How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Avoiding pregnancy stretch marks... myth or reality? Unsightly scars, reddish when they appear, then pearly, stretch marks affect women on the stomach, breasts, hips and thighs. The risk varies depending on the woman, their skin quality and hereditary factors, but their appearance is increased if weight gain is significant. These different factors lead to distension of the skin which “cracks”. Elastin fibers break in the dermis and collagen fibers become disorganized. In this article, we present to you our Stretch Mark Prevention Program , our two certified organic treatments to prevent pregnancy stretch marks .

More technically, what causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are due to several factors, which are often concomitant during pregnancy: weight gain and hormonal changes. Other aggravating factors are hereditary factors and lack of hydration (this is why it is important to drink a lot and apply specific creams to the skin).

Hormonal changes explain why stretch marks mainly affect pregnant women and women going through puberty. Indeed, hormonal upheavals cause a change in the structure of the skin. We notice a decrease in collagen and elastin, responsible for the loss of elasticity of the skin.

Mechanically, when you gain weight, the skin stretches. If it lacks elasticity, the skin “cracks” when it stretches. The elastic fibers contained in the skin (or the dermis) are not necessarily able to stretch sufficiently, and if the tension is too strong, it will crack. This is where stretch marks appear.

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What can you do to avoid pregnancy stretch marks?

A healthy and balanced diet

It is essential to have a good diet during pregnancy. You must hydrate by drinking plenty of water and eat foods that protect, nourish and repair skin tissues. In particular, choose foods rich in antioxidants (fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.), fatty acids and Omega 3 (fish, eggs, nuts, etc.). But also, foods rich in Vitamin A (carrots, mangoes, etc.) and Vitamin E (broccoli, nuts, avocados, etc.).
To reduce the risks, it is essential to avoid sudden weight gain, which requires excessive stretching of the skin.

Body care to avoid pregnancy stretch marks

You should also think about regular external hydration. But be careful, although necessary, this is not enough.

To avoid pregnancy stretch marks , it is essential to use a cream more specific to stretch marks. These treatments will help cells fight the harm caused by hormonal upheavals. Therefore, applying an anti-stretch mark cream daily like the First Care Stretch Mark Cream is essential. This anti-stretch mark cream not only provides comfort, but acts more deeply, at the heart of the skin cells, disrupted by hormonal variations.

Massages during pregnancy are also recommended because they promote skin elasticity. Combined with an oil suitable for pregnancy , they promote penetration of the product. These treatments increase the elasticity of your skin and thus support its stretching.

Gentle physical activity during my pregnancy

Physical activity during pregnancy is recommended for your health and that of your baby. Regular practice can only have benefits for your body, your skin and your stretch marks. Walking or swimming allows you to both control your weight and tone your body. These two winning mechanisms in your fight against stretch marks.

And if the stretch marks are already there, is it too late?

It is important to act as soon as possible to limit the appearance of scars. If we intervene when they are born, at the stage where they are still red or purple in color, it is possible to treat them with stretch mark repair products. If they are already established and white, only dermatological treatments (LED or laser type) can provide a result.

In any case, don't wait to act, the sooner the better.

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