anti-Stretch Mark Oil in the evening . The combination of the two products will nourish and hydrate the skin but also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The oil is also perfect for soothing tightness in stretched skin . In fact, at 6 months of pregnancy , your belly begins to round out!

Stretch marks very often appear from 6 months of pregnancy. If your skin cracks before the end of pregnancy, use our organic SOS Stretch Mark Repair Balm as soon as stretch marks appear. Thanks to our patented Cassia Alata and Centella Asiatica active ingredients, results are proven and visible very quickly. After 2 months of localized treatment, stretch marks are reduced by -80%.

Your baby's development at 6 months pregnant

Baby continues to grow and with your uterus continuing to expand, he has room to move and he enjoys it! He will alternate between sleep and wakefulness phases and you will feel him moving more and more. It is estimated that it makes between 20 and 60 movements per half hour . He can now raise his arm, put his finger in his mouth, play with his umbilical cord. He may even have hiccups if he aspirates amniotic fluid!

His eyelids open and close and he hears outside sounds ! So don't be surprised if he reacts to the sound of your voices. His lungs continue to develop and he makes his first breathing movements! It grows and evolves at breakneck speed.

Please note that if your baby was born during this sixth month of pregnancy , he would be considered extremely premature . He would be able to live with special care administered in the neonatal intensive care unit.

At the end of the sixth month of pregnancy, the fetus measures approximately 33 cm and weighs almost 1 kilo !

The 7th month is fast approaching? Find out what will happen in our next article.

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