Questions and answers about atopic eczema

How many babies are affected by eczema?

This is a common disease. Even if there are no very precise figures for the number of patients suffering from atopy in France, it is estimated that 10 to 15% of infants are affected. In certain regions of Europe, up to 30% of infants (between one month and two years) are affected by this disease. These figures are constantly increasing. Differences exist between different countries depending on socio-economic level: a country with a low standard of living will record a higher frequency of this type of disease.

At what age does this manifest itself?

Atopy usually appears in the first year of life, generally around 3 months, sometimes earlier. The itching is often severe and responsible for sleep disturbances. Scratching is not always obvious in very young children and is manifested by equivalent movements (rubbing of the cheeks against sheets and clothes, agitation and wiggling when undressing).

And in children over two years old?

The lesions are more often located in the folds (elbows, back of the knee, neck and under the toes) and in certain “stronghold” areas (hands and wrists, ankles) where they persist chronically and sometimes isolated.

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Does eczema only appear on the face?

The location of the lesions is very specific and depends on age. In infants, it is mainly the face that is affected and mainly the rounded parts of the face that are affected, the forehead, the cheeks, the chin, sparing the center of the face and the nose in particular. The outer side of the arms and thighs is frequently affected. Sometimes, some infants have more diffuse damage that affects almost the entire body surface.

Does eczema depend on the seasons?

Indeed… Seasonal outbreaks occur, most often worsening in autumn and winter; and an improvement during the summer period.

Will my child have eczema all his life?

No, not necessarily… Depending on the children and the seriousness of the case, it can last from several months to several years. There is no predictable age at which atopy disappears. The majority of atopic-prone skin improves during childhood. A small percentage of them may persist into adulthood without knowing why.

What effective treatments to relieve atopic skin?

Studies have shown that Cassia Alata extract has an effect on clinical signs. In fact, it acts on the restoration of the skin barrier by preventing the modification of a protein essential to the skin: fillagrin. This provides a solid skin barrier preventing external aggressors from penetrating. It repairs and also has an anti-inflammatory action. It reduces redness after 28 days, reduces flaking and increases skin hydration.

Why use DERMABébé?

DERMABébé is the only ORGANIC range treating eczematous-prone skin for babies, children and adults. It was designed with a patented active ingredient from Cassia Alata. Studies have shown that Cassia Alata extract has an effect on the clinical signs of atopy thanks to its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action. What is interesting about this extract is also that it can act on the cause of atopy and thus help to space out eczematous episodes. By stimulating fillagrin, an essential protein ensuring the skin's barrier effect, cassia alata will restore the skin barrier. This provides a solid skin barrier preventing external aggressors from penetrating.

A natural range for dry, atopic-prone skin

While we unfortunately discover every day the dangerousness of certain ingredients contained in cosmetics, even though they are formulated for babies, we had to as an ethical and committed brand to guarantee you formulas without ingredients known to be toxic, irritating, allergenic or prone to with doubts and controversy. Thus we guarantee formulas without endocrine disruptors, without parabens, without alcohol, without allergens , without colorants, without mineral oils, without essential oils, without aggressive cleansing agents to adapt to the delicate and sensitive skin of Babies and young children.

What does this range contain?

The DERMABébé range contains three certified organic care and hygiene products to naturally care for dry, sensitive skin with a tendency to atopic eczema.

Find in the range:

- An emollient Face & Body Cream to relieve and treat dry skin prone to atopic eczema, reduce itching sensations and strengthen the skin barrier. It contains a patented extract of Cassia Alata , known for its exceptional virtues for fragile skin.

- A multi-care Oil to protect the skin during bathing, nourish the skin and massage the skin

- A hair & body washing gel to cleanse the scalp, hair and body.

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