Original gift for the birth of a baby

Are you looking for an original birth gift because you are invited to a baby shower or do you want to offer a gift to congratulate young parents? You may be struggling to find an original birth gift that will hit the mark! If there is a baby registry, you're in luck. Otherwise, it's time for you to find an original gift! Laboratoires Téane offer you a selection of 12 ethical gifts, both for boys and girls , which will make parents' lives much easier during the first years! All product links are in the article, enjoy reading.

  1. Original and useful birth gift: the baby care box

Nothing better than a gift box already ready to offer for baby. Laboratoires Téane present to you the gift box filled with certified organic baby care. It includes the selection of certified organic products essential for naturally taking care of baby , all packaged in a pretty cotton pouch.

baby gift box

Baby care box

€34.40 instead of €49.20

baby cream

Emollient cream



Emollient Cream is a natural treatment to moisturize, intensely nourish and strengthen baby's skin barrier. This cream contains 99% ingredients of natural origin and is suitable for all skin types, even the driest. La Douceur Lavante is a dermo-cleansing gel for baby's hair and body. This gel does not contain irritating or controversial substances. It is ideal for cleaning baby's skin without drying it out. This product is suitable for all skin types, from birth. The Multi-care Oil is used to protect the skin during bathing, to nourish the skin and to massage your baby.

Therefore, this box is the perfect birth gift to meet the needs of the newborn.

  1. The Douce Nuit evolving cradle pack

To provide a healthy room for your baby, it is important to choose the right furniture that has no impact on health. Indeed, babies are particularly sensitive to pollutants. Mattresses or even beds can be made of chemical materials. French Poupon, a committed French brand, offers the Douce nuit evolving cradle pack. This fixed (or rocking) cradle is made only of natural and recyclable material.

The little extra: this cradle transforms into a desk, a toy box or even a mini-sofa when he is older! This birth gift will be very useful from the moment the baby is born and he can keep it throughout his childhood. It contains: 1 baby box, 1 evolving support and its 2 movable wedges, 1 mattress protector and 1 organic cotton mattress pad, 1 washing gel, 1 pouch and 1 cotton bib.

Evolutionary cradle pack, French Poupon, available in other colors.

  1. A baby aspirator

As you can imagine, a baby is not able to blow his nose on his own until he is 3 years old. To help clear his nose and improve his breathing, the use of a baby aspirator is inevitable. Although it may seem like a small detail, this baby shower gift will help families during their baby's care.

  1. A soothing envelope, the original birth gift for sure

Invented and manufactured in France, the Lilititi brand soothing envelope will allow new parents to swaddle their newborn for a moment of calm or for a peaceful bath. The soothing wrap can be used to soothe infants at any time. Indeed, this envelope reassures the child by offering him a soft and enveloping environment allowing him to regain intrauterine sensations. This envelope is made of cotton from organic farming and certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1. This original birth gift will delight young parents and can be slipped into the maternity suitcase !

Soothing envelope , Lilititi.

  1. An eco-friendly diaper cake

As you can imagine, diapers are the most consumed products by new parents for their babies. Giving a diaper cake is a very original and essential birth gift during the newborn's first months. We have selected for you the French and ethical brand Les Petits Culottés because this brand offers ecological and healthy diapers for baby's bottom. They are made in the Vosges in France. This cake, which is of course not to be eaten, is made up of 232 layers (120 layers in size 1 and 112 layers in size 2). If they like the brand, they can then sign up for a monthly subscription.

XXL diaper cakes , Les Petits Culottés. Available with a blue, pink and brown ribbon.

  1. A baby blanket

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that blankets and comforters are an important part of a child's bedtime ritual. According to this research, many children take that blanket or comforter with them every night and refuse to go to sleep unless these items are by their side. As we tend to buy a cuddly toy, we selected the blanket as a gift for a more original look! The blankets provide comfort and security to the child throughout the night. If they wake during the night, many children will search for their blanket or safety toy, find it, and quickly go back to sleep. In addition, the child will be able to treasure this gift for the rest of their life! It's an original gift to change the stuffed toy!

  1. wooden toys

Consider offering toys that the baby can play with during his first months. So, when the baby starts to wake up and wants to have fun, parents can simply take your lovely gift to amuse them.

In addition, toys are important for the baby's development and allow him to have fun. The raw material of the product is gaining importance in toy selection. It is therefore advantageous to choose natural and ecological products. Indeed, toys can be made up of pollutants. Prefer toys made of raw, unvarnished wood. So, we have chosen for you a pretty baby swing that he will be able to use very quickly with different educational activities: a crackling paper cloud and a moon-shaped rattle wrapped in organic cotton and a teething ring made of pine wood. solid maple.

To complete, we have selected a handmade baby rattle which will delight little ones with its pretty tinkling sound. At first, parents can wave it in front of him to arouse his curiosity. Then, when he grows up, he can shake it and have fun with it, while developing his motor skills! If you are looking for birth gifts that will make every baby happy, these two ideas are for you!

Baby swing , Prairie Mood.
Baby rattle , Prairie Mood.

  1. An organic cotton baby carrier

The baby sling comforts the baby and helps him digest and sleep . It also provides freedom of movement for parents and strengthens the relationship between parent and baby. A birth gift that will help establish such a wonderful bond between parent and baby will certainly be very useful.

  1. An organic cotton bodysuit

First of all, bodysuits for newborns, essential for the maternity suitcase , are among the products that new parents will use the most.

The choice of fabric is very important for these products because the clothes are in contact with the sensitive skin of the newborn. This is why we recommend that you discover clothing for newborns made from cotton from organic farming, guaranteeing cultivation that respects the soil, without GMOs.

Organic cotton bodysuit with anti-scratch mittens, Ma Première Valise.

  1. Baby's first months diary

Choosing a notebook is essential to follow the baby day after day. A notebook to take with you everywhere to note all the important stages of their baby's first months: feeding, care, sleep, appointments...

In addition to making their daily lives easier, they will enjoy writing down these memories (first tooth, first step, first “mom”…). And then, they will be able to reread it as a family a few years later!

  1. A personalized book, an original and fun birth gift

It's never too early to start reading to your baby, and it's essential to have a good selection of books on hand. So, put together a gift basket of new or classic children's books, or add a personal touch by gifting some of your favorite childhood books.

With the Hooray Héros website, you can personalize the book : first name, girl or boy, skin color... we really like the concept!

  1. A digital video baby monitor

The digital video baby monitor allows you to maintain a private and secure connection with the baby at all times. There are also a variety of options for this product. Plus, what's also great for some models is that you can put on a lullaby and see the temperature of the room.

We hope that you have found the original birth gift to offer to future or young parents! Also discover our collection of baby boxes .

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