What are stretch marks?

You are getting ready to live the great adventure of motherhood as an exceptional and unique experience in your life as a woman. And it is not without questioning and sometimes a certain apprehension.
Among the concerns that come to play the spoilsport, stretch marks! Although they are not dangerous for your health or that of your baby, they are mostly feared for their unsightly appearance. Is this subject on your mind? Don't worry, you're not the only one. Stretch marks are the 3rd most important health concern for the French*.

Stretch marks are not inevitable

According to the testimonies of mothers, we regularly read that "if the skin has to crack, it will crack". So stop the preconceived ideas and good news: stretch marks are not a fatality and we have innovative solutions for you.

We will try to answer some of your questions and suggest an adapted and natural routine during your pregnancy.

What is a stretch mark?

Stretch marks are deep lesions of the skin fibers that appear when the skin is subjected to strong tension. In other words, they are scars that create an irregularity of the skin in the affected area. The areas most prone to the appearance of stretch marks are, in women, mainly located on the parts under tension (hips, stomach, breasts, buttocks, armpits...).

Despite popular belief, stretch marks affect all women, whether during adolescence, pregnancy or menopause. It is during pregnancy that the risk of stretch marks appearing is the highest. In fact, more than one out of two women have stretch marks during pregnancy (compared to 25% during adolescence).

Stretch marks appear, in the vast majority of cases, between the 6th and 8th month.

Many mothers think that the appearance of stretch marks is directly related to a lack of skin elasticity. Yes, this is partly true but the process is much more complex than that. If this were the case, simply moisturizing and nourishing your skin would be enough. It would be too good to be true!

How do stretch marks form?

Let's remember the importance and role of the dermis in the formation of stretch marks. It is in this part of the skin that we find the support fibers: collagen and elastin. These cells, present in the dermis of the connective tissue, are essential to maintain a beautiful skin quality because they ensure elasticity and resistance to stretching. These fibers are synthesized by fibroblasts, also present in the dermis. 

"Stretch marks are in fact the consequence of a disturbance in the skin's cellular system.

Hormonal influx

Pregnancy is a period during which a woman is under strong hormonal variations.

This influx of hormones sends a message that the skin cells misinterpret, causing an imbalance between them. With this "chemical" stress, the fibroblasts adapt and are transformed into myofibroblasts, which are muscle cells whose action is fundamental in the skin healing process. In our case, there is no scar to repair! Our fibroblast is dysfunctional and no longer produces collagen and elastin. With these collagen and elastin fibers less present and of lesser quality in the dermis, the structure of the skin becomes totally disorganized and lacks cohesion. The skin becomes fragile and is no longer of sufficient quality to accompany the body changes that occur at the end of pregnancy.

Tissue tension

The skin is therefore weakened by this disorganization caused by this hormonal influx. During pregnancy, your belly becomes rounder, causing mechanical tension of the skin. But the skin's elasticity capacities are quickly exceeded. The collagen and elastin fibers break down and a stretch mark forms. The stretch mark is in fact the consequence of a disruption of the skin's cellular system.

An innovative solution to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

Agnès Ducrocq, founder of Téane Laboratories, discovered in Madagascar a plant with exceptional virtues in the treatment of stretch marks: Cassia Alata. From this discovery, several years of research and scientific tests were necessary to develop a cosmetic active ingredient with proven effectiveness. Happy and proud to have finally found an innovative solution against stretch marks, Agnes filed a first patent in 2010 demonstrating the extraordinary properties of this plant on the prevention (and also on the repair of stretch marks!). You are probably wondering how a plant can act so effectively on stretch marks... In reality, the active ingredients of this plant act on the fibroblast to prevent its dysfunction and thus preserve the synthesis of support fibers that are essential to maintain a beautiful skin quality.

Natural and effective products to prevent stretch marks

Are you looking for the best stretch mark cream? Téane Laboratories have developed a program that includes two complementary products to prevent the appearance of stretch marks by acting on the two causes: a certified organic anti-stretch mark cream and an oil to take care of your skin during pregnancy.    

The 1st Stretch Mark Cream prevents the appearance of stretch marks by acting deep in the dermal tissues thanks to the patented Cassia Alata extract.

The Generous Soothing Oil improves the skin's elasticity and soothes tightness thanks to a complex of 6 plant oils.

"The process of skin degradation starts from the beginning of pregnancy due to hormonal upheaval."

Even if stretch marks very often appear only from the 3rd trimester, the process of skin degradation begins from the beginning of pregnancy due to hormonal upheaval. Therefore, even though no marks are visible on your skin, you should use a preventive treatment from the 1st trimester.

The anti-stretch mark ritual for each trimester

1st trimester: Stretch Marks Cream in the morning and evening.

2nd trimester: The cream in the morning and the generous soothing oil in the evening.

3rd trimester: A dab of cream and a few drops of oil mixed together in the morning and evening.

These treatments should be applied to all areas at risk: stomach, hip, lower back, chest, buttocks and upper thighs.

Stretch mark cream 1 and generous soothing oil are the flagship products of the Stretch Mark Prevention Program.  

Have stretch marks already appeared on your body? We invite you to consult this article on Stretch Mark Repair.

* Source Newpharma study / Barometer 2015: the health concerns of the French 28/01/2016.

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