Crème émolliente eczéma atopique pour bébé et enfant
Crème émolliente Visage et Corps
Avant après crème eczéma visage
Avant après crème eczéma jambe
Avant après crème eczéma buste
meilleure Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Actifs naturels et bio de la Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Engagement formulation de la Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Routine de soin bébé avec la crème émolliente
code barre crème émolliente laboratoires téane
duo de crème émolliente 150ml
crème émolliente visage et corps 50 ml
duo de crème émolliente 50 ml
Crème émolliente eczéma atopique pour bébé et enfant
Crème émolliente Visage et Corps
Avant après crème eczéma visage
Avant après crème eczéma jambe
Avant après crème eczéma buste
meilleure Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Actifs naturels et bio de la Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Engagement formulation de la Crème émolliente eczéma atopique
Routine de soin bébé avec la crème émolliente
code barre crème émolliente laboratoires téane
duo de crème émolliente 150ml
crème émolliente visage et corps 50 ml
duo de crème émolliente 50 ml

Emollient cream certified organic

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Certified organic Emollient Cream combines naturalness and effectiveness to treat and relieve atopic eczema in babies and children. This cream is formulated from a patented active ingredient with clinically proven effectiveness : Cassia Alata. It hydrates the skin, repairs and strengthens the skin barrier. This cream soothes from the first application by reducing redness and itching .

💪 Proven effectiveness on atopic eczema:
+72% long-lasting hydration
100% soothing sensation
🌼 Contains a patented Cassia Alata extract, a unique active ingredient for atopic skin
👉 Suitable for the face (forehead, cheek, chin) and body (hands, arms, legs, stomach, back...)
🌿 Certified organic products with a minimum of 99% natural origin ingredients, rated 100/100 on Yuka
✅ Expert brand in certified organic care for dry, atopic-prone skin in babies and children

Size Per unit
Format 150 ml*

Atopic eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. It manifests itself by dry, red patches and sensations of discomfort (itching, tingling...). To soothe and treat atopic eczema in the long term, the skin barrier must be restored and strengthened.

More than a moisturizing cream, the Emollient Cream acts on the causes by reinforcing the cutaneous barrier. It contains our flagship ingredient, Cassia Alata extract, which we have patented to treat the cause and relieve skin prone to atopic eczema. This extract participates in the repair of the skin structure and has demonstrated an anti-scratch action. This cream is also enriched with organic shea butter, organic mallow extract and sunflower oil.

Effectiveness of emollient cream:

● +72%* long-lasting hydration
● 100%* soothing sensation
● +30%* restoration of the skin barrier

● Relieves dry skin prone to atopic eczema
● Repairs and strengthens the skin barrier
● Reduces itching, redness, scratching, tingling and dry patches
● Acts as prevention and space out eczematous outbreaks
● Treatment of skin prone to atopic eczema on the cheeks, chin, forehead, arms, hands, stomach, thighs, feet.

*Tests carried out under dermatological control for 28 days on 20 adult volunteers with eczematous-prone skin. BIO-EC Laboratories - Longjumeau

For babies, children and adults suffering from very dry skin prone to atopic eczema
Suitable from birth

Laboratoires Téane discovered a plant in Madagascar: Cassia Alata. After years of Research & Development, Téane Laboratories have patented its active ingredients for its exceptional virtues on dry skin with atopic tendency.

The Emollient Cream dedicated to skin prone to atopic eczema also contains active ingredients with benefits for dry, atopic-prone skin such as:
● Organic shea butter
● Aloe Vera
● Sunflower Oil
● Aquaxyl

Emollient cream certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT
Formula containing 99% ingredients of natural origin
High tolerance formula - hypoallergenic
Without endocrine disruptors (2)
Does not contain alcohol, no essential oils
Perfume of natural origin without allergens (3)
Product made in France

(2) The product is formulated without endocrine disruptors or substances suspected of being so, known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic.
(3) The product does not contain allergens included in the list of 26 allergenic substances in Annex III of Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009.

