Eczema on baby's belly

Eczema on baby's stomach is a source of discomfort. Babies' skin is skin which, despite its peach skin appearance, is fragile skin. The dermis, the thickest layer of the skin, is particularly thin at birth. Eczema affects around 25% of babies in France and 60% of babies suffer from dry skin. Eczema patches can appear on the stomach . This skin disease can also affect the face, body folds, rounded parts of the body, hands, legs. Eczema on the stomach is very uncomfortable because it is itchy. In this article, we also present our range of certified organic care for eczema and a before/after of eczema on baby's stomach .

What is special about babies' skin?

Babies' skin is immature . The sebaceous glands, responsible for producing sweat and sebum, are not yet capable of fulfilling their mission. It is estimated that it takes around 3 years for them to put their protection mechanisms in place. Sometimes you even have to wait 10 years for all of their skin defenses to be fully operational.

The skin can also be affected by very specific events such as diaper rash, cradle cap or even rubbing of diapers.

It is also skin that dries out more easily because it does not produce enough sebum and it also has difficulty regulating its perspiration.

It is also more reactive to the ingredients that we will place on our skin and to external elements. The surface area of ​​the skin , relative to weight, is much greater than that of an adult. The skin surface area/weight ratio is three times higher in a baby than in an adult. As a result, a product applied to a baby is found in a much higher concentration (3 to 7 times more) inside his body. You must therefore be vigilant about the cosmetic ingredients applied to your skin.

There is no UV protection . This protection is therefore a real issue on this baby's skin.

What is eczema?

Atopic eczema is above all a barrier defect . The skin no longer plays its role as a barrier between the outside and the inside. It lets water from the skin evaporate, worsening dry skin. And, penetration of allergens or even external aggressors inside the skin, causing inflammatory reactions. Indeed, there is a more favorable allergic environment in babies and children with this skin anomaly ( food allergy or respiratory allergy). This reaction will appear on the surface of the skin in the form of plaques, redness and itching .

Why does my baby have red patches on his stomach?

Dry patches, redness, itching, oozing are the characteristic manifestations of atopic eczema. This skin disease mainly manifests itself on the face , on the folds and on the rounded parts of the body . But the stomach can also be affected by these skin manifestations. Newborns and babies are mainly affected, but children and adults can also be affected. Due to excessive dry skin complemented by inflammatory reactions, your baby may have red patches on the stomach .

How do I treat eczema on my baby's stomach?

To soothe inflammation on the bust , a healthcare professional usually prescribes cortisone creams. These creams are anti-inflammatories par excellence to relieve stomach eczema . But these are not long-term solutions. They act effectively at the moment but do not act on the cause of the problem: the barrier defect.

The visible skin manifestations on the stomach are the consequence of permeable skin: hydration is not retained and allergens penetrate the skin.

To treat the cause of eczema on the stomach, it is therefore necessary to repair and strengthen the skin barrier.

A range dedicated to the atopic skin of babies and children

Téane Laboratories offer natural and effective solutions to treat eczema on the stomach . But also, all affected areas such as the face, hands, stockings, legs.

Following three years of Research and Development, Laboratoires Téane have patented an extract of Cassia Alata. This plant, discovered in Madagascar, is traditionally used by Malagasy people, traditional healers and midwives to treat and relieve eczema .

The DERMABébé range contains three certified organic products to treat and relieve dry skin prone to atopic eczema.

belly eczema cream

Emollient cream


eczema shower gel

Cleansing Gentleness


baby oil for eczema

Multi-care oil


  • The certified organic Emollient Face & Body Cream : it relieves, hydrates and reduces rolling from the first applications. It repairs and strengthens the skin barrier. This cream is very effective thanks to the patented Cassia Alata extract, aloe vera, shea butter and aquaxyl.
  • Certified organic multi-care oil : this oil provides a lot of nutrition to the skin, leaving it soft and soothed. Applied before bathing, it protects the skin from the irritating and drying effects of water and limescale.
  • Certified organic Cleansing Gentleness : this soap-free cleansing gel is ideal for gently washing the body and hair. It prevents tightness after getting out of the bath thanks to its very gentle formula.

The products are suitable for the atopic skin of infants, babies and children. They can be supplemented with a cream containing corticosteroids.

Discover a before/after of a baby suffering from eczema on the chest and having used our range of products.

before after eczema

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