Pregnancy month by month at 7 months of pregnancy

Here you are, 7 months pregnant ... it's time to seriously think about shopping for the baby's arrival if you haven't already done so! The seventh month of pregnancy is between the twenty-ninth and thirty-second weeks of amenorrhea (SA) and the twenty-sixth and twenty-ninth weeks of pregnancy (SG). It also marks your entry into the third trimester , the last before meeting your baby!

In this article, we recommend our two anti-stretch mark products to prevent stretch marks and relieve feelings of tightness.

And if stretch marks have appeared, we will explain how to reduce them with our stretch mark balm .

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Summary :

  • Important events at 7 months of pregnancy
  • What are the bodily changes for the mother-to-be during the seventh month of pregnancy?
  • The anti-stretch mark routine during the seventh month of pregnancy
  • Baby development at 7 months of pregnancy

Important events at 7 months of pregnancy

Your belly continues to grow and the pounds are skyrocketing on the scale! This is completely normal, your baby continues to develop throughout pregnancy. The end of pregnancy is also the time when he gains the most weight, so he needs a lot of nutrients to grow and gain weight properly.

What exams during the seventh month of pregnancy?

The 7th month of pregnancy corresponds to the 5th mandatory prenatal examination . Nothing different from the others, your practitioner will check:

  • Your weight
  • Your blood pressure
  • Perform a urine analysis
  • Your fundal height
  • Your cervix.

He will also schedule with you the appointment for the third and final ultrasound which will take place next month.

Preparing for childbirth

He will undoubtedly talk to you about preparations for childbirth and parenthood . If you haven't started it yet, and want to do so, now is the time to look into it! They are absolutely not obligatory but rather useful for the day of delivery. We explain to you what contractions are, how to manage them, how to push and we introduce you to the first steps in parenthood. This is also the time for you to ask your concerns and questions , all information is welcome!

Each couple decides whether or not to follow them and can carry out their preparation for birth as they wish and with the means that suit them. Haptonomy, sophrology, hypnosis, yoga, etc. Everything is welcome!

Please note that there are 7 childbirth preparation sessions, provided in hospital or by a midwife. They are 100% reimbursed by Health Insurance .

Final arrangements before birth

If you have not yet done so, finalize your child's registration in their future childcare arrangement . Crèche, childminder, nanny at home, micro-crèche, company crèche or even parental crèche, there is no shortage of choice! Take the time to visit them and organize your future days between childcare and work. We all know that transport times are not the things that toddlers prefer. Pay attention to travel times!

Your departure on maternity leave is fast approaching. Remember to keep your colleagues informed of your files to make sure you are not disturbed during your leave!

When to prepare the birth trousseau?

The sooner the better! You can start it at 7 months of pregnancy . You'll see, it's not the easiest thing to do, especially when it's the first child. Buy some comfortable clothes for your baby, especially pajamas and bodysuits. Take a little from birth size but also from 1 month. Baby may be a little bigger than expected and above all, he will continue to grow quite quickly! Buying second-hand clothes is perfect for dressing your baby from birth. To help you, some brands have created sites dedicated to maternity suitcases , remember to take a look so you don't forget anything!

Don't forget to bring comfortable clothes, menstrual pads or panties, creams, books, etc. Everything you might need!

These anti-stretch mark products suitable for the 7th month of pregnancy

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What body changes for the mother-to-be at 7 months of pregnancy?

Your body at 7 months pregnant

Your belly continues to grow and so does your uterus. It also begins to rise towards your diaphragm, which can cause some acid reflux, shortness of breath and a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen . It also takes up more and more space in your stomach and compresses your other organs, you may feel constant discomfort and no longer know how to position yourself to be comfortable. Your sleep is therefore disrupted, fatigue sets in and can begin to weigh on your morale. Do not hesitate to consult in case of excessive discomfort or extreme fatigue, your doctor will be able to reassure you and advise you.

