Preparing your maternity suitcase

The big day is coming soon... so it's time to prepare your maternity suitcase and that of your baby. Packing your maternity bag is another important step in preparing to become a mother and meet your baby. The best is to accomplish this task with 2, with your other half to share an accomplice moment. To leave calmly for the maternity ward , it is better to prepare your suitcase in advance, several weeks before the expected date of delivery. So that you don't forget anything, we have prepared a small list with all the essentials.


  • The documents to put in your maternity suitcase
  • Mom's Maternity Suitcase
  • Maternity bag for baby

On average, you will stay 3 to 4 days in the maternity ward after a vaginal delivery and 5 days for a cesarean delivery. It is therefore preferable to prepare your affairs according to this information. Better to have too much than not enough ;)
For it to be well organized, it is best to prepare three suitcases : a small one for the birth, one for your stay and one for the baby.

The documents to put in your maternity suitcase

We advise you to put these documents in the small suitcase provided for the delivery. They will be close to you on D-Day and it will be very easy for you to find them. This non-exhaustive list of documents contains: the maternity registration file, the birth plan, your identity card, your social security card and your mutual insurance. But also the family book if you have one and the blood group card. Finally, don't forget to bring back all the documents relating to the follow-up of your pregnancy! So as not to lose or forget them, make a small binder that you will fill in as your pregnancy progresses.

baby products for the maternity suitcase

Mom's Maternity Suitcase

In terms of clothing:

  • 4/5 comfortable pajamas: prefer clothes that open at the front if you have decided to breastfeed.

  • Bathrobe and/or 1 bathrobe

  • 1 bathrobe and/or 5 towels

  • 1 sweater / 1 cardigan

  • Comfortable and loose clothing

  • 1 pair of slippers

  • 4/5 pairs of socks

  • Sanitary pads, period panties, old panties and/or disposable panties

  • Special breastfeeding bras

  • 1 outing outfit

  • A headband for skin-to-skin contact with your baby

For breastfeeding:

  • 2/3 special breastfeeding bras

  • Nursing pillows

  • absorbent pads

  • Nursing shells

  • 1 treatment for the nipples

  • A pack of 4 special "Breastfeeding" gourmet bars

Other accessories:

  • 2 suitcases just for you

  • Glasses or contact lenses (if you have them)

  • 1 fogger: during childbirth, this could do you good!

  • 1 bag for your dirty laundry

  • Books/magazines

  • Phone + 1 charger

  • Small snacks just in case

  • Some parts for the distributor

In your toiletry bag:

  • 1 shower gel / 1 shampoo / 1 dry shampoo

  • 1 toothpaste / 1 toothbrush

  • Cottons / cotton swabs

  • 1 Hairbrush

  • Makeup to powder your nose a little if you want ;)

  • Its anti-stretch mark cream : we advise you to apply this cream a few days after childbirth because your body undergoes strong hormonal variations.

  • Its repair duo composed of SOS Stretch Marks Balm and Firming Fresh Milk , very important if your skin decides to crack at the last moment. This duo will be essential for you to regain the firmness and tone of your skin after childbirth.

Maternity bag for baby

First of all, you need a large bag that can hold enough products.

In terms of clothing:

  • 6/7 pajamas

  • 5/6 bras

  • 2/3 soft wool vests

  • little slippers

  • 4/5 pairs of socks

  • 6/7 bodysuits

  • 1 sleeping bag

  • 6/7 bibs

  • 1 or 2 cups

  • 5/6 cotton nappies

  • 1 bathrobe

In his care kit:

  • wipes
  • 4/5 hand towel
  • Products for the seat
  • The essential baby care box : certified organic care suitable from the moment your baby is born. This pack contains: 1 dermo-cleansing gel, 1 emollient cream, 1 Massage and Bath Oil.
  • Natural layers and without endocrine disruptors.

Others :

  • A security blanket
  • Pacifiers
  • A bunting nest
  • 1 bath thermometer
  • My First Notebook Téane Laboratories to write down lots of information: height, weight, bottles, feedings...

If you prefer to have a ready-made baby suitcase , we recommend Ma Première Valise which offers complete suitcases with clothes, 100% organic cotton, to have all the baby essentials for the big day.

It's all good ! You are ready to go to the maternity ward and meet your baby.

Beautiful end of pregnancy!

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