Third trimester of pregnancy: the last weeks

The third trimester of pregnancy is a crucial period when the future mother and her baby go through the last big changes. It is an exciting phase which announces the last straight line before meeting your child! 3 months rich in emotion that mix impatience and concerns. Indeed, during these last weeks, the future mother can experience certain pregnancy ailments due to the rapid evolution of the baby! What are the key stages of this third trimester and how to take care of yourself before your delivery. Discover in particular the anti-stretch mark routine for the third trimester from Laboratoires Téane. Targeted and natural treatments to live this last period of pregnancy with serenity !

Baby's third trimester milestones

During the third trimester, which begins at the 28th week of pregnancy , various stages mark this important phase:

  1. Accelerated fetal growth : your baby continues to develop very quickly during this third trimester of pregnancy. He gains weight, accumulates fat under his skin to regulate his body temperature after birth, and develops his senses. He now reacts to external stimuli such as sound and light as well as to the voices of his parents . It is also during this period that your baby changes position to move upside down for delivery.
  2. Maturation of your baby's organs : Baby's organs continue to mature throughout the third trimester. Its small lungs are preparing for breathing and its brain is finishing its construction. All of these advancements prepare your baby for an independent life after birth

At the beginning of the 7th month of pregnancy, your baby is about 27 cm tall and weighs about 1,800 kg . His growth has been quite impressive over the last three months since he will weigh between 3 and 4 kg at birth and will measure around 45 to 52 cm!

Future mother: common manifestations and procedures of the third trimester

During the third trimester, several manifestations can be observed in the future mother, and certain steps are essential to guarantee a healthy end of pregnancy :

  • Abdominal pain : it is not uncommon towards the end of the third trimester for the future mother to feel contractions called “Braxton Hicks”: these are irregular uterine contractions that help the uterus to tone up in preparation for childbirth. Weight gain and baby movements can also cause pain in the lower abdomen , pelvis and back!
  • Fatigue and Shortness of Breath : Pregnant women may feel more tired in the third trimester due to the extra load on the body and sleep disturbances. Also, the uterus enlarges and puts pressure on your internal organs, which can cause you to feel short of breath. Rest is therefore essential to limit these physical manifestations
  • Circulatory disorders : many future mothers suffer from circulatory problems, especially at the end of pregnancy. The veins dilate under the influence of progesterone and the pressure exerted on the vena cava. Result: your legs are heavy and swollen. To relieve you, there are compression stockings as well as venotonic treatments!
  • Increase in weight and belly size : weight gain is greater during the last trimester of pregnancy. It is therefore important to maintain a balanced diet and stay active, while respecting the recommendations of your gynecologist or midwife!

To deal with all of these physical problems and ensure that your pregnancy goes smoothly, you must have regular medical monitoring . During the third trimester, prenatal consultations are regular and very important. These visits allow you to monitor your health and that of your baby by controlling the growth of the fetus, your blood pressure and by screening for possible complications.

Moreover, the third trimester marks the time of the last ultrasound , performed between the 32ᵉ and the 34ᵉ week! Called a growth ultrasound, it is generally eagerly awaited by future parents, because it makes it possible to check that everything is going perfectly.

Stretch mark prevention and care

The third trimester of pregnancy is the stage during which the body of the future mother changes the most. It is often at this time that the first stretch marks appear as well as feelings of tightness . An obsession for many pregnant women!

This is why it is essential to take care of your body from the start of your pregnancy and even more during the last weeks. To do this, bet on quality products, without potentially harmful ingredients and specially designed for pregnant women. The real plus is to choose natural and certified organic care like the anti-stretch mark range from Laboratoires Téane ! Then, it's up to you to take the time to take care of yourself by setting up a real well-being routine:

  1. Hydrate regularly with an effective anti-stretch mark treatment : apply our 1ᵉʳ certified organic stretch mark treatment cream daily . This anti-stretch mark cream concentrates natural and patented active ingredients for proven anti-stretch mark effectiveness! Focus on areas prone to stretch marks, such as your stomach, breasts, and hips. The patented Cassia Alata extract protects your skin from the effects of hormonal variations on skin quality.
  2. Massage yourself with oils : Perform gentle massages daily with our Soothing Generous Oil . This gesture to be performed morning and evening promotes blood circulation which improves the elasticity of your skin and helps prevent stretch marks! In addition, it relieves itching and feelings of tightness. You will love it!
  3. Healthy diet and adequate hydration : A balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as good hydration, also contribute to the health of your skin. So stock up on foods rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and essential fatty acids.

The third trimester of pregnancy is a time of great change for the future mother and her baby. You must pay particular attention to your body and your health in order to bring your pregnancy to a successful end and prepare for the arrival of your long-awaited baby !

To all future mothers, happy end of pregnancy.

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