Stretch marks on the belly during pregnancy: prevention and treatment

Stretch marks on the belly during pregnancy are synonymous with anxiety for many future mothers. Although benign, stretch marks represent an aesthetic damage that is sometimes badly experienced. This is why most pregnant women wonder about the care and daily actions to adopt to avoid this skin problem. In order to prevent or reduce stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy , it is important to know the cause and the appropriate care to anticipate their appearance or reduce them. Téane laboratories guide you to take care of your belly during pregnancy with natural treatments such as Stretch Marks Care Cream containing a patented extract to prevent stretch marks, Soothing Generous Oil and SOS Stretch Marks Repair Balm from Téane Laboratories to improve stretch marks. appearance of established stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the consequence of a loss of skin quality (due to hormonal variations) and rapid stretching of the skin leading to skin lesions. Our deep dermis is made up of a multitude of fibers made of collagen and elastin, which gives it resistance and the ability to expand. Hormonal variations have an impact on the quality of the skin: it becomes fragile. And when it is subjected to significant distension, the fibers break, giving way to stretch marks.

During pregnancy, we generally notice stretch marks on the belly and on the breasts, which represent the 2 parts of the body most subject to the extension of the skin. Nevertheless, stretch marks can be observed on the thighs, hips and back. As soon as they appear, stretch marks form small streaks, more or less fine and long. Initially, these skin lesions are in their inflammatory stage and display pink, red or purple colors. Once healed, stretch marks turn white and are more difficult to fade. When the stretch marks are still colored , you can improve their appearance with repairing treatments that help repair the skin. However, it is difficult, if not impossible, to erase them once they turn white. This is why it is essential to act upstream thanks to specific anti-stretch mark cosmetic products to be applied to the stomach , thighs and breasts during pregnancy (and even a few weeks after childbirth due to hormonal changes .

Why is pregnancy the main cause of stretch marks?

50 to 70% of women observe the occurrence of stretch marks during their first pregnancy. Why is this period conducive to this skin problem?

A hormonal upheaval

The main cause of the appearance of stretch marks is due to hormonal changes from the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Indeed, the hormonal upheaval of the pregnant woman is a determining factor in the occurrence of stretch marks. During pregnancy, one hormone is particularly implicated: cortisol. From the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, the cortisol level of the future mother is 50% higher than normal. This steroid hormone, produced by the adrenal glands, is necessary to regulate blood sugar levels, the release of lipids and proteins. However, this increase inhibits the multiplication of fibroblasts, the cells in charge of producing collagen. From there, the increase in cortisol comes to weaken the collagen fibers, therefore the resistance and the elasticity of the skin.

Weight gain

The most obvious cause of stretch marks during pregnancy is of course weight gain. All pregnant women will experience a more or less significant change in weight over a short period. This change of body subjects the skin to constant and intense stretching in different areas:

  • The belly
  • breasts
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Skin dryness

During pregnancy, many women experience a change in the quality of their skin :

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation of the skin of the face, the famous mask of pregnancy
  • Redness and itching
  • Drought

Gold a state of skin dryness and a significant water deficiency can aggravate the risk of occurrence of stretch marks on the stomach and on other parts of the body. It is therefore essential to provide your skin with sufficient hydration with a suitable treatment rich in moisturizing active ingredients.

    Stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy

    Stretch marks on the stomach mainly occur from the sixth month of pregnancy, but can appear from the first months in some women. The peak risk is around the eighth month of pregnancy when the skin is very tight, increasing the risk of fiber breakage. In order to prevent stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy , appropriate care must be applied from the start of pregnancy. Indeed, applying an oil or an anti-stretch mark cream early helps prepare the skin and nourish it. Concretely, during pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman undergoes many changes:

    • Weight gain
    • Significant pressure due to the increase in the placenta, the uterus and the weight of the baby
    • Hormonal disruption
    • Water retention
    • Skin dryness
    All of these changes bring their share of small daily ailments such as the possible appearance of stretch marks on the stomach. The pregnant woman must then adapt her lifestyle and her care to take care of her health and her skin.

    How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach?

    In order to limit the appearance of stretch marks, it is essential to take the right steps from the start of your pregnancy.

    Take care of your body

    This advice helps to prevent the formation of stretch marks, but also to limit other ailments related to pregnancy. Taking care of yourself throughout this period allows you to stay in shape and minimize the small inconveniences of everyday life:

    • Stay hydrated: hydration is essential to avoid skin dryness , itching and water retention. To do this, drink plenty of water and apply moisturizing cosmetic treatments every day.
    • Bet on the right nutrients : include foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B5) in your diet. Important for a healthy body, these nutrients help your skin fight the appearance of stretch marks.
    • Practice moderate physical activity, suitable for pregnancy : practicing sport helps prevent excessive weight gain and plays a role in the quality of your skin. Indeed, sports activity regulates cortisol levels, stimulates veno-lymphatic circulation and improves the elasticity of the dermis.

    An anti-stretch mark routine

    What could be better than establishing a real anti-stretch mark routine from the first weeks of pregnancy. For an effective routine, you must use the right care and the right techniques to improve the hydration and elasticity of your skin:

    • Make gentle scrubs
    • Apply a Generous Soothing Oil from Téane Laboratories
    • Complete with the 1st Stretch Mark Care Cream from Téane Laboratories

    These products are available on our website in the Stretch Mark Prevention category.

    Opt for quality organic care

    Several treatments exist to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy .

    Favoring natural and organic care during this period is essential in order to take care of you and your baby. The chemicals contained in some cosmetics can weaken your skin and pass the placental barrier. It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to the cosmetics you use during your pregnancy. In addition, stretch marks sometimes occur after childbirth . Indeed, during the postpartum period many changes take place in the body of the young mother: Sagging skin, the tension on the elastic fibers suddenly ceases Vitamin and mineral deficiencies (Zinc and trace elements are essential to healing) Hormonal collapse: the postpartum period leads to a hormonal drop that weakens the skin, making it dry, dull and thin.

    In order to reduce stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, Laboratoires Téane have developed a specific treatment to repair the skin and reduce stretch marks:

    • SOS Stretch Marks Balm, certified organic, enriched with Cassia Alata and Centella Asiatica, patented active ingredients. Applied morning and evening, this balm visibly repairs and reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks. A gentle and effective treatment that can also be used during the breastfeeding period.
    • To complete the benefits of this treatment, you can apply Fresh Firming Milk morning and evening after childbirth.

    By combining these different treatments, you increase their effectiveness to effectively reduce stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy.

    These two products are available in the Stretch Mark Repair category of our website.

    Proven effectiveness on stretch marks on the stomach

    The best way to show the effectiveness of Téane natural products is through testimonials from customers convinced by their use. Discover in photo, the appearance of stretch marks before and after treatment with the application for two months of our Balm SOS Stretch Marks.

    before after pregnancy belly stretch marks
    The use of natural and certified organic care from Téane Laboratories, combined with a good diet and appropriate sports activity, helps prevent stretch marks on the stomach during pregnancy. Starting care from the first weeks of pregnancy is the most effective solution to prevent stretch marks from appearing. Even if it is difficult to remove established stretch marks, specific anti-stretch mark treatments clearly improve their aesthetic appearance.

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