Massage for pregnant women: benefits and practical advice

Heavy legs, back pain, tight stomach, what if you succumbed to prenatal massage? Massage for pregnant women is an ideal solution to relax, but also to combat certain discomforts due to pregnancy . At Téane laboratories, we know how precious moments of relaxation are, which is why we developed the Generous Soothing Oil from the pregnancy collection . Certified organic and 100% natural, it is a perfect ally for your massage moments! Here is our advice on the techniques and precautions to take before indulging in the pleasure of prenatal massage.

What are the benefits of massage for pregnant women?

Pregnancy brings with it its own set of inconveniences: back pain, stomach pain, heavy legs, stress, etc. It's the perfect time to take care of yourself and relax. And what's better than massage? Beyond its relaxing and anti-stress power, well-being massage for a pregnant woman is also an opportunity to relieve discomfort. 

  • Relief from heavy legs : Pregnancy often leads to a feeling of heavy legs due to fluid retention and poor blood circulation. Thanks to prenatal massage, you improve this circulation, thus reducing swelling and the feeling of heaviness;
  • Reduction of pain : many expectant mothers suffer from back pain, breast and stomach pain during their pregnancy. Massaging helps relieve muscle tension and reduce ligament pain;
  • Soothing itching : another discomfort of pregnancy, the 'itchy' stomach, a consequence of stretching of the skin. By massaging yourself with a suitable oil, you will deeply hydrate your skin and combat tightness;
  • Stress reduction : for pregnant women, massage is especially the perfect opportunity to relax and reduce anxiety. Did you know ? Under the action of massage, the body releases endorphin and oxytocin, the hormones of happiness. The result: an immediate feeling of well-being, a more peaceful birth and better sleep to reduce insomnia.

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How to give a massage to pregnant women?

Prenatal massage requires certain precautions to be followed to ensure the safety and well-being of the mother-to-be.

Massage techniques and positions

Before starting a massage, prepare a calm and comfortable environment. For example, use cushions to prop yourself up and adjust the temperature of the room. The side position is best suited for a massage when you are pregnant , especially when the belly is well rounded. For what ? It helps reduce the pressure in your stomach and help you breathe better!

Our advice: start by massaging the legs with gentle, fluid movements to stimulate circulation. Then move on to the back, massaging gently to relieve tension, then finish on the stomach with circular movements. Scalp massage or foot massage are also areas conducive to relaxation. Breast massage is also very beneficial in cases of pain and heaviness!

Types of massages for a pregnant woman

The perfect type of massage for pregnant women is prenatal massage. It is a gentle technique practiced by professionals in beauty institutes or spas. You can even choose a professional who comes to your home!

Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage are also popular with pregnant women. These are gentle, pregnancy-friendly methods that reduce muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Point of attention: for a successful prenatal massage experience, you must choose an establishment or a professional trained in massage techniques for pregnant women.

Of course, the pregnant woman can also ask someone close to her or massage herself. The important thing is to adopt the right position and listen to your body!

What are the contraindications to prenatal massage?

When to give massages to pregnant women? It is recommended to have a massage between the 4th and 8th month of pregnancy . Although prenatal massage is generally safe, professionals apply the precautionary principle. It is best to wait until the end of the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is greatest unless you have your doctor's approval. This is also true for the last month of pregnancy, where massage can trigger or accentuate contractions!

Certain situations also require precautions. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your midwife or gynecologist. It is important to avoid massages if the pregnant woman has the following problems:

  • Risky pregnancy
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Varicose veins
  • History of miscarriage

If you have a fever or skin infection on the day of the massage, we advise you to postpone. In the same way, if during the prenatal massage, you feel any embarrassment or discomfort, it is important to report it, or even stop the session.

Which oil to choose for a massage during pregnancy?

Using the right oil for massages for pregnant women is important. The oil contributes to the benefits of massage and helps fight against tightness and stretch marks if it is well chosen.

Always choose a certified organic massage oil, without added additives and compatible for pregnant women . Natural vegetable oils are particularly recommended such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. They are excellent for deeply hydrating and preventing stretch marks.

Our Generous Soothing Oil is a synergy of 6 organic vegetable oils, 100% natural and compatible from the first month of pregnancy. It is the perfect treatment to accompany a pregnant woman's oil massage: it facilitates the massage while hydrating the skin. It also acts against itchy stomach and the appearance of stretch marks. A perfect combo to relax while taking care of your skin !

You can also discover our Generous Soothing Oil in a pretty box which brings together the essentials for an anti-stretch mark routine!

FAQ: your questions about massage for pregnant women

Can we massage the belly at the start of pregnancy? 

It is generally recommended to avoid massaging the stomach during the first trimester. Wait until the second trimester of pregnancy or consult your doctor.

How many times a week should you have a massage when you are pregnant? 

One massage per week is enough to benefit from its benefits. However, listen to your body and adjust the frequency as needed. If you have heavy legs, for example, you can massage yourself every evening before going to bed!

Can massages induce labor? 

Prenatal massages are generally safe. However, certain specific techniques can stimulate labor late in pregnancy. Always consult a qualified professional and if in doubt seek advice from your doctor!

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