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How to apply Atopic Eczema Emollient Cream?

Apply the Emollient Cream twice a day , focusing on dry areas or as often as necessary. This cream should be applied daily to prevent further breakouts. You can apply this emollient cream on the face and body .

It can be used in addition to corticosteroid treatment .

For a more effective action to treat eczema, we advise you to add a few drops of Treatment and Bath Oil to the mixture to provide essential fatty acids to the skin.

Dosage: A dab of cream

When: daily application morning and evening

Areas of application of this cream for atopic eczema: Face (cheek, chin, forehead, etc.) and body (hands, thighs, legs, arms, stomach, etc.)

Skin type: all skin types including dry, sensitive skin with a tendency to eczema

For: Infant, baby, child, adult
Also suitable for pregnant women.

Texture : Non-sticky cream

Smell : Light fragrance
Developed for Laboratoires Téane for an allergen-free perfume

Contraindications : do not apply this product to oozing lesions. External use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply it to the eyelids.

On répond à vos questions

In people suffering from dry, atopic-prone skin, the skin does not play its role as a barrier. The skin is therefore very permeable to external elements. The composition of the treatments you apply to the skin must be healthy and natural. But also, it is necessary to apply specific creams acting on baby eczema and child eczema with proven effectiveness. Difficult to find both a natural eczema cream and one that also acts on the skin manifestations of dry skin with atopic tendency (red patches, itching, etc.). After years of Research & Development, Téane Laboratories have developed a cream combining naturalness and effectiveness: the certified organic emollient face & body cream with clinically proven effectiveness! Because yes, babies' skin deserves the best care.

Yes, it is an emollient anti-redness cream and soothes the sensations of scratching and itching and reduces red patches. To optimize the effectiveness of this treatment, apply it daily.

The Cassia Alata extract, patented by Laboratoires Téane, has been the subject of several years of Research & Development. Its effectiveness is clinically proven on:
- Repair of the skin barrier
- Reduction of redness
- Improving the comfort of life of very dry skin prone to atopic eczema by reducing itching

The Certified Organic Emollient Cream has been formulated specifically for sensitive, dry skin prone to atopic eczema. But, it can also be suitable for so-called “normal” skin. All treatments in the DERMABébé range are suitable for all skin types.

No… we preferred to focus on plant active ingredients recognized for their benefits on very dry skin prone to atopic eczema such as our patented cassia alata extract, aloe vera or even shea butter . An eczema ointment based on corticosteroids relieves atopic skin but does not treat the cause and is not, for us, a long-term solution. This emollient anti-itch cream repairs and strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the sensation of scratching and itching. This eczema cream is cortisone-free . It can be supplemented with a cortisone cream if necessary.

Of course ! Atopic dermatitis is associated with genetic predisposition factors. Our DERMABébé range can be used by the whole family. The Emollient Cream is therefore also suitable for eczema in children, adolescents and adults . However, we do not recommend using this emollient treatment on the face as it can be comedogenic. An adult can therefore use this cream on the body (hands, arms, legs, etc.).

Babies suffering from atopic dermatitis are very sensitive to perfumes because they contain allergens. The perfume was developed specifically for Laboratoires Téane. This emollient cream is allergen-free , included in the list of 26 allergenic substances in Annex III of Cosmetic Regulation 1223/200. You will find the same requirements on all the treatments in our baby range. This emollient cream is hypoallergenic .

The cheeks as well as the chin are areas very prone to eczema on the face . The emollient cream is perfectly suited to eczema patches on the cheeks and chin of babies and children. However, you should avoid applying this cream to the eyelids.
This cream can also be used on dry patches prone to eczema
on the arms, hands and legs. The stomach is also an area where you can apply our emollient cream.

Our oils, gels and creams are available on the internet and in some pharmacies without a prescription.

