Stretch mark repair cream: the effectiveness of targeted treatments

Pregnancy undoubtedly changes a woman's body. Hormonal variations and weight gain draw a new silhouette and sometimes the skin is marked with small streaks. These are the famous stretch marks ! Dreaded by many pregnant women, these unsightly little marks are known to be indelible. However, there are many treatments that can prevent their appearance and reduce their appearance once installed. The key lies in hydration and in the application of targeted treatments such as the SOS stretch mark balm from Téane laboratories. A concentrate of active ingredients specially designed to effectively reduce stretch marks and improve the elasticity of your skin.

How to recognize a stretch mark?

Stretch marks look like small streaks due to a micro-tear in the dermis (the middle layer of the skin). Their appearance follows a bodily change that causes skin tension (pregnancy, rapid growth, weight loss or gain, etc.).

Stretch marks are distinguished according to their stage of appearance:

  1. Red stretch marks : pink, red or purplish in color, they are typical of incipient stretch marks . The dermis subjected to strong distension ruptures and causes inflammation. The blood will then rush to try to heal, which causes this staining. Despite this blood work and increased production of collagen fibers, the body cannot eliminate these lesions on its own. It is at this early stage that stretch marks are best treated by helping healing with anti-stretch mark repair creams .

  2. White stretch marks : these mark the maturation period and reveal well-established stretch marks . In concrete terms, the healing work is complete, resulting in a decrease in blood flow and collagen fibers. The skin then undergoes a depigmentation and the stretch marks whiten little by little. In appearance, white stretch marks are less visible to the eye, but they will be more difficult to fade. However, this does not mean that the treatments are ineffective. Anti-stretch mark treatments reduce the hollowness and refine stretch marks to make them almost invisible.

To recognize stretch marks, there are some characteristic signs:

  • Location : stretch marks appear mainly on the stomach, breasts, buttocks, thighs and arms
  • Appearance : Stretch marks form small streaks (lines) on the skin that are pink, red, purplish or white.
  • Touch : stretch marks cause tearing of the dermis which leaves small hollows very perceptible to the touch .

A restorative cream to reduce stretch marks?

Although harmless, stretch marks worry future mothers and the fairer sex. While many claim the miracle solution, let's be honest, stretch marks never completely disappear. On the other hand, there are very effective anti-stretch mark repair creams that can reduce them enormously and make them almost imperceptible.

Treating stretch marks as soon as they appear is the best way to repair your skin and prevent the appearance of new lesions. The sooner you start treating stretch marks , the more likely you are to reduce them! It is also important to adapt your care. Thus, once the stretch marks have set in, you must turn to treatments specially studied for healing and the production of collagen.

An effective treatment to repair stretch marks

This is why Laboratoires Téane have developed different ranges of anti-stretch mark treatments . The special stretch mark prevention range to use from the start of your pregnancy and the Stretch Mark Repair Program for those already present. You can apply these treatments at the end of pregnancy and after your delivery:

  • Our SOS Stretch Marks Balm : it repairs and reduces your existing stretch marks. A balm easy to apply as soon as stretch marks appear at the end of pregnancy and after giving birth. The effectiveness is proven: up to -80% reduction in stretch marks! Here is a before/after image of a client who used 2 tubes of SOS Stretch Marks Balms morning and evening for more than 2 months.

efficacy stretch mark repair cream

  • Our Fresh Firming Milk : ideal for accentuating the benefits of the SOS Stretch Marks Balm, it also allows you to regain firm and toned skin after childbirth

Find these stretch mark repair treatments on our website.

Our anti-stretch mark repair creams are always guaranteed to be 100% natural and 100% compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nature at the service of your well-being and to take care of your body!

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