Pregnancy advice month by month: 8 months of pregnancy

Are you already 8 months pregnant ? The final preparations for the baby's arrival are in place, impatience is at its peak! The eighth month of pregnancy is between the thirty-third and thirty-sixth week of amenorrhea (SA) and the thirty-first and thirty-fourth week of pregnancy (SG).

Find in this article a presentation of our anti-stretch mark treatments: Organic Soothing Generous Oil and Organic 1st Anti-Stretch Mark Care Cream as well as our care to reduce existing stretch marks: the Organic SOS Stretch Mark Repair Balm .

Summary :

  • Important events of the 8th month of pregnancy
  • What body changes for the future mother during the eighth month of pregnancy?
  • The anti-stretch mark routine during the eighth month of pregnancy
  • The development of the baby at 8 months of pregnancy

Important events of the 8th month of pregnancy

During this penultimate month of pregnancy, you will be able to see your baby for the last time during the last ultrasound . When you see him again, it will be the day of the delivery to hug him!

What examinations during the eighth month of pregnancy?

We are not changing the rules, this month you will still have a mandatory prenatal visit , it will be the sixth. It will take place during the first two weeks of the eighth month. As usual, your practitioner will control:

  • Your weight
  • The dimensions of your pool
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your fundal height

He may also ask you to do a urine and blood test to make sure you haven't contracted any infections.

You may have a vaginal swab to look for signs of streptococcus B, bacteria that can be dangerous for the baby during vaginal delivery. If you test positive, you will need to undergo treatment to cure it.

He will also take the opportunity to give you his last advice on childbirth . Do not hesitate to come accompanied by the person who shares your life and ask all the questions that come to mind!

The last ultrasound

During the eighth month, the last of the three mandatory ultrasounds during pregnancy also takes place. This third ultrasound will allow to:

  • see what position your baby is in
  • check its size and check that it continues to grow well
  • see the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Control the maturity of the placenta
  • Check the baby's heartbeat and the functionality of his organs

If no risk is detected during this ultrasound, you will not have any other to do before your delivery. Know that if your baby were born today, it would be considered premature. He could live well but would be regularly monitored and your stay in the maternity ward could be a little longer.

The last steps before the baby arrives

It's time to finish your maternity suitcase and your file! Think carefully about your blood group card, your test results and your health insurance card.

Take comfortable clothes and everything you might need: books, tablet, chocolate, body creams, …

For your baby, remember to take clothes in birth size and in 1 month. Bodies, pajamas, small caps and gloves will be sufficient. You can also take him a pacifier, a comforter and body care. The Essential Baby Care Box from Téane Laboratories is a very good introduction! It contains everything you need to take care of the fragile skin of babies from birth . The products are certified organic and provide hydration, protection and soothing. They contain 100% natural active ingredients including our patented Cassia Alata extract, essential for strengthening and repairing the skin barrier.

You will find all our advice for preparing your maternity suitcase in our dedicated article " Preparing your maternity suitcase ".

Moreover, it is also the time for you to finish the room of the baby to come as well as the last changes in the house. Also remember to finalize your birth plan!

What bodily changes for the future mother at 8 months of pregnancy?

Your entry into the eighth month often rhymes with maternity leave ! This is the time for you to relax and rest as much as possible before your baby arrives.

What changes for the mother during the 8th month of pregnancy?

Nothing really new compared to the previous month except greater fatigue . Your belly now weighs a lot (baby weight, amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus) and it can be heavy to carry. In short, rest as much as possible. Be vigilant to the loss of balance that can occur at any time because of this big belly.

In addition, the pounds will continue to settle and this is completely normal. During the last trimester your baby gains weight impressively! Don't forget to eat a balanced diet while indulging yourself when you feel like it (in a reasonable way of course!). Too much weight gain in late pregnancy could lead to gestational diabetes and be dangerous for you and your baby. Although every body is different, it is recommended to gain between 20 and 30 pounds during pregnancy .

Things to know at 8 months pregnant

Your uterus, getting bigger, will not stop pressing on your bladder and going to and from the toilet will be very frequent. Don't hold back on drinking lots of water, your body needs it to create life!

You may still experience Braxton Hicks contractions this month. If they are painful or they intensify and get closer, contact your maternity ward or your midwife, it could actually be labor contractions!

At 8 months of pregnancy , also know that your cervix begins to soften in preparation for the passage of the baby, you will also be able to feel your pelvis pulling you. Your bones are in the process of moving apart to let your baby descend and position themselves for D-Day. baby) or a tear, you can massage yourself every day with an oil . First, choose a vegetable oil such as sweet almond, argan or wheat germ oil. Then, massage your perineum with it from the 8th month onwards until delivery.

Water retention, painful back and breasts, difficulty sleeping, constipation, frequent urge to urinate... Your nights are complicated and fatigue ends up weighing on your morale. Consult your doctor if this becomes too much for you, you absolutely must rest before the arrival of your little angel.

The anti-stretch mark routine during the eighth month of pregnancy

stretch marks routine

To avoid stretch marks before the end of pregnancy, don't forget to apply morning and evening a few drops of Generous Soothing Organic Anti-Stretch Mark Oil mixed with Organic 1st Anti-Stretch Mark Care Cream . The combination of the two products will hydrate your skin, soothe tightness and itching sensations. But also increase collagen production and protect elastin fibers. Everything you need for your skin to stretch without cracking!

If you already have small stretch marks that appear, use the organic SOS Stretch Mark Repair Balm . It will reduce the appearance and color of red stretch marks as soon as they appear. To be used all over the body and even the chest since it is compatible with pregnancy. You can continue its application after childbirth because it is also compatible with breastfeeding . Indeed, we recommend a treatment of 2 months to obtain visible results.

The development of the baby at 8 months of pregnancy

Your baby is gaining strength in this eighth month of pregnancy! Indeed, it grows, its muscles lengthen, its bones calcify (except those of the head in order to facilitate the passage during childbirth). Her lungs are preparing for extra-uterine breathing and her digestive system is perfecting. He continues to drink amniotic fluid all day long and the meconium (baby's first stool) settles in his intestines. His first bowel movements will also be carefully monitored by the medical staff!

Her skin becomes thicker and is no longer transparent at 8 months of pregnancy . And then it keeps reacting to your voice and moving when you touch your belly. Moreover, his movements are more and more raw and you will be able to see your belly deforming in a very strange way! It lacks space, and it quickly goes around your uterus!

It is often during this 8th month that he takes his final position: head down and buttocks in the air! This is called the cephalic position .

Finally, know that at the end of this eighth month, baby measures between 43 and 47cm and weighs 2.5 kilos !

To know everything about the ninth month of pregnancy, see our article dedicated to this last month .

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