Its ingredients and their benefits

Strengthens and repairs the skin barrier

In traditional medicine, the leaves are used to relieve and treat skin problems such as atopic skin. After years of Research & Development, Téane Laboratories use the active ingredients of this plant. Cassia Alata Extract treats the cause of atopic skin by repairing and strengthening the skin barrier and improving comfort (reduces itching and scratching). This cream is perfectly suited for babies and children prone to atopic eczema.

Hydrates, nourishes and retains water

Aquaxyl improves cell cohesion and facilitates water transport. It helps improve desquamation.

Sunflower oil helps maintain skin hydration by strengthening the skin's hydrolipidic film and retaining water.

Soothes and relieves irritation

Eczema and shea butter go hand in hand. Shea butter works and reduces dry patches. It calms and soothes irritations thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Our emollient cream contains shea butter, a key ingredient for the treatment of atopic eczema.

Aloe vera hydrates, soothes, regenerates the skin, helps reduce inflammation and irritation. Using aloe vera for eczema may cause a mild tightness. Prefer our emollient cream based on aloe vera for effectiveness and pleasant application.

Anti-redness and anti-itch

The patented Cassia Alata extract provides great comfort to the skin by reducing redness and itching. Its properties are very interesting for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.


99% of the total is of natural origin
20% of the total ingredients come from Organic Farming

* Ingredients from Organic Farming
** Processed from organic ingredients

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard available on

LIST inci decrypted

AQUA (WATER): water
CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE: keeps the skin in good condition
GLYCERIN: glycerin
HYDROGENATED OLIVE OIL DECYL ESTERS: Hydrogenated oil, emulsion stabilizer, film former
CETEARYL ALCOHOL: fatty alcohol, softens and softens the skin
HYDROGENATED STARCH HYDROLYSATE: retains water in products
GLYCERYL STEARATE CITRATE: Softens and softens the skin
XYLITYLGLUCOSIDE: retains water in products
CASSIA ALATA LEAF EXTRACT: cassia alata extract
ANHYDROXYLITOL: keeps the skin in good condition
CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE: softens and softens the skin
SORBITAN CAPRYLATE: Emulsifying agent - Promotes the formation of mixtures (water and oil)
BEHENYL ALCOHOL: softens and softens the skin
PERFUME (FRAGRANCE): perfume of natural origin
XANTHAN GUM: viscosity control agent
XYLITOL: Maintains skin in good condition and retains water in products
MALTODEXTRIN: maltodextrin
PROPANEDIOL: Viscosity control agent
BENZOIC ACID: preservative
TOCOPHEROL: Skin care agent, antioxidant properties
PHYTIC ACID: chelating agent and antioxidant
CITRIC ACID: stabilizes the pH of cosmetics

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Alba Parisi

Je ne remet pas en doute les biens faits de cette crème ou de la marque sur une peau sèche ou eczéma léger mais malheureusement ca n’a pas aidé l’eczéma de ma fille ça la même empiré.. peut être est elle allergique à un composant ?
En tout cas je suis déçu car j’espérai que ça la soigne.. c’était mon dernier essaie de crème clean avant de repasser à la cortisone.. malheureusement jusqu’à mtn il n’y a que ça qui la soulage des crise d’eczéma.

Très bonne crème

Rien à dire, bonne creme bébé super bien hydraté. Le seul hic, la contenance pour le prix. Je trouve que ça reste cher mais pour ma fille et sa peau fragile, une bonne composition plus des résultats positifs j'achèteeeee!!

Très bon produit

Je recommande cette crème, je l’utilise depuis plusieurs semaines pour mon bébé de 5 mois qui a la peau très sèche et je vois une nette amélioration avec l’utilisation de cette crème, je m’apprête à commandé un nouveau tube !

Faustine AISSA

Eczéma largement diminue en quelques jours

Kathleen Levieux
Excellent produit

Crème qui a fait des miracles sur la peau de ma fille de 18 mois. Ça va bientôt faire un an que je l’utilise et je ne peux plus m’en passer elle est super. Plus d’eczéma pour ma fille qui en souffrait.