Gift for pregnant women: 10 ideas to spoil them

Do you want to make a gift for a pregnant woman ? Pregnancy is an exciting time for the future mother. If you have a special mom-to-be in your life, you'll want to celebrate her with love, support her, and, of course, give her the best gift . But, sometimes, it can be difficult to find a gift for a pregnant woman, original and that will make her happy. And yes, finding pretty baby accessories is much easier!

The good news is that there are plenty of gift ideas for a pregnant woman . We have selected for you 12 original gift ideas to offer to a pregnant woman. You may find the rare pearl there. Scroll through them and find the perfect gift!

Pregnant woman gift idea: The beauty box for pregnancy

The beauty box for pregnancy is ideal for all pregnant women who wish to take care of themselves naturally during pregnancy. If you want to offer a perfect cocooning moment, the mother's box from Laboratoires Téane is a nice mark of affection for her. This box, which contains 5 products, is a nice gift for a pregnant woman.

pregnant woman gift box

The pregnancy box contains:

La 1st Care Stretch Marks cream , an anti-stretch mark cream certified ORGANIC, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The appearance of these unsightly marks is dreaded by almost all pregnant women. She will therefore certainly be delighted to be able to discover this natural and effective treatment!

Le Fresh Firming Milk , a certified organic treatment to slip into your maternity suitcase to regain a firm and toned body as soon as the baby arrives. Pleasant to use and effective, it will thank you!

Nutrition Deodorant, a certified organic deodorant compatible with pregnancy . Maybe you haven't been pregnant yet but know that it is sometimes difficult to find products that are compatible with pregnancy. This deodorant is, like all the products that we present to you in this article.

The tea for Future Moms, a drink that you can share with her at tea time! She will love its benefits: relieves nausea and vomiting and reduces fatigue. The little +? The plants come from organic farming.

The energy bar, a gourmet bar containing only good ingredients for her and her baby. She will love its chocolate taste!

Téane Laboratories also offer you a gift kit containing: a Generous Soothing Oil, a Fresh Firming Milk and a gift card worth 15€00, all wrapped in a pretty kit.

A nice gift to enhance the belly: a pregnancy bola

The pregnancy bola is a nice gift that she can keep preciously. It is a pretty jewel that runs along the body to the navel emits a nice sound. Did you know that from the 4th month of pregnancy, the baby develops his hearing? This sound will be reassuring during pregnancy and will continue to soothe her baby, even after delivery. And yes, he will have memorized the sound that will remind him of his in-vitro life.

Useful gift idea for pregnancy: accessories for taking photos

An essential part of pregnancy is taking the weekly belly shot. You can add to the fun by providing photo props, like a letter board, so she can easily show how many weeks old she is.

An experience to do between girls: a day in a spa

You can also offer a massage so she can take care of herself before the baby arrives! You can accompany this gift with Organic Soothing Generous Oil. It is ideal to boost these moments of relaxation in all naturalness. And in addition, it has a stretch mark prevention action during pregnancy by acting on the flexibility and mechanics of the skin. It deeply nourishes the skin and improves the elasticity of the skin .

An afternoon at a spa is also an excellent gift idea to give alone or with friends! Relaxation, herbal tea and confidences will be there!

Generous Soothing Oil , Téane Laboratories, €25.50.

Idea to keep memories of pregnancy: a photo shoot

Being pregnant is a wonderful moment but only lasts 9 months! So why not immortalize this moment by offering a shooting session to the future mother. A maternity-themed photoshoot is the perfect gift for your pregnant friend or loved one.

Gift idea for gourmets: a book of recipes or mocktails

A balanced diet is an important part of pregnancy. It's a great gift idea for the mom-to-be who loves to cook, boosting her culinary creativity with a pregnancy cookbook!

The mom-to-be can't drink alcohol during her pregnancy, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy a fun mocktail! Give a mocktail recipe book with the necessary ingredients and a nice mocktail glass.

Original gift idea for pregnancy: aquatic relaxation

We've all heard how stressful certain stages of pregnancy can be. Have you thought about aquatic relaxation? It is a gentle approach to relaxation for pregnant women who wish to experience a moment of deep physical and mental relaxation. A unique sensory experience can be a memorable gift for a mom-to-be .

Gift idea for a moment of relaxation: A prenatal yoga class

A woman's body changes profoundly and continually during pregnancy. Yoga can help strengthen the connection with her body and improve her well-being and that of her baby. That's why a prenatal yoga discovery class can be a perfect gift for a mom-to-be .

Exercises (asanas), breathing, chanting and meditation, special movements and deep relaxation will support the changes in their bodies in a simple way. Yoga promotes the circulation of energy and relaxation. Prenatal yoga helps reduce, or even eliminate, pregnancy stress.

Useful gift idea to relieve a pregnant woman: a pregnancy cushion

Most moms appreciate extra body support and will do anything to get a better night's rest! The pregnancy pillow is specially designed for pregnant women to have a better and comfortable sleep. Indeed, the plush polyester padding and added tummy support provide ideal relaxation for expectant moms who sleep on their side. In short, therefore, it is an ideal gift for pregnant women to provide them with better sleep.

An idea for future mothers: a diaper bag

Everyone knows Mary Poppins and her magic bag. This famous character has always been able to get everything children need in his magic bag. The gift idea that we are going to offer you now may not be a magic bag, but it is a bag that the future mother will need in the very near future. The special thing about this bag is that it can be extended, i.e. part of this bag can also be used to change the baby's diaper.

In conclusion, although expectant mothers are happy to have a baby, the worry of being a mother can stress them out. The most important point here is the support of friends and of course the spouse during pregnancy. Giving the gift for a pregnant woman is of course a great idea! But know that supporting her during the nine months of pregnancy is much more precious.

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