Allergens in organic baby cosmetics

Allergen is a substance that triggers or promotes an allergic reaction. It is a set of inappropriate or excessive reactions of the body's immune system following contact, infection, ingestion or inhalation of an allergenic substance.

What are the dangers for Baby?

An allergy is not a trivial illness. When one is affected, it can result in very diverse pathological signs such as urticaria, contact eczema, erythema, atopic dermatitis , dermatoses, or even asthma and even, in the most serious cases. , anaphylactic shock.

From birth, baby's skin is fragile and does not have as many immune defenses as an adult. Allergic reactions are therefore common in babies. Even mild skin irritation can be enough to trigger a rash.

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What are the 26 main allergens present in many cosmetic products?

According to Annex III of Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009, there is a legal obligation for all cosmetic manufacturers to list the allergens present in their product on the label.

Here is the list of 26 allergens that you can identify and recognize because they are often at the end of the INCI formula on the packaging. They often come from perfumes or essential oils and can therefore be found in organic cosmetics.

• Alpha-Isomethyl ionone (synthetic)
• Amyl cinnamal (synthetic)
• Amylcinnamyl alcohol (synthetic)
• Anise alcohol (natural or synthetic)
• Benzyl alcohol (natural or synthetic)
• Benzyl benzoate (natural or synthetic)
• Benzyl cinnamate (natural or synthetic)
• Benzyl salicylate (natural or synthetic)
• Butylphenyl methylpropional (synthetic)
• Cinnamal (natural or synthetic)
• Cinnamyl alcohol (natural or synthetic)
• Citral (natural or synthetic)
• Citronellol (natural or synthetic)
• Coumarin (natural or synthetic)
• Eugenol (natural or synthetic)
• Farnesol (natural or synthetic)
• Geraniol (natural or synthetic)
• Hexyl cinnamal (synthetic)
• Hydroxycitronnellal (synthetic)
• Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde (synthetic)
• Isoeugenol (natural or synthetic)
• Limonene (natural or synthetic)
• Linalool (natural or synthetic)
• Methyl 2-octynoate (synthetic)
• Evernia prunastri (natural origin) Evernia furfuracea (natural origin)

Téane's commitment to allergens in baby cosmetics

Allergens are present in compositions based on perfumes, essential oils and nuts.

At Téane we are committed to only using cosmetic ingredients that have been previously validated by an expert toxicologist.

Perfumes containing allergens, essential oils and other allergens are therefore naturally banned from our compositions.

Our specificity? Our cosmetics contain perfume of natural origin with no allergens in the list above.

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