From the 7th month of pregnancy, weight gain is greater . It benefits the baby but also your body which builds up its fat reserves for breastfeeding. You may also feel that your breasts are tightening and becoming heavier , they are creating colostrum , breast milk!

The various ailments of pregnancy: fatigue, contractions...

You can request sick leave if you are exhausted. This is 14 days of leave, in addition to maternity leave, which you can take from time to time to rest. Know that most pregnant women stop working from the 7th month of pregnancy , don't feel guilty if you have to do it too! Take care of yourself and your baby, that's the most important thing.

You may also experience what are called Braxton Hicks contractions . These are mild contractions that prepare the body for childbirth. Your uterus has been training since the start of pregnancy by contracting and it will increase its training at the end of pregnancy! These contractions last no more than thirty seconds and are not supposed to hurt very much. If they ever cause you pain, call the maternity ward or the midwife who will give birth to you.

To relieve your little pregnancy aches, avoid taking too long car journeys . We recommend stopping every two hours, or more if baby is pressing too much on your bladder!

Air travel is possible if you are feeling fit. Remember to consult the “pregnant women” policy of the airline you wish to take. Some refuse women from 30 weeks, others ask for medical certificates.

Your baby continues to draw on your resources to grow and nourish himself. Don't forget to eat complete, balanced meals and drink plenty of water !

Sexual intercourse at the end of pregnancy

Good news, at the end of pregnancy you could experience a boost in sexual energy ! And that’s good since endorphin, the pleasure hormone, is good for the mother but also for the baby. Sexual intercourse is not prohibited at the end of pregnancy . Except in cases of medical contraindications. Your relationships will surely be very different from those you knew before. In fact, your stomach takes up space and your energy is reduced a little! The main thing is to feel good and enjoy this moment of sharing. And don't forget that making love also means massaging, caressing and touching!

The anti-stretch mark routine during the seventh month of pregnancy

Weight gain is very significant in the 7th month of pregnancy. Maybe you feel some stretching or itching sensations? It is more important than ever to continue to protect your skin (chest, hips, stomach, thighs) with natural and specific anti-stretch mark treatments. Our Stretch Mark Prevention Program contains two complementary products. The First Care Stretch Mark Cream will act on skin disorders caused by hormonal variations. It will protect the skin, in particular the elastin fibers and will accelerate the production of collagen. The Generous Soothing Oil, for its part, will bring you a lot of comfort by improving the elasticity of the skin and reducing feelings of tightness.

Your routine for the 7th month of pregnancy:

And if stretch marks have appeared: apply the organic SOS Red Stretch Mark Repair Balm locally twice a day for 2 months. Red/purple in color, they will eventually turn white. So we treat them as quickly as possible!

Baby development at 7 months of pregnancy

For his part, your baby continues to mature. His pulmonary system is almost 100% functional and at the cerebral level, we see the phenomenon of myelination of the nerves taking place. It is a membrane that protects the nerve fibers. This process will last several more years after birth, it is estimated that it ends around the age of 20!

His liver, intestines and kidneys are functional and process the amniotic fluid he swallows throughout the day. This is how your baby shapes his taste, and we already know that he prefers sweet things!

His senses are perfected and he can now differentiate between different phases of light and feel his mother's emotions ! Your baby still moves as much and can even already position his head down. He will also be able to let you know if the position you are in does not suit him, be careful!

The development of his sexual organs is also well underway. The little boys' testicles descend into his bursae and the little girls' stock of oocytes is built up.

He continues to move every day and he may start to feel cramped in your belly, he too wants this long adventure to end! Pay attention to his movements, if you feel that your baby is moving differently or that he no longer moves for a day, go to your maternity ward to check that everything is fine.

Your baby now looks like a real baby and is well proportioned. At the end of the 7th month, he measures almost 40 cm and weighs around 1.5 kg .

To find out everything about the 8th month of pregnancy, do not hesitate to read our article.

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