Which newborn soap?

The choice of soap for the toilet of the newborn is an important concern for many parents. In order to guarantee the health and well-being of your baby, you must opt ​​for hygiene care adapted to his delicate skin. Avoid petrochemical ingredients and irritating agents by opting for gentle and healthy hygiene care. Téane Laboratories present our products for the newborn's toilet including a soap-free cleansing gel that gently cleanses your infant's skin!

Newborn soap: good or bad idea?

Your newborn's skin has a natural neutral and slightly acidic pH . This helps protect it from bacteria and irritation. Traditional soaps contain alkaline and irritating ingredients:

  • artificial fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Aggressive preservatives
  • Ingredients from petrochemicals
  • Surfactants (the ones that make your soap lather)

A long list of ingredients that disrupt the fragile epidermal balance of infants . Therefore, it is advisable to avoid soap in a newborn at the risk of drying out his skin and damaging his skin barrier. The key is the risk of the appearance of skin problems such as itching, irritation and patches of eczema. This is why the use of a soap-free cleansing gel is crucial to preserve your baby's delicate and fine skin.

What preferred soap to wash your baby?

In order to transform the bath ritual into a real moment of complicity, we recommend choosing a soap-free cleansing gel . A perfect hygiene treatment that does not attack your newborn's delicate skin and respects the natural pH of the epidermis.

When making your choice, you must look carefully at the labels of each product to ensure that the washing product is:

  • Without soap
  • Certified organic
  • Without irritants
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • soothing

Be sure to select products specifically formulated for newborns that have a gentle and safe approach. Above all, do not use shower gels or soaps designed for adult skin, even if the product sells a neutral and hypoallergenic formula. The skin of infants has very specific needs because of its very fragile dermis and permeable to external aggressions!

Cleansing softness: a concentrate of softness

The Téane Laboratories develop their products with the constant commitment to preserve the delicate and atopic skin of toddlers . This is why we have developed our Douceur Lavante . A cleansing gel, formulated without soap, which gently cleanses the skin of newborns and babies. By washing your baby with this certified organic gel, it is the assurance of offering him softness and care:

  • 100% natural
  • Organic Mallow extract which protects and softens the delicate and fine skin of babies
  • Lotus extract with soothing properties
  • Glycerin which hydrates in depth and reduces tightness
  • Mild natural surfactant from coconut

A synergy of natural ingredients that preserve the neutral and fragile pH of newborns, while minimizing the risk of allergic reaction. Moreover, our Douceur Lavante treatment is also suitable for washing the atopic skin of your babies